Attorney General William Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilber Ross have been charged with Contempt of Court and the Department of Justice and Commerce are battering Democrats for this “political stunt.” Barr and Ross were accused of escalating a heated rivalry between Congressional Democrats and the Trump Administration.

They both defied subpoenas to hand over documents on their abandoned efforts to include the question of citizenship on the 2020 census. A party-line vote was approved for the measure 230-198. Only four Democrats voted against the measure, taking the Republicans side.

The majority of the dummies who call themselves Democrats claimed they needed to hold any official accountable for “obstruction & oppose efforts to undermine the census.” Here we go again, Democrat cry babies are calling “obstruction.” They seem to think they know what the word means, but I guess you can’t teach a dummy. Before the Fourth of July recess, the measure ran through the party lines as it passed through the House Oversight and Reform Committee.

The statement Chairman Elijah Cummings, a Democrat from Maryland, stated was that of stupidity and empty meaning. It did not even make sense in regards to the truth. He stated on the House floor, “The resolution that’s before us today is about protecting our democracy. It is about protecting the integrity of this body. It’s bigger than the census. It’s about protecting the integrity of the Congress of the United States of America. We need to understand how and why the Trump administration tried to add a question based on pretext so we can consider reforms to ensure this never happens again” Isn’t that what the Republicans said when the Democrats wasted all America’s time and taxpayer dollars trying to find “corruption and collusion” What is this tic for tac? Get over it Dems!!

Congress has no integrity at this time because Democrats control the House. No one in their right minds trusts them. There is no integrity, in fact, it is a mockery run like a kindergarten classroom with Schumer as their Pre-K teacher and Pelosi as their Elementary school principal. The Democrats are a bunch of cry babies who if they do not get their way they throw temper tantrums. So what do they do? Contempt of Court!

The previous night they were calling President Trump a “racist” for speaking the truth, in which there was nothing “racist” or wrong about anything he said in his tweet. The same day they cry Contempt of Court for Barr and Ross, they want to press forward with a vote to pursue articles of impeachment against President Trump, which failed miserably. The impeachment measure failed 332-95 on Wednesday with most of the Democrats opening their eyes finally on something worth mentioning.

Every time there is a major event in the world or in the government, Democrats always try to divert the public’s attention to something else. This time, many believe they have done it so much, they have confused themselves.

For Barr, it is his second round with facing Contempt of Court. The first time was the handlings of the Mueller report earlier this year. Ross put out a statement concerning the vote on Wednesday calling it “a PR stunt by House Democrats and alleged that it further demonstrates their unending quest to generate headlines instead of operating in good faith with our Department.” The DOJ spokesperson also called it “a political stunt.”

Ross stated, “It is an unfortunate fact that there are some who would like nothing more than to see this Administration fail whatever the cost to the country may be. Preferring to play political games rather than help lead the country, they have made every attempt to ascribe evil motivations to everyday functions of government.”

The House Speaker or Kindergarten Principal Nancy Pelosi stated there are steep penalties with criminal contempt. There are hefty fines, and the person in contempt can spend up to a year in jail. Wednesday’s vote was seen as only symbolic. It is highly unlikely the DOJ will push for criminal charges against the Attorney General who just so happens to be the DOJ’s top-rank official.

Representative Jim Jordan, the top Republican on the Oversight panel stated on Ross and Barr’s behalf. “Secretary Ross and Attorney General Barr are doing their jobs, so what’s their reward? Democrats are going to hold them in contempt.” The White House called it, “ridiculous and yet another lawless attempt to harass the President and his Administration.”

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