Could there be anything faker than a heartfelt tear from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? This past week a witness to the horrors of the detention centers was brought before the House Oversight Committee to provide testimony of her own experience at the hands of the border agents.

This witness claims that her own child perished in the detention centers because the conditions there are extremely terrible. There is no debate with anyone that the conditions at the detention centers are bad. The debate centers around who is responsible for letting them get this bad. And everyone knows that it is the Democratic Party.

The deceptive Democrats tried to use photos to gain support for themselves only to be exposed to be the ones responsible for putting kids in cages years ago. Not so long ago the same Democrats denied any problem at the border, and they claimed that the president was making the whole story up, so they denied the money needed to fix the border and improve the detention centers.

Now wormy Cortez is trying to shed tears over the matter based on a testimony of some person that is telling everyone how bad it really is. Wormy Cortez is more to blame than any other dumb Democrat. She and her AOC terrorist band voted against a bill that would have provided the funds for a much-needed relief at the detention centers.

And now here she is with tears in her eyes trying to act sympathetic. She is just another pathetic example of two-faced liars trying to take authority from people like President Trump who actually do care about people.

The witness goes on to tell everyone about how dangerous the trip was and what she and her family had to go through just to make it to the border. The world needs to know that this lady chose to make the trip knowing the full danger that she would face.

Not to mention the truth that she knew the problems at the southern border. Not to mention if the child was just being used in order to gain access to the country. The real victim in all of this is the child that perished. The family could have stayed at home and tried to change things for their betterment and not made the trip.

Cortez’s tears are just as fake now as they were when she deliberately posed at the detention center fencing weeks ago. The entire ordeal was an attempt by the AOC to gain support for the terror missions against America. It would not be beneath them to actually have staged this testimony for political gain.

The wormy Cortez has long told the nation that President Trump is cruel and mean because he has tried to fund fixing the border and has tried to improve the detention centers that her own party neglected under Obama.

If anyone should be in tears, it should be the nation over the failure of the Democratic Party. The witness claimed to have seen kids in cages and yet several other witnesses to these events never saw any kid in cages except for when Obama was in the Oval Office. This testimony is nothing more than a political stunt by the Democrats to gain emotional support from other loony liberals.

Instead of offering solutions to the border problem the entire committee was focused on trying to pin the blame on the president and the Republicans. The Democrats never deal in facts. They always try to argue with emotion and that kills them every time.

There is not a genuine Democrat in the nation that actually gives a care about what is truly happening at the border. They only care about taking back the power and exploiting the nation for their own gain.

President Trump and the Republican heroes in the Senate and the House have the right answers. All they need is for the true Americans to stand up and vote the demons out of the House. Once the Republicans have control, they then can fix the nation the way it needs to be fixed. AOC and the Democratic party are going to lose big time in 2020 because they have been exposed as the frauds they are.

50 thoughts on “AOC Forces Fake Tears Over Testimony

  1. DEMONcrats are all fraudulent gangsters shuttling their ill-begotten agenda across their pork-lined pockets for personal gain. No wonder DEMONcrats all become millionaires after and during their political résumés accumulate lasting lucre at the cost of We the people as their sham life of charades play out in the general-public-at-large!!!

  2. This is so true. AOC is so fake and so dumb it is hard to believe she ever went to college. She certainly didn’t get much from it. I feel bad that I didn’t try to become a congress woman, I thought I wasn’t smart enough but after seeing this twit and hearing what she says, I know that I had nothing to worry about. I am much smarter than she is. The democrats need to stop all this bs and come together for the people and fix this crises once and for all. Our country can not keep supporting millions of illegals. The dems have moved from using the black people for votes to now using illegals for votes . I believe that the democrats telling the illegal immigrants how to allude ICE is breaking the law and needs to be looked into.

  3. I think that she is straight out evil and that her place now in congress marks and reveals the enemy of this world and Nanking. Her along with the three other nuts (women of color) if they could be invisible and get away with the things they want, they would do it all the more. However they stick out like evil on Sunday bible study/Service.

  4. Unfortunately, these Democrats have always blamed the Republicans on everything that the Democrats do.
    Never accepting responsibility for their actions.
    Thé Government, Congress & Dems are to blame for giving the illegal aliens more rights than us Americans and Veterans.

    STOP giving illegals Driver’s Licence’s, Money, Section 8, Schooling, Benefits.
    This is why they keep coming in!!!

    If all these benefits were given to Veterans and the Homeless, our country would be a better place
    Illegals will take and take then, send back home to their families.


    As for AOC, she’s an ignorant moron that knows nothing.
    Everyone she tries to damage, ends up putting her in her place.
    Crocodile tears, Yes.
    Nothing about her is real. A total FAKE.

    SHE will be voted out.
    Then she can cry.

  5. I do hope they are run out on a rail!!! They are destroying the country that I love just to be in the public eye. This is SICKENING!!! I pray the president is able to continue his fight to keep this nation great!!

  6. Lately, several media outlets, like CNN, MSNBC, and even FOX, have had news-team members referring to AOC as brilliant. Jeez, give-me-a-break! I think if John Wayne were still alive he might use one of his many famous quotes to dispute the brilliant description : “You can’t fix stupid.”

  7. Aoc is a Laughing stock . No one in their right mind buys into her crap ! What a Looser , vote that idiot out in 2020’! She’s poison !

  8. The democrats really exposed themselves for the conceited selfish frauds they are when in 2009 they said “Can’t let a crises go to waste.” Bill Clinton was the same way but wouldn’t come out and say it. Obama let the democrats show the real truth about themselves, and yet they still told lies while he was in charge. Now AOC and the other 3 hogs are going all out to take this country into the hopeless abyss of communism while their political and industrial cronies fleece the working tax payers into hopeless poverty while they live in luxury off the citizen’s sweat. This is why they want to do away with the second amendment. They’re terrified of armed citizens rising up against them and facing a civil war.

  9. She once again tried to omitt facts and play on emotions. Fortunately our country must be run on facts and as we all know there is a crisis because Congress has NOT done there job of closing the loopholes in the immigration laws. By the way, they are the ones that make the laws not the President.

  10. AOC, the laughing jackass, ever time she smiles, needs to be removed from office with force and televise it onall the news channels as she’s being removed.
    Remove them all with FORCE. Tired of the finally going on in our country
    The dems are too good to work with President Trump. They’re too busy trying to destroy him.
    Best president we’ve had since Reagan

  11. AOC, the laughing jackass, everytime she smiles, needs to be removed from office with force and televise it onall the news channels as she’s being removed.
    Remove them all with FORCE. Tired of the finally going on in our country
    The dems are too good to work with President Trump. They’re too busy trying to destroy him.
    Best president we’ve had since Reagan

  12. She is a disgrace to the position she holds in Congress …Give her a big log to naw on so she will learn to serve her Country correctly or shut that big mouth of hers up as those other 3 w her also should. They are all a joke !!
    So Proud of President Trump and First Lady Melania .. God Bless USA

  13. Can’t believe that a skinny pounding little 29 yr old Muslim has the Democrats wrapped around her little finger. What lack of balls! They all deserve whatever the get and for my fellow Jews of the far left, I hope that they hang you for the traitors that you are. How can you all sleep at night knowing that not only are you betraying your Country but your also betraying your Jewish Heritage! SHAME ON YOU…….


  15. I have lived on both sides of the border, and I knew the US needed a wall more than 30 years ago. The need is even more urgent now. No US funds should be used to support any illegal immigrant.
    Any person who requests asylum for fear for their safety and then returns for “visits” should be denied reentry.

  16. She has made such a fool of herself so many times and her party has stood by her that they all look like buffoons. They simply cannot be trusted and that will all be dredged up in 2020, bringing about the re-election of our great President Trump.

  17. there is only three words to describe the new socialist democratic party they are Evil lying hypocrites.I am a registered Democrat and I will never vote for democrats of this kind.republicans are trying to keep America great again I thank them with my support.

  18. I think that oac should shut up!!!! She is a disgrace to all of the American (real American people) if she thinks this country is so bad she should go back to her own country. If she has one.

  19. Well I seriously thought she was suffering from pin worms or itchy hemorrhoids the way she was jumping up and down in her chair.

  20. We have to defend the Constitution or our country will be in very difficult times. Our President Trump is what this country needed at this in time in history. All his promises have been delivered, in spite all the things the democrats have tried to impune on him. Be careful what you wish for; you might be in great danger and maybe it will be too late to go back.

  21. How did something, not how did someone, as STUPID as A.O.C. get elected? I guess people in her district are quite a bit on the mentally simple side too. When I hear A.O.C. or Omar, I instantly want to puke. She IS a domestic enemy of America the Great….PERIOD. A.O.C. can’t even add or subtract, plus most of her historical references are very inaccurate due to her stupidity. Why would we want a dimwit in Congress such as a.o.c.???

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