Senator Lindsey Graham is trying to pick a fight with President Trump over climate change. Climate change is one of the big issues with the 2020 crowd of presidential hopefuls. They want everyone to believe that there are issues with the climate and only the United States can really do anything about it. Graham is loudly hollering for all to hear that he believes that the science behind climate change is sound, and he wants the president to take another look at the issue, so he can see the importance of keeping things from getting worse.

There really s not a person that wholly denies that there is something changing with the climate. The issue that the President has with climate change is he does not believe it is as the so-called experts are claiming that this is bad as they say it is.

Graham has bought in the lies that the people of the world are burning enough fuels that are adding to the number of carbon emissions that are causing the global temperatures to rise. What loud mouth Graham has said is that the Republican Party and the president need to pay better attention to it or there is going to be bad consequences for the world and for them in the next election. The issue is how one interprets the data. Some claim things are bad and others see the data and claim that things are normal.

The climate does change from year to year. Sometimes it is colder and other times it is hotter. But humans have nothing to do with the problem. One volcano can emit enough carbon into the atmosphere to lower the temperature of the earth by one or two degrees. After the effects clear it can seem that the temperature is hotter than the year before, but it does not mean that everything is getting worse.

Graham wants a debate dialogue with the President over the issue and Trump will not give it to him because climate change is not that big of a deal. President Trump knows that there are more pressing matters that need to be dealt with first before he can dive headlong into the climate issue. President Trump is more concerned with the security of the nation and the health of the country. This is where his focus needs to be because he is living up to his promises.

Graham has stated that he wants to think outside of the box when it comes to solving climate issues. The problem with that approach is that there is too much talking happening over the climate. There is too much talk happening and not enough action. President Trump wants solutions to issues and not extended dialogue that only waits his time.

President Trump has been under attack because his critics believe he does not fully understand the science behind the made-up issues. The media wants people to believe that things are worse than they really are. President Trump has stated that over the years environmentalists have renamed the same old debate with new names. He has stated that this is nothing new. What was once thought of as global warming is now being called climate change? The older terminology did not create the reactions critics wanted, so they changed the name.

Graham has been an ally of President Trump but not over this issue. Graham wanted Trump to stay in the Paris agreement, but he did not know all the issues that the president did, and he acted in the best fashion that would keep America from being destroyed in the years to come. The Paris accord was keeping America from developing smart technology that would cut overall emissions in the country by just being innovative.

President Trump knows a lot more than his critics think he does. He knows how people think, and he has the ability to see right through the selfish lies that others have. He puts American first and continues to deliver on his promises. President Trump has different ideas on how to deal with the climate and the world will see that those ideas will work.

109 thoughts on “President Trump Versus Lindsey Graham

  1. Climate change is a farce. It is a hidden tax from the government. Don’t be fooled by them. God tells us in the Bible only he will destroy the world. He also tells us in the last days there would be be more earthquakes, tornadoes, and pestilence on Earth before he returns to take his people. No such thing as climate change.

  2. Thorium nuclear plants are the most logical answer to this issue as the world gradually moves away from fossil fuels. But the Lefties don’t like Nukes. Solar and wind will never solve the power demands of the coming years. Time to get cracking on the new nukes. They are safe, can’t make bombs from the waste and they can be used to burn the waste from previous nuke plants. If people are serious about moving away from carbon based fuel the new nukes are the only current answer. Let’s get moving on that solution.

  3. This is an example of fake news. Lindsey and the President May disagree but believe me, they are not feuding. Both are true Americans who loves this Country.


  5. Lindsey Graham. Is one of Presiden Trumps. biggest supporters. He should at least listen to his ideas. They both have the cahonnies to stand up to what they believe i. They,re both good men. You should both trust each other. God bless you both.

  6. Sorry Senator there is a climate change hoax been going on for sometime. Climate has been changitfor eons and will continue. The real unbought scientists will educate you and others that you can reduce emissions by .0000000001, now that’s great right? Me Senator, no sure if you are aware there is GOD who is the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. He sustains all things by the word of His power. He’s got this and all is in His hands. Trust Him and strengthen your relationship. Don’t buy into the lie that satan and his minions are perpetrating on our society. A nation that lives in righteousness will prosper. The practice of evil will continue to destroy this nation.

  7. Do you think that record melting of ice in the Arctic, Greenland and Antarctica, 90 degree temperatures in Alaska, record temperatures of 100+ degrees in Europe, and melting of permafrost are natural or unimportant?? If so, you are either very uninformed or in denial. 97+% of climate scientists who have studied this issue for years are convinced the record temperature rises over the past 30 years are related to emissions into the atmosphere resulting from human activity. If you care about the future of the earth or the survival of your children and grandchildren and their generation, wake up and pay attention!! We don’t know exactly what the future will be, perhaps only tens of millions of people will die prematurely as a result of climate change, or it could be the end of human life as we know it in 100 years or so, but in either case, we need to start mitigating the damage ASAP!! Donald Trump doesn’t care, because he’s a sociopath who suspects he’ll be dead before the damage affects multimillionaires like himself. But those of us who are not sociopaths should care!

  8. Mr. L. Graham sir, you should look at the real science regarding the climate. The globalists, Communists, are manipulating data to project an exaggerated issue so they can garner more control over the environment and us.

  9. Trump is so wrong on this use you as with many others and he is a total racist no doubt about it

  10. This climate changes is God’s job. No human being in the world would know. Pray to God, so that you can descend what is really here on earth. God bless America

  11. No one is forcing anyone to stay here against their will. If they don’t love it here, they should go someplace else where they might be better suited. We don’t need or want them here.

  12. Someone needs to proofread this stuff – really, what does this non sentence mean? – “Graham has bought in the lies that the people of the world, while Trump says it’s crap.”

  13. People have to work together on all matters.The Dems have been running this country for so long they can’t accept the fact that they lost this time. Maybe there has been illegal agendas they fear may be found out. Trump may go about agenda in the wrong ways. It’s obvious the Dems are too self-centered. The media makes it worse. People have gotten away from God. Too much technology.None off us are perfect. We need God in America again. WORK TOGETHER

  14. People coming into America the wrong way, too many wanting free hand-outs. Come in the RIGHT WAY. It’s a give and take world. People need people. Things started going downhill when the Bible was taken out of school. America has always been believers of God and God has always been with God. Look at “ Star Spangled Banne” on You Tube. Where else can someone degrade our country and have the freedoms we have? Let’s think about that. How many fought for our freedoms many injured or lost their lives. Was that all in vain.How much was lost fighting to end slavery. Color didn’t matter then, why now?

  15. If a person doesn’t have to show their birth citizenship what will stop them from running for Presidentcy? They legally must be born in America. It need to be known………..

  16. Send some global warming my way in Michigan. Climate change occurs 4 times per year in Michigan December/March/June/ Sept

  17. was done with a flawed piece of information. DemonRATS did the same thing looking for scientist, as they do looking for libtard judges. There is no global warming.

  18. Climate change is a normal occurrence and is not man-made. The believers are attempting to sway us in believing it is. The original scientist fudged their numbers so it appeared that the changes were man’s fault. The politicians ran with this so they could spend money to reverse it.

  19. i think Lindsey Graham better get his ass on the right side of the block and leave the climate change alone, it is fake propaganda put out by democrat scientist to make people like Al Gore rich. it is nothing but a Democrat scare tactic to get votes and the truth will come out eventually if they will stand behind President Trump and drain the swamp and get real truthful scientist in the Government and not Democrat puppets.

  20. Senator Lindsey Graham deserves diligent watching and suspension: half the time he is great and celebrated while half the time questionable with suspensions. Can you truly trust him?

  21. Graham stands with Trump on many issues, and the fact that he doesn’t fully agree with him on this one is O.K.. However, Lindsey should read the reports from all scientists, such as Mark Levin did and quoted in his recent book, UNFREEDOM OF THE PRESS. The Dems are surely using this issue to add to their “Control the Masses” formula, just as Obama Care tried to do. We all know that our climate changes according to Mother Nature. However, very little has to do with the emissions that humans emit just from living on Planet Earth. The percentage is minute. There is a big farce being promoted by the Dems, and it has been disputed by many climate/nature scholars across our globe.

  22. For 70 years plus, I have been through Heat Waves, Cold Waves, Rain added in. Every few years it runs as such, then changes with all kinds of changes. “Normal” returns for what ever that means. Look at the hype and the money and there it goes.
    All the experts of the past and present are like the space leaders of old and the new, look at their studies and they are always 90% wrong. Todays’, wait 10-20 more years and you will see they too will be more wrong than right. $$$$ which way did it go? Who was that famous man that said, “A Sucker Is Born Every Minute. Now he’s a man that was right, “Past, Present and Future”. What did you say you believe?

  23. GOD told us in HIS WORD, THE BIBLE, that this is going to happen. Its now here. Just like GOD said. Nothing can change that. GOD is in control if this. Not mere puny man! Lindsay Graham asks for my support. He just lost it. Read the BIBLE Lindsay. There’s where you look.

  24. I agree with President Trump on this one. The only person controlling
    climate is The One who made it in the first place.

  25. Climate change hysteria is based on computer models using a limited set of assumptions and not reflective of real-world conditions. How can we know this? Empirical evidence. Paleo-climate scientists have developed at least 1 billion years of very detailed climate history and correlations through climate proxies found in ocean floor sediments, ice core samples, fossils, tree rings and other evidence, which conclusively disprove most of the theoretical bases for assertions that human activities have had a devastating effect on climate or, in fact despite our best efforts, CAN have any significant effect on global climate. We don’t have to wait a hundred years to find out if the models were right. They are already proven wrong. Global climate always has and always will change because of natural processes. Humans have no ability to control them.

  26. Lindsay Graham . . . There is NO SOUND SCIENCE behind “Climate Change”. Both Australia and Japan proved it with numbers that correlate to each other. They BOTH found there is only a difference of 0.1 degree change, and NASA found that it promotes “greening”. Both NASA and NOAA have been found to have been instructed to “adjust” these figures to “reflect” climate change Under the Obama Administration. This “Climate Change” hoax
    doesn’t amount to anything since the largest polluters are China and India. And nature itself “pollutes” more than all of mankind’s emissions combined. Please check your science sources, especially Japan and Australia. respectfully, JoeyP.

  27. Lindsay Graham better get it right or we will dump him, he must support Pres Trump and stop the B.S.

  28. Mr Graham is so wishy wash .Oe minute hes for everything the President does then he turns against him cant trust him

  29. Climate change is a normal evolving world condition there is no cure as politician would like you to believe. Keeping cattle from passing gas is not going to help, controlling your ablity to go any where you want in your private vehicle by forcing you to use electric vehicles makes no sense. Solar power, hummm

  30. common sense ! Who do we listen to, science that is almost equally divided or flakes like Cortez .
    That’s what President Trump represents to me, COMMON SENSE !

  31. Besides Reagan, President Trump is the best because he gets thing done. And, he’s doing things for the good of our Country – unlike the liberals that are attempting to destroy our Country and way of life. Like Obama, the liberals are attempting to make us weak militarily and economically. Look at the debt Obama piled on while in office. Pres. Trump is not only smart, he has good common sense, which is so missing with the Liberal Demos.

  32. President Trump is right Graham should back him unless he’s got solid proof which I don’t believe him and the liberals claim they have!!!

  33. The President is WRONG!!!
    He never admits his wrongdoing
    He needs to listen more and dictate less!!

  34. You can line up a dozen scientists that study weather patterns and have for years. Some will say yes to climate change and some will say it is all a hoax.
    The latest hot spell in the nation fueled the controversy of climate change.
    When it was record setting heat in Texas in 1980, you never heard a ” peep” about climate change.

    There is a lot behind all these climate change guru’s that we don’t know about.

  35. Amen, Mr President!! Stick to your guns!!
    There is really no such thing that can change the climate. Many scientists have been researching this issue for 25 years, and nothing has come of it. The final analysis has
    Determined; they went back 20,000 or 30,000 years, and what they determined was that:

    The temperature of the planet has not changed more than 1 degree, including the present time. So, you climate change idiots,
    Chill out; and leave Pres. Trump alone so that
    He can get His work done. Please Senator Graham, don’t let the Leftists con you!

    There is no really climate change in our era,
    And many eons will not catch fire to Mother Earth, unless we would have to have a major nuclear war. But, The only ONE that can destroy the planet is God Himself!!

    Stephen Gaston
    Menifee, CA

  36. I happen to be a fundamental believer that God is still in control of all things no matter how bad or good it appears to man. In that vane of thinking, the only affect man has had on the earth is his fall from grace when he disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden which changed the whole creation in the sphere of the earth!

    President Trump is following the real science of climate change which is totally unchanged by man’s behavior. What is happening in the earth’s climate is a record of geological history and cycles of our weather.

    Kudos Mr President!! Keep up the good work even when you have so called allies coming against your common and informed sense.

  37. We know that climate change is a hoax! The govt already made millions off this hoax. If they get away with continue their plans it will destroy this great country and all freedom and gifts we receive everyday. Only God contolls the weather and temperature.

  38. I wish Trump would simply fund, privately, an educational barrage, using the hundreds of TRUE SCIENTISTS who are climate experts who can completely refute the religion of alarmist man-made climate change. He does not need to get personally involved in terms of wasting his time with it.

  39. The 2 (TWO) WORST this in the United States being carried by FAKE NEWS is (1) CLIMATE CHANGE – it does not exist TO THE educated person with higher than a 10th grade education!! (2) THE VERY DANGEROUS and UNCONSTITUTIONAL “RED FLAG” Laws they have NO PLACE in the UNITED STATES or ANY FREE NATION – these are laws in a Dictator run country where ALL FREEDOMS are restricted and ran BY TYRANNY!!! “NO PLACE IN THE UNITED STATES!!!!!!!!

  40. The president is doing a great job. If you love this country all the opportunities given to you, make sure you understand that the Democrats want to take everything from you and make this a Socialist country! Trust me it has never worked anywhere. Please stand up for the moral and right reasons to keep our lives and country great! 😎

  41. you can’t do anything about climate change.. The earth’s been burning since the earth’s been turning!! We didn’t start the fire!!

  42. I believe there are natural changes in our climate that we can’t help. We can be more conscious of what we do to add to it but it will not drastically change it. This was a department drummed up by Al Gore to get more money in his pockets.

  43. I think the author of this article should look at the average temperature over the years. An article in the New York times includes links to the foregoing data in numerous parts of the world and it very clearly shows that this average temperature is on the rise. in regard to your criticism of Lindsay Graham, I never take the man seriously. He does want to support Trump on most issues but sometimes the wrath on the other side makes him look for something on which he can find fault with Trump. I am sounding like a Trump supporter which is scary to me because I most certainly am not.

  44. Listen to Trump. He’s the only one up there who is not being “bought off”. The others,like Gore, have made billions from these scare tactics.

  45. The Schizoid, Grahamesty needs to find a rock under which he can snuggle. This fake republic makes me viscerally ill!

  46. It’s too bad that true scientists aren’t all that concerned. Climate change occurs annually due to the Eart’s eliptical orbit around the sun. Nothing we do on Earth will alter our orbit. Christ will return befor global climate change.


  48. I believe the President should give Senator Graham the opportunity to
    discuss the climate issue with him. Over the last 70/80 years the weather has become more extreme and it would be prudent to focus on it and con-sider what actions and experiments of mankind might have contributed to it. So many changes have occurred and if we ignore the impact on our existence, we could be playing Russian Roulette.

  49. So far every so called climate calamity has proven false over the last 50 years I have been exposed to it. I have heard the cries of doom and gloom and so far the dates come and go and nothing. We just have to be more conscious of what we release into the environment as people in general . If your in your sixties and you can remember back to your school days by now the glaciers should be melted and the coastline should be at least 10′ less. As we learn about what has happen’d in our past we fix them for our future but radical on the spot changes rarely accomplish anything of substance

  50. This weather we are having was predicted in the Bible over 2500 years ago. This is is the beginning of the end times. We are on the verge of the rapture and the beginning of the 7 year Tribulation and the Antichrist to start his 3 and 1/2 year reign and then Satan will reign the last 3 and 1/2 reign which will finally end with the return of the Messiah to claim his kingdom. Need to read the Bible Revelation and the book of Daniel.

  51. I believe that President Trump is right you need a strong America and the only way to get that is good paying jobs. When you shut down coal fired power plants that have great scrubbing systems in place coke plants steel mills you hurt America. This shut down of all these plants cost Americans hundreds of thousands of jobs if not millions. All these jobs go to countries that could care less about climate change. So now these countries don’t even care to even try to add scrubbing systems just run full blast without any environmental concerns. So how do you get a handle on climate change it gets worse instead. God will not let man destroy the earth.

  52. Dear Sir, Why can’t people accept what God says about this subject? Geneses Chapter 8 Verse 22! While the earth remaineth , seedtime and harvest cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

  53. The so called Science has never been shown. Where is the VERIFIABLE statistical analysis of the validity of the input variables? Where is the verification of the so called climate models? Where is the demonstration that the models can produce known results from the past? Anecdotal events are not the same as real analysis. Want the answer to this hoax: follow the money.

  54. this so called CLIMATE CHANGE — is a BIG SCAM !! just another piggy bank to deposit MORE OF OUR TAX DOLLARS, AS THEIR RETIREMENT FUND !!!! So they can take out money for themselves!

  55. There is no one more connected with Climate Change than our LORD. Maybe He would change that if the World came back to Him!!


  57. As it happens from one year to the next, “climate change” for the most part in influenced by the Sun’ s activities, black holes the gravitational pull of the moon, the rotational changes in the solar system, the magnetic poles, volcanic eruptions of the earth, and agricultural fermentation, etc. etc..are all recognized
    factors in the life of a planet. There is no creditable science of the invincibility of life on any planet. Nothing lasts forever. Man’s part in the scheme of things about the climate amounts to this: Cause and effect happen in a certain way by The laws of the universe regardless of the efforts of mankind.

  58. The earth belongs to God, and He is not going let anything happen to it that He doesn’t want to happen. He is in control.

  59. there are states that dump garbage in the oceans,instead of burning, and they wonder about pollution. we went into space but we won’t control these items.

  60. The Good Lord Is In Charge Of The Climate. Take care of the plastic that’s what is a big issue especially in countries like HAITI where their waterways are clogged with plastic bottles. Take your heads out of your rear ends the GOOD LORD IS IN CHARGE. God Bless President Trump. #KAG


  62. You are right Mr. President. In my opinion God controls the weather and He can make it extremely uncomfortable for a country that does not honor Him.

  63. I am not a scientific person. I do believe our climates will change over time. I would like to see more research spent on simple things like diverting Mississippi river water to the high plains of Texas, through existing rivers to form a great entertainment and agriculture district. The U.S. could be the Number one exporter of food to much of the world. Needless to say numerous jobs would be provided and our overall environment would become more healthy. It would also be a winner for the flood zones in Louisiana. I can visualize only positive results by doing this. JDF

  64. Climate change cycles up and down constantly. However, agreeing to the climate change program outlined by the U.N. will subject the U.S.A. to a huge tax to help the world while other big countries, I.e. China, India and Russia get a free ride and they will continue to be the big polluter’s of the world. Trump has got it right.

  65. The “Climate Change” issue is a bogus attempt to garner the support of a public ill-educated in the actual sciences of climatology, ecology, physics and cosmology for a massive takeover of the U.S. economy and the sociopolitical structure of the nation from a free market economy and limited governmental system to a totally fascist system, administered by a huge, all-powerful administrative State, controlled by a central, elite ruling class, similar to the system now governing mainland China.

    The Constitution would be replaced, or so eviscerated by the Court and Congress that individual liberties would disappear. Withthe “Green New Deal” in place, the economy would be relegated to that of a third-world nation, with no fossil-fueled ships, aircraft or land vehicles of any kind allowed. There would not be enough electrical generation to supply electric vehicles for the general populace.

    The majority of the population would be forced into large metropolitan areas, where central control would be easier, and large areas of the nation would be off limits to the general public, as called for in Agenda 21, the societal “blueprint” produced at the Rio de Janeiro Conference of 1992, the so-called “Earth Summit,” and its successor, the U.N.’s “Agenda 2030.” Couched in emotionally appealing terms like “equity,” “fairness,” “sustainability,” “social justice,” “inclusiveness” and “equality,” but sustained by little scientific evidence, these Elite-generated documents are blueprints for the enslavement of the world’s population, and its reduction by the Global Government to their “agreed upon” level of 500,000 souls.

    Orwell’s “1984” is a little late; but, our dear Leaders are determined that we SHALL have it!

  66. Mr. Graham is a very good ally of the President. So we hope there will not be any problem between them. We love and respect them both.
    Most of the people think that CO2 is the main reason for the climate change, and so they miss a very important factor that affects the climate change very deeply, that is the METHANE. Methane can destroy the ozone layer which protects our planet.
    Where has the methane been coming from? It has been coming from the wastes of the animals (urine and poop) in farms or factories. How many animals including cows, pigs, chickens etc…have giving out wastes every day in the whole world? Billions of them .Please do some researches with the help of the the real scientists in order to have a full understanding about the methane that creates the real climate change.
    I want to forward this message to Mr. President and Mr. Lindsay Graham, but sorry I am not good at using the computer, so I am unable to do that. I would really appreciate if you can do that for me please.

  67. Surprised and disappointed in Mr. Graham…thought he was more intelligent than that. What does he plan to do about emissions from India and China???

  68. (Continued)
    The solution to end the climate change is to stop eating meats of the animals of which their wastes emitted METHANE. When there are less animals raised in the factories, the less wastes will become and our planet will revive by itself.
    When the ozone of the air damaged by methane, the ultra violet of the sun will go through more and more, and our planet will get warmer and warmer. Then consequently the ocean will become hotter, and the methane lying under the ocean will get free from the freeze, emerge into the air and will cause more problems.
    Spiritually speaking, the more we kill the animals, the more suffering they get. Their helplessness , fear, scare, pain and vengeance
    energy will go into our atmosphere, hanging over like a black clouds over our heads, then it will become thicker and thicker and finally this negative energy will come back to get us with a lot of nature disasters.
    Anyway, do you believe that we have been going into the Golden Age, physically our planet temperature will be very pleasant and nice, no more North Pole, no more South Pole in the future. So now our Mother Nature shakes herself a little bit to change her surface, to rearrange her shape. So please don’t worry that the ice from North Pole or South Pole have been melting rapidly.
    Dear Mr. President and Graham,
    Please enjoy one another’s friendship and ally and do good work for the USA as well as for the world as you have been doing so great so far.
    May God bless both of you and guide you to help this planet for the time being.
    kym l.

  69. The climate is always changing , The dope that is cominging into this country will do more damage than than the so call climate change

  70. President Trump is for real. He truly loves America. He is a soundly enlightened and tenacious leader. He’s not perfect as he is human. But neither is he racist nor a Nazi., and is a rare fit for the times we are facing to uphold our freedom and Constitutional Republic. The problem we have with pollution has to do with the left’s belligerence against rightful authority in a manufactured anti-male, anti-white, anti-Semite, anti-black, anti-Christian, anti-American climate that has been propped up with super paks, the violence of CAIR, antifa, BlackLikeMe, Soros paid gangs and mob rule, even money from foreign enemiea. The left have been the major purveyors of pornography, the killing of infants, and indecent liberties with little children, applauding small children dressing and acting out some of the most nauseating encouraged to perform strip club acts that promote unnatural LGBTq dress and inappropriate sexual gyrations by 5- 7 year olds. Law only frustrates their anarchistic mindset, such that the SQUAD adheres to, so to drive the West into the hands of the most regresive and repressive califates exampled on earth. And using a distraction from their playbook, saying climate change is driven by human causes is sheer ignorance, and it is not the consensus of the scientific majority, but only of a small number of people who drive the public thru fear mongering and a Qur’an-approved and cultivated lying tongue to undo the infidel non-Muslim World. What has caused the odd weather on earth is the same cauaing melting the of methane of polar ice caps on Mars. If the SQUAD truly wanted to ban pollutants of the worst sort they would level Hollywood to the ground, and clean up their incestuous relationship with criminal elements and even worse, their dissemination of propaganda thru the mainstream press, talk shows as well as in our public schools.

  71. I am sorry that Mr.graham is so into climate change I don’t believe in all the thrash they talk about C. change etc. I hope mr. trump will not fall into this trap. Carl Payne

  72. Mother Nature is the boss of climate. She’s been around longer then all scientific guesses.
    I like Lindsey Graham but he should not get too involved in scientific issues.He and the President make a good team.

  73. “Global warming” — now “climate change” — is a radical left slogan and scheme to give government more control over us. That means less freedom — and less money for us.
    The leftists are alleging that the climate is getting warmer. Wasn’t it just 20 years ago they feared a global freeze?!!!
    They say it’s so dangerous. Yet, their predictions keep getting pushed down the road into the vague future.
    They blame global warming on people. What about the sun, sun spots, volcanoes, etc. — even the normal cycles of historical weather patterns?
    They seem to say that the USA is the chief culprit. They forget CHINA!!! So much for their honesty and objectivity!!!

  74. Shut the F up Graham, you did not seem like you were as dumb as Al Gore, who made millions off of his support for this ridiculous world climate, which has changed since its beginning. You want the best for our climate that countries are creating disaster for, start with China. They are pouting the world with what they dump into the oceans daily.

  75. climate is in Gods hands. Tell Lindsay Graham to quit being wishy -washy just wanting to be on a winning side. He doesn’t care which side just his side.

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