Ilhan Omar, a US Representative from Minnesota, has been named as part of the progressive “squad” in the Dem-led House. She has raised a number of questions because of being Muslin. She’s also the first Somali-American to serve in Congress.

Omar likes to make waves because that is what the squad does in the House. They have a track record for going against everyone, ranging from Trump to Pelosi. Born in Mogadishu, Somalia, she likes to point out that she’s been in the country longer than Melania Trump.

So What?

Trump has gotten vocal about what some of the House Dems are getting away with, including being out and out disrespectful and rude to Pelosi as well as other House leaders. This includes not only Omar but also AOC, Rashia Tlaib, and Ayanna Presley.

Rather than apologizing for her actions, Omar has gone on the defensive by claiming that she’s been in the country longer than Melania and that she is fully assimilated.

However, her comparison doesn’t stand. Ilhan Omar became a citizen in 2000 when she was 17. Melania Trump became a permanent resident in 2005 and achieved US citizenship in 2006. What one person does has nothing to do with the other. Omar is representing the state of Minnesota as well as the United States. Melania Trump simply married someone who later became president.

Being Married to Someone is Different Than Being an Elected Official

Melania Knauss married Donald Trump in 2005 when he was still a powerful businessman. At that point, he had no plans to run for president. Melania did what was right for her career as a model and became a US citizen. When she was the same age as Omar was, she was still living in Slovenia and working throughout Europe.

When she married Trump, she did so for love. Then, later on, she became the first lady because she was already married to the person who was elected president.

Ilhan Omar has created an entire platform of issues. In 216, she ran on the DFL ticket for the Minnesota House of Representatives and won. Beginning in January 2017, she had a position with the House of Representatives. Since then, she has spoken of her political agenda, including Medicare for All, reducing the funding for the military, and abolishing ICE. She also supports free tuition as well as LGBT rights.

In order for Omar to push her political agenda, she had to run for political office. In order to run for political office, she had to become a US citizen. These are decisions that she made for herself – and when she chose to do them was of her own agenda.

She came to the country with her parents, seeking asylum from Somalia. (They went through proper asylum channels, by the way). She didn’t choose to come to the United States – her parents chose for her.

For Omar to compare her time in the country to Melania Trump’s is of no consequence. She has a political agenda and she had to become a citizen. It makes no difference as to when she did and didn’t come to the country.

Desperation is in the Air

While Trump may speak before he thinks everything through, his message is still the same. He’s warning the members of the squad to be careful about what it is that they’re doing. If they’re going to disagree with Pelosi, Trump, and everyone else on Capitol Hill, it’s not going to be easy for them to accomplish anything.

Omar’s reaction of comparing her time in the US to that of Trump’s wife reeks of desperation. It’s not comparing apples to apples in any way because of the positions that each of them holds. Omar has to know that her not being born in the United States is going to hurt her politically at some point or another, especially when she brings it up constantly.

She will never be president. It goes with the territory of being born outside of the country. There’s no law stating that the first lady has to be born inside of the US simply because she is the president’s wife. Presidents, even before they get into office, have the ability to marry whomever they please. Perhaps that’s what Omar is so upset about. The furthest her career will ever go is where it is right now. She’s doomed to be in the same political role as she is at the age of 36 forever – assuming the state of Minnesota chooses to elect her again in 2020.

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