Could there be anything faker than a heartfelt tear from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? This past week a witness to the horrors of the detention centers was brought before the House Oversight Committee to provide testimony of her own experience at the hands of the border agents.

This witness claims that her own child perished in the detention centers because the conditions there are extremely terrible. There is no debate with anyone that the conditions at the detention centers are bad. The debate centers around who is responsible for letting them get this bad. And everyone knows that it is the Democratic Party.

The deceptive Democrats tried to use photos to gain support for themselves only to be exposed to be the ones responsible for putting kids in cages years ago. Not so long ago the same Democrats denied any problem at the border, and they claimed that the president was making the whole story up, so they denied the money needed to fix the border and improve the detention centers.

Now wormy Cortez is trying to shed tears over the matter based on a testimony of some person that is telling everyone how bad it really is. Wormy Cortez is more to blame than any other dumb Democrat. She and her AOC terrorist band voted against a bill that would have provided the funds for a much-needed relief at the detention centers.

And now here she is with tears in her eyes trying to act sympathetic. She is just another pathetic example of two-faced liars trying to take authority from people like President Trump who actually do care about people.

The witness goes on to tell everyone about how dangerous the trip was and what she and her family had to go through just to make it to the border. The world needs to know that this lady chose to make the trip knowing the full danger that she would face.

Not to mention the truth that she knew the problems at the southern border. Not to mention if the child was just being used in order to gain access to the country. The real victim in all of this is the child that perished. The family could have stayed at home and tried to change things for their betterment and not made the trip.

Cortez’s tears are just as fake now as they were when she deliberately posed at the detention center fencing weeks ago. The entire ordeal was an attempt by the AOC to gain support for the terror missions against America. It would not be beneath them to actually have staged this testimony for political gain.

The wormy Cortez has long told the nation that President Trump is cruel and mean because he has tried to fund fixing the border and has tried to improve the detention centers that her own party neglected under Obama.

If anyone should be in tears, it should be the nation over the failure of the Democratic Party. The witness claimed to have seen kids in cages and yet several other witnesses to these events never saw any kid in cages except for when Obama was in the Oval Office. This testimony is nothing more than a political stunt by the Democrats to gain emotional support from other loony liberals.

Instead of offering solutions to the border problem the entire committee was focused on trying to pin the blame on the president and the Republicans. The Democrats never deal in facts. They always try to argue with emotion and that kills them every time.

There is not a genuine Democrat in the nation that actually gives a care about what is truly happening at the border. They only care about taking back the power and exploiting the nation for their own gain.

President Trump and the Republican heroes in the Senate and the House have the right answers. All they need is for the true Americans to stand up and vote the demons out of the House. Once the Republicans have control, they then can fix the nation the way it needs to be fixed. AOC and the Democratic party are going to lose big time in 2020 because they have been exposed as the frauds they are.

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