The meddling media and the monstrous Democrats want the world to believe that racism is alive and well in the United States. Every time the color issue comes up in a conversation there is some wacky person that is going to cry out racism. The problem is found in the promotion of racism across America. The radical media wants people exposed to the term, so they think that everything is racist in the country. There is one race on the planet and that is the human race. It does not matter what color of skin a person has what they look like. They are all humans.

Mike Kelly from Pennsylvania voted against the House’s attempt to brand President Trump as a racist. President Trump told the death squad to go back to where they came from. The media immediately blew it out of proportion stating that the President was referring to the skin color. Well, Mike Kelly commented “I’m a person of color. I’m white. I’m an Anglo-Saxon. People say things all the time, but I don’t get offended.”

The AOC idiots love to cry foul play when they are mentioned as people of color. It is almost like they hate being who they are. Every person is a person of color. Some are darker than others and some that lack color in their skin, but they are all still human. The Democrats want the issue to be about race because they are trying to hide the point that they hate all Republicans and people that stand in their way of true power. They want to rule the world.

Every single racist Democrat voted to brand President Trump as a racist because he is a white male. If it had been a man of color that made those statements, then there would be no outcry. But Trump is white and that is still a color. The Democrats are the ones being racist against white people because they hate what they stand for. To narrow done the selection a bit they hate white Republicans. They believe that they are responsible for all the evil and harm that has been done to America. But it is the Democrats that have harmed the country with their hatred and malice towards people.

Kelly made mention that there are always people that are going to hate Trump because he is president, and he is a billionaire. He said, “If he says ‘good morning,’ they’re unhappy about it.” President Trump is not in the business of making every single person in the world happy. He is president to deliver on his campaign promises and to make America a great nation again. He promised to do a job of serving this country no matter what. And he is doing a great job.

To deliver on his promises the president will have to do things that are unpopular with some people. Change is always hard but it must happen. The past president failed to understand this point. He tried to make everyone happy and almost destroyed the country. Kelly alluded to the point that he was told to go back to his country of origin as well. His ancestors came from Ireland, but he sees himself as an America. So this is his country, and he is proud to call it his home.

The problem with the deadly AOC is that they do not love America. They hate it and everyone that lives in it. They would rather see it turned over to criminals bent on destroying and exploiting others. The AOC will never love this country. Cortez grew up in an area that she felt she was a victim of and that shapes her views of all America. She needs to realize that just because her life was hard it doesn’t mean it has to be that way for her future.

Kelly is right when he says everyone is equal. He says this because he knows everyone is part of the human race no matter what the color of their skin. When people finally understand this point then the idea of racism will begin to fade some.

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