It is refreshing to see a president doing the very things they promised during their campaign. One of President Trump’s clear messages was that America would no longer be a country that continually makes bad deals. He promised that we would begin doing business that made sense for America, and that makes our nation stronger.

It wasn’t all that long ago when the President took aim at China and their business relationship with the United States. A few strong words and a few warnings from the President if things didn’t change was all it took. Not only did China respond, but they also did so quickly. In other words, things changed.

Perhaps India didn’t see those interactions before they decided on tariff hikes for American products. Maybe they think this is the same old United States of America that they can take advantage of because of our wealth? In any event, they are about to realize that America has new leadership, a new direction and is redefining how they do business with the world.

One recent news story reporting on the latest events echoes just how differently the United States is doing business. In years past, there may have been a grumble or perhaps a sentence or two released from the White House Press Secretary regarding our “displeasure” or some other verbiage indicative of mild disapproval. Not this presidency, not this time and not on Donald Trump’s watch.

The President was cited in a tweet from the aforementioned story, stating that “India has long had a field day putting tariffs on American products… No longer acceptable!” Now that we have all been able to see a sample of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States in action, this response should come as no surprise.

What may be more shocking than anything is the fact that we are watching a President live up to his campaign messages. We all know that not every message delivered by a Presidential hopeful will come to fruition. In fact, most of us know that few of them will. This is just the state of gridlock and affairs for the past two-plus decades in Congress. All we really ever wanted, from any President, is their best efforts.

Odds on favorite has to be with the President on this one. Either way, win-lose-or-draw, the message is getting louder and becoming clearer to the entire world. When it comes to doing business with the United States of America, “don’t tread on us!” Okay, that may be a bit harsh (although this is President Trump we are speaking of) but this business, not a battle. That means finding deals that work for both sides, the economies of both countries and offer everyone something in return.

With his acclaimed business savvy as one of the advantages the President has in such dealing, it isn’t as if he isn’t putting in the work too. Only later this week are U.S. representatives scheduled to meet again with India to continue working for a deal that works, for everyone. This will be at least the third time the President or government officials have met. This is what business and getting things done looks like. Sometimes it is just a matter of rolling your sleeves up and getting to work, time and again.

Of course, Trump opposers will say that his decision to kill trade on $6.3 billion of Indian goods imported by the U.S. in June is the reason for these issues. The truth, however, is that those imports were making the country weaker and not benefiting our economy. No, our President will not sit idly as a bystander simply watching a bad business deal continue. Even if that means getting a little dirty.

Come to think of it, maybe India is aware of who they are dealing with and maybe that’s why they are so willing to talk. Either way, President Trump is delivering on his message and for some of us, that is the best we’ve seen in a very long time.

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