Senator Lindsey Graham is trying to pick a fight with President Trump over climate change. Climate change is one of the big issues with the 2020 crowd of presidential hopefuls. They want everyone to believe that there are issues with the climate and only the United States can really do anything about it. Graham is loudly hollering for all to hear that he believes that the science behind climate change is sound, and he wants the president to take another look at the issue, so he can see the importance of keeping things from getting worse.

There really s not a person that wholly denies that there is something changing with the climate. The issue that the President has with climate change is he does not believe it is as the so-called experts are claiming that this is bad as they say it is.

Graham has bought in the lies that the people of the world are burning enough fuels that are adding to the number of carbon emissions that are causing the global temperatures to rise. What loud mouth Graham has said is that the Republican Party and the president need to pay better attention to it or there is going to be bad consequences for the world and for them in the next election. The issue is how one interprets the data. Some claim things are bad and others see the data and claim that things are normal.

The climate does change from year to year. Sometimes it is colder and other times it is hotter. But humans have nothing to do with the problem. One volcano can emit enough carbon into the atmosphere to lower the temperature of the earth by one or two degrees. After the effects clear it can seem that the temperature is hotter than the year before, but it does not mean that everything is getting worse.

Graham wants a debate dialogue with the President over the issue and Trump will not give it to him because climate change is not that big of a deal. President Trump knows that there are more pressing matters that need to be dealt with first before he can dive headlong into the climate issue. President Trump is more concerned with the security of the nation and the health of the country. This is where his focus needs to be because he is living up to his promises.

Graham has stated that he wants to think outside of the box when it comes to solving climate issues. The problem with that approach is that there is too much talking happening over the climate. There is too much talk happening and not enough action. President Trump wants solutions to issues and not extended dialogue that only waits his time.

President Trump has been under attack because his critics believe he does not fully understand the science behind the made-up issues. The media wants people to believe that things are worse than they really are. President Trump has stated that over the years environmentalists have renamed the same old debate with new names. He has stated that this is nothing new. What was once thought of as global warming is now being called climate change? The older terminology did not create the reactions critics wanted, so they changed the name.

Graham has been an ally of President Trump but not over this issue. Graham wanted Trump to stay in the Paris agreement, but he did not know all the issues that the president did, and he acted in the best fashion that would keep America from being destroyed in the years to come. The Paris accord was keeping America from developing smart technology that would cut overall emissions in the country by just being innovative.

President Trump knows a lot more than his critics think he does. He knows how people think, and he has the ability to see right through the selfish lies that others have. He puts American first and continues to deliver on his promises. President Trump has different ideas on how to deal with the climate and the world will see that those ideas will work.

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