We’ve been speculating about the many frightening implications of the Jeffry Epstein case for years. The questions are big, and many remain unanswered. But what we know is terrifying- and justifies an investigation into what could be the biggest, darkest criminal network in the world with ties to major public figures.

Here’s what we know. Jeffrey Epstein is a convicted sex offender, indicted in 2007 and was effectively given probation, via a very permissive work release program. We also know that the biggest legal gun on his legal defense team, Alan Dershowitz, was sued and settled out of court for sexual offenses against an underage girl.

In 2015, Newsmax wrote, “Dershowitz, a Harvard University professor emeritus and Newsmax columnist, has since filed a sworn statement in a Florida federal court denying he had sex with the woman, now 31, on Epstein’s private plane and island.”

According to NBC News, “The suit alleges Dershowitz ‘was a participant in sex trafficking as one of the men to whom Epstein lent out the Plaintiff for sex.’”

Other major political figures who have implicated in the pedophile sex trafficking ring, including Ken Starr- famed for playing a major role in the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

Finally, we know that Epstein’s private island, infamously dubbed “pedophile island” has some pretty strange features. These include a tiny Egyptian themed temple on the island’s highest peak. The “temple,” oddly enough is quite tiny- just large enough to contain what many speculate is an elevator. Around the base of the hill that the temple stands on are a number of large doors which have been spotted using drone surveillance craft.

These are all disconnected points that appear to indicate the same thing. Normally, a constellation of red flags like that would spur prosecutors into action. But in the common parlance, it’s just conspiracy theory. However, the current allegations against Epstein are bringing much more of the connective tissue to light.

Now, Labor Secretary, Alex Acosta is saying he was told that Epstein was an asset for the US intelligence community and was advised to keep clear of him. According to the Daily Beast, Acosta said, “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone.”

This aligns with long speculation that Epstein is what is commonly referred to as an “Intelligence Cutout.” A CIA or intel cutout is a person or organization set up by the intelligence community to serve as a front for some kind of operation. Similar to a drug dealer posing as a restaurateur, a cutout poses as one thing while using secret assets to fund the front operation.

In Epstein’s case, this is plausible owing to the fact that there was nothing about him that even remotely suggested that he was what he claimed to be, other than his apparently endless wealth. According to Wikipedia, “Epstein is “an American financier.”

But like Bernie Madoff before him, he has none of the trappings of a billion-dollar finance magnate. He does not have a team of accountants or a bank of high powered computers, and he has never been a major presence on Wall Street.

More importantly, many people who have spent time with Epstein say that he does not live like a self-made billionaire. People who are ultra-rich are either born that way, or they work 24 hours a day. Epstein, by contrast, is known for playing 24 hours a day- and is supposed to be a self-made man.

Vicky Ward wrote a profile on Epstein in 2003 for Vanity Fair. She has been following the Epstein story ever since. Today she says;

‘I spent many months on his trail in 2002 for Vanity Fair and discovered that he was not who he claimed to be, but also and that he had assaulted two young sisters, one of whom was underage. They were prepared to go on the record. They were afraid he’d use all his influence to discredit them—and their fear turned out to be legitimate.

[One day] Epstein made a visit to Vanity Fair’s main office. Suddenly the women’s allegations were removed from my article. My editor said Epstein is sensitive about the young women. He also made a feeble excuse about the article, saying it was ‘stronger as a business story.’

These unsettling coincidences, connections, and discrepancies all appear to point in the direction of the rumor. Acosta’s claim is just one of many.

Today, the big question is- if Epstein is the frightfully connected intelligence asset he appears to be- is justice even possible in this case?

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