While some people are talking about the illegal alien situation at the border, others are talking about the real aliens. Plenty are convinced that there are aliens being hidden from us at Area 51, and hundreds of thousands of people are planning to storm the area.

Navy Pilots Have Seen Things

There have been more and more reports of Navy pilots seeing what they call UFOs. This doesn’t necessarily mean that ET has come for a visit, however. All it means is that there are unidentified flying objects. The pilots have gone on record for saying that the aircraft that they’ve seen moves in ways that no other aircraft has ever moved.

Trump, when pressed, says “Not particularly” when asked if he believes that there are alien aircraft flying into US air space. However, he wants people to believe what they want to believe.

With what the Navy has seen, more people are talking about what the government may be hiding at Area 51.

This is just another way of people not wanting to believe that the government is sharing all information with them.

It Started Out as a Joke

There is a satirical event that has been organized on Facebook, taking place on September 20. “Storm Area 51” has generated over 1 million people marking themselves as “going” on Facebook with another 900,000 interested. Their tagline for the event is “they can’t stop all of us.”

The event is scheduled to take place between 3 am and 6 am. There are plenty of people who are talking about actually attending. Sketchy (at best) game plans have been pinned to the discussion board of the Facebook event, too.

The Air Force is Ready

The base at Area 51 has always been heavily guarded, and people know that. The Air Force has picked up on the chatter of people wanting to storm the area, issuing a stern warning that they have been authorized to use deadly force in order to protect the gates.

Laura McAndrews, an Air Force spokesperson, has felt the need to issue a warning to potential trespassers. She explains that area 51 is an open training range for the USAF. They discourage anyone from coming into the area where armed forces are trained. The USAF stands ready to protect America and its assets, which includes anything at area 51.

There have been no further details released in terms of how officials would actually react to intruders showing up – especially at the magnitude of people that the event is talking about.

September 20

While plenty of news outlets want to call it a satirical event, this is also talking to the generation who ate Tide pods just to say that they did. The Facebook event calls for everyone to meet up at the area 51 Alien Center, a tourist attraction in New Mexico. From there, they will plan to coordinate their entry. Obviously, the person writing the description is having a good time, talking about a naruto run for storming the gates.

A naruto run is based on the Japanese manga, where people run with arms stretched out backward and heads forward.

Such a run would not be suitable for actually storming the gates, which is why many believe it is a long-standing joke to make everything so light-hearted.

Many others, who have no plans on showing up at area 51 plan on seeing a lot of memes produced out of the event, whether people show up or not.

If anything, people will learn that there are still satirical events and that no one actually plans to storm area 51.

If people do plan to storm area 51, the Air Force will be ready – and signs around the base worn intruders about the use of deadly force. Armed security guards are around the base at all times, including using motion-sensor cameras and CCTV.

The main function of the base continues to be a mystery. In the 1996 Independence Day movie, it was used as an alien testing laboratory – and there are plenty of conspiracy theories that support this for decades.

September 20 will be very telling to see if people are actually capable of believing that they can dodge bullets and demand to see the aliens. This is assuming a lot, including the presence of aliens at area 51 as well as someone actually making it through in order to make such demands. If people use force, the Air Force will use force right back.

Is this satirical or are there really going to be hundreds of thousands of people showing up outside of area 51? It’s too early to tell.

62 thoughts on “Masses Want To Storm Area 51

  1. Lock and load; fire at will. Do the same at all border locations. This disregard for our borders has gone far enough.

  2. For years there has been hype of aliens at Groom Lake aka Area 51. Do you honestly believe that aliens were kept there, that they still would be there? If aliens were there, I think that the government would’ve moved them to a different location that is unheard of or is not infamous. Any attempt to tresspass will be met with both physical force and deadly physical force. I hope that people will be smart enough to avoid attempting such a foolhardy exercise and live another day and continuing to speak of conspiracies

  3. You cross over these security lines it’s a good possibility you will get shot. Don’t be stupid.!!!!!!!!!

  4. For those who want and need to know, go to Bob Lazar.com. You don’t need to storm area 51, you need to storm S-4. Thats where the UFOs are hidden in a wall in the mountain on a dry lake bed, Papoose Lake. There are 9 different UFOs there which the Fed. Govt is reverse engineering. Read about Bob Lazar. He was one of those engineers. By the way, the military has said they have been able to take ET home since about 1954.

  5. IF, there are aliens at area 51, that is the least of our problems in our United States of America, What is going on in our U.S Congress is beyond anything ever heard of ! Anyone planning to make the trip to area 51 should make a 180 and go east to Washington D.C. Our Decoration of Independence in part (….”That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these, it is the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO ALTER ON TO ABOLISH IT, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such…..”UNDER ABSOLUTE DESPOTISM, IT IS THEIR RIGHT, IT IS THEIR DUTY, to throw off such Government, and to provide new GUARDS for their future” …..

  6. once again, stupid is what stupid does!! Area 51 is a area used by the govt to test stuff to that protects ur ass!! Give it a rest moron, u wanna see it, join the air force,,they will give u a tour

  7. when the ARMY is called in with several half tracks and M1 Abram tanks outfitted with MA’DUCE,,,,,,,,,,, and the order is given to “OPEN FIRE,, FIRE @ WILL,, SHOUT TO KILL”,,,,,, you’ll run like ants on fire!!!! GEE,,,,,,,,,,,, THEN I’d bring in that C-130J “Jolly GREEN GIANT” 6 6barrel Gatlin guns on each side.. 24,000 rds per minute…… It circles the outer parimenter and puts a 7.62MM round in ever sq foot of a football field.. See “GREEN Bray’s” John Wayne that was a C-47..

  8. If it is as joke, it is a stupid one. There always idiotic people out there who take stuff like this seriously. All the Air Force has to do is disable the vehicles, make the people walk. Even at 3AM it is southern Nevada in September. The Air Force will need lots of ambulances to take all the dehydrated people away.

  9. As a retired Air. Force, Security Police, M/Sgt. this sounds pretty ridiculous. Most of my time was spent in Air Base Ground Defense. If these people are insane enough to be serious, I suggest unless they are tired of living, they reconsider this whole idea. The security forces that protect that top secret insulation, will not hesitate to use deadly force, if necessary. None of these people will get far enough to see anything, they are hoping, they will find there.

  10. It makes absolutely no difference how long someone has been in this country, it is how you act, what you say and how it is said that makes a difference. Omar could say just about anything and MOST real AMERICANS WOULD NEVER BELIEVE HER. She is a liar, a cheater, a manipulator & a real good con artist .
    We just need more respect brought back and you are sure trying to do that too.
    Thank you for all you do.


  12. The Air Force has been testing since after WW ll top secret anti gravity technology applied to aerodynamics. This advanced technology enables aircraft to make extraordinary maneuvers at incredible velocities incomprehensible compared to today’s state of the art aircraft. The mythology of extraterrestrial aliens being isolated at area 51 is perpetuated by those with the hidden agendas usually centered around monetary exploitation. The Air Force will safeguard its top security secrets at area 51 at all costs to sustain America’s military technological advantage and not allow advanced weaponry to be discovered by irresponsible intruders.

  13. A-51 is not by itself it operates under Nellis Test Range and the. they have plenty of assets to help 51 out with, shoot to kill,live force is authorized if attacked. Those who try to gain entry will be sadly choosing a bad thing. Once your in the hands of Military security your on your, own civil laws don’t apply to secrete remote posts camps or stations when its authorized live force can be used to deter an attack. Attacker be aware.

  14. A-51 is not by itself it operates under Nellis Test Range and they have plenty of assets to help 51 out with, shoot to kill,live force is authorized if attacked. Those who try to gain entry will be sadly choosing a bad thing. Once your in the hands of Military security your on your, own civil laws don’t apply to secrete remote posts camps or stations when its authorized live force can be used to deter an attack. Attacker be aware.

  15. A-51 is not by itself it operates under Nellis Test Range and they have plenty of assets to help 51 out with, shoot to kill,live force is authorized if attacked. Those who try to gain entry will be sadly choosing a bad thing. Once your in the hands of Military security your on your own, civil laws don’t apply, to secrete remote posts camps or stations when its authorized live force can be used to deter an attack. Attacker be aware.

  16. I served in the Marine Corps, if these people want to try and take any military base God have mercy on them and what ever happens they deserve it. Round them up remove any I D and ship them out of the country. They don’t deserve to be here.

  17. I wouldn’t want to know because it’s like a kid discovering Santa isn’t what they were told. Then the logistics of it even for several thousand going there to the desert would be like the illegals crossing the border some would get hurt or even die out in that desert area. Then that old spending years in jail for going on the restricted area, that’s a bummer.

  18. The Tide pods went to their brains. No one with any common sense would even think of going there. I believe that there is more to area 51 than what we are told but I would never think of trying to go there. I would be suicide. These nut cases should drop the idea and go explore a cave.

  19. If it isn’t affecting your lifestyle and cheating you out of any assets, then go about your business and wait and see.

    I don’t see any reason to invade something that has probably improved your lifestyle and will continue if and when anything comes from reverse engineering.

    Leave it alone !!!!

  20. Granted, I’m curious as to the secrets on Government is s closely garding,nd I would not make tate!or to violate the military’s orders and responsibiliies! Remember these persons are acting on orders.

  21. The irony of it all,these numbnuts,are the next generation of specimens needed to fulfill quotas,the “”aliens”” thank you! (÷€)

  22. I’d like to know what’s there but I’d rather preserve my health. Wouldn’t want to get contaminated with any toxic chemicals or organisms. It’s not worth it!

  23. Seems to me that we should be spending our time more wisely. I personally believe that alien technology DOES exist at Area 51, but we don’t have a right to classified information so I hope that people can restrain themselves. This is probably just nonsense from the left……but don’t forget what happened at Kent State after the lefties went on a rampage back in the 1970’s. It did stop the burning and looting though.

  24. There are things that need to remain secret. It is well known that the use of deadly force in Area 51 is authorized. If necessary USE IT. There was an old Chinese Warlord who said “Shoot one to intimidate 10,000.

  25. I’ll be there,to see if there are actually anyone dumb enough to think for a second that they will not be meant with DEADLY FORCE!

  26. Now we see the results of Common Core non educational mental training. We all must remember this: There is no Cure for Stupid. That is just what we have in this Country Now.

  27. Be warned, it is a military base with many fully armed and trained troops to protect it. I imagine that the government will bring on a large amount of additional forces to prevent anyone from gaining access. Don’t be stupid, stay away. I am a retired US Army military police officer and I know how things are done.

  28. Putting up with stupidity 1 general population anyone tries to storm the gates deadly force will be used

  29. I remember listening to talk show years ago and interest is still there, apparently, to wonder about secrecy at Area 51.
    Can’t blame them for wondering, but they should stay away with threat of being killed if entry is tried. I would say, do not try it. Anything guarded like that, you need to wait for permission to enter. We may be free
    here in USA, but there appears to be something we have to wait to do only with permission
    and wisdom says do not go until permission to enter happens very plainly and openly. We have plenty of other things we humans need to do outside of area 51..

  30. The government likes to hide things-but is not worth your life to find out what they are hiding.
    I don’t know why they want to keep things from the public-but they have been doing it for a long time

  31. Ive out of the service for many years now. And yes we did have so called secret weapons. But they were not so secret. We mostly we them to be leaked so our enemies would know what would happen if they started messing with us. What Aera 51 is hiding is not little green men but our training Aera and you do not want to know.


  33. With Area 51 being an active military base, it sounds like it could result in an awful lot of “target practice”. There are no “aliens” there, just a lot of fertile imaginations. Leave this military base alone and let the active personnel do their jobs.

  34. Please post a copy of this warning along with who exactly issued it. The reason I am asking is that no unit of the military is authorized to used deadly force in the protection of Area 51 and if was issued as you say it would be a gross violation of the law:
    “…issuing a stern warning that they have been authorized to use deadly force in order to protect the gates.”
    [email protected]

  35. Please don’t do this you may get hurt, high heat, deadly snakes and some areas have high radiation levels. This is one of the most armed military bases in the USA!

  36. I was not serious I’m a veteran USAF Air Policeman don’t do this these bases protect this nation and are very important to our security.

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