Linda Sarsour, a radical Islamist political activist, created a Twitter firestorm by her recent claim that Jesus Christ was a Palestinian. That the idea runs counter to history puts the matter mildly.

Fox News explains:

“Controversial left-wing activist Linda Sarsour is under fire for claiming ‘Jesus was Palestinian.’

“The Brooklyn-born Muslim Women’s March co-founder claims she is a victim of ‘hate’ after a 24-hour Twitter debate this weekend on the roots of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Sarsour went on to claim that “Palestinian is a nationality, not a religion. Your point is not negated. Jews lived with Palestinians in peaceful co-existence before there was a state of Israel.”

The Jerusalem Post describes how this assertion is extremely problematic:

“The latest attempt to push the ’Jesus was Palestinian’ claim is not as innocent as it appears. It is a negation of Jewish history and a modern-day attempt at replacement theology: to replace historical Jewish connections to the land 2,000 years ago, recreating an imagined history of Palestinians in place of Jews.”

“A more honest reading of history would start by mentioning the Jewish roots of Jesus and the Jewish areas where he traveled, and then point out that places like Nazareth and Bethlehem are today Palestinian or Arab cities – and that for Palestinian Christians, Jesus is not just a religious figure, but can also be a historical one of national importance.

“Sarsour’s tweet was in response to Bishop Talbert Swan as part of an exchange about race, nationality and historical figures such as Mussolini, Moses, and Jesus.

“Sarsour referenced Jesus in the Quran, not the New Testament. Sarsour continued tweeting about the topic on Saturday, noting that ‘Bethlehem is in Palestine… Jesus was born in Bethlehem which is in Palestine. Move on.’ She even disputed the origin of the name Bethlehem, claiming it was written in Arabic as if this precludes an earlier history. ‘Why so upset by the truth?’ she tweeted. ‘Jesus was born in Bethlehem, aka Beit Lahm in Arabic. Bethlehem is in Palestine. It’s currently occupied by Israel.’

“Sarsour Began to reverse course on Sunday, retweeting a comment that Jesus was a ‘Palestinian Jew,’ and another comment that ‘he was also a Jew.’”

According to the Christian tradition, Jesus Christ was the son of God, born as a human being in Bethlehem around the year 4 BC. At the time, the area of the world known as Israel and the West Bank was known as Judea and was a client kingdom within the Roman Empire ruled by King Herod. The very name “Palestine” was not even invented until the reign of Emperor Hadrian who, after putting down a Jewish revolt, scattered the Jewish population of Judea and combined the land with the Roman Province of Syria, renaming the while “Syria-Palaestina.” The name “Palestine” stuck well into the 20th Century, even surviving the establishment of the State of Israel.

Jesus is considered a prophet in the Muslim tradition but without the aspect of being divine. However, one regards him, the accounts of Jesus’ life in the New Testament depict him as a practicing Jew. The Last Supper, for example, was a Passover Seder.

Sarsour, a political agitator who has been connected to both Hamas and the odious Louis Farrakhan was clearly engaged in a bit of social media trolling in order to get herself mentioned in the mainstream media. The idea that Jesus was a Palestinian is something that is widely accepted in the Palestinian community.

Cultural appropriation is often a misused term thrown around by millennials to annoy the adults. However, the drafting of Jesus Christ, who as a man preached peace on Earth and goodwill toward men, into a violent struggle to expunge the Jews of Israel from the Middle East counts as a real-life example. The concept is and ought to be offensive to both Christians and Jews.

One wonders what Sarsour wants to achieve by making the assertion, besides making a lot of people upset and raising her public exposure as a bomb-thrower. If she wanted to persuade more people outside the Muslim world to the Palestinian nationalist cause, Sarsour is certainly going about it the wrong way. She thinks she is somehow delegitimizing the State of Israel. Instead, all she had accomplished is to anger people and harden positions in the Israel/Palestinian conflict.

166 thoughts on “‘Jesus is a Palestinian’ Claim Causes Social Media Ruckus

  1. Linda Sarsour’s postulation that Christ was a Palestinian is pure psycho babble posed by a non-Christian and non Jew. Her attempt to re-write historical fact is easily defeated simply by noting what existed in the Mid East at the time of Christ’s birth. The Romans occupied all if not most of the land known as Israel today along with border areas from Egypt around the Med through coastal areas of Turkey & Greece. The Romans did not refer to Christ as a Palestinian but instead referred to Christ and all Jews in the area 2000 years ago as Israelites and/or Jews. All non Jews in the area were never referred to being Palestinian but instead were known as Babylonians or Mesopotamians and associated tribes from African nations and areas south of And east of Egypt. To even intimate that Christ was a Palestinian Jew shows the ignorance of Linda Sarsour and those of her misguided ilk. No matter how hard she tries she will never convince true believers of Judaism and Christianity that Christ was anything but An Israelite Jew born in Bethlehem who with his parents – Joesph and Mary has to go the Nazareth to be counted as an Israelite Jew during a mandated Roman Census. The Romans never recorded anyone during this census and subsequent censuses in the Mid East area of the state of Israel as being Palestinian – so please Linda Sarsour stop spreading your lies about Christ being a Palestinian.
    Christ is was and always will be an Israelite Jew who fulfilled the Old Testament by being the true Messaih and not just as Christ is called in the Quran a prophet. There is only one true God and only one true Messaih – made up as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit – all one in the same. No matter how hard you try Ms Sarsour that is something that your Mohamed can ever be.

    1. Correction: “Joseph and Mary had to go to Nazareth to be counted as an Israelite Jew during a mandated Roman Census.”

  2. She is a servant of the Adversary. When (if ever) she accepts the free gift of Salvation (for which Yeshua was born, was crucified, died, rose again, and ascended bodily back to Heaven), she might stop the media non-sense. Until then, she will continue to suffer from the same problem as all non-adherents to the Way of Yeshua (Jesus).

  3. The lineage of Jesus can be traced Back to the founders of the Jewish people Abraham, Issac and Israel. As is plainly mentioned in the New Testament, Matthew 1:1 – 1:17. I would certainly rather rely on the Bible than some muslim liar.

  4. The time to kick ALL radical MOOSLIMES OUT of this country is LONG overdue.
    People need to open their eyes and see that these RABID ANIMALS are doing exactly what they said they will do (as “ordered” by their SICK CULT LEADERS)…DESTROY this country from the inside. Just take a few minutes and google all the MOOSLIME “organizations” that are springing up like mushrooms all over the U.S. ALSO all the “training areas” (some right up here in N.Y. State) and “NO GO” MOOSLIME areas in many cities. (Michigan for ONE Example) I would like to know WHEN people are going to get wise and retaliate against this INVASION before YOU, or YOUR family members are killed or RAPED, and YOUR town is “taken over” by this SCUM.

  5. She should read the OT of the KJV of our Bible and she will learn that she’s totally wrong. Better to discover her error on this side of Judgment Day when changes in thought might be made than on the day when there will be no disputing what our God has recorded about all of us. I hope she learns the truth before it’s too late. Prayers for her soul.

  6. Ugh! Linda Sarsour should be deported! She’s another like AOC, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar who want to destroy our country that, by the way, they are all enjoying the freedoms and benefits of. Jesus was NOT a Palestinian, but a Jew. That’s historical fact.

  7. Hey Stupid One! Claim Jesus to be any nationality but Love,Honor and Respect Him with the Way you live your life.Who cares if he is Palestinian,Jewish or whatever.He is Our Saviour.He knows your heart.He even knows your Soul.

  8. I think she’s a family not see I think she’s an absolute reprobation she should be deported out of this country

  9. Idiot. Palestine! Where is that Linda? It resides in your feeble, Muslim mind! Idiot.
    Palestinian my butt!

  10. There was no such place as Palestine until the romans came and subjugated Israel that name was used to disrespect the Jewish people. The sad thing is that Jordan, Syria and Egypt don’t want you people who claim to be Palestinian to come back to your true homes. One day the rest of the world will have their eyes open and see the Truth. But I will say this that The Lord Jesus dies for the sins of all mankind, receive Him and make Him Lord in your life. Repent and be saved.

  11. Saro Sour is just a trouble maker and anti-American just wants to make more trouble than she’s worth. Enemy of Christians and Jews alike. She is Hamas and a terrorist and racist. If you are not Muslim you should be destroyed according to their religion. Their religion and sense of humanity is null and void. Jesus taught peace and love not that one race or religion was the only belief . But their concepts in their Quran does not teach this! Only their way of death to all others who do not believe their way. America and her people and Government do not mesh with this beliefs. Therefore Saro Sour and others like her should go back to be countries they came from and live their lives with their religion and leave everybody elses alone!

  12. One of those Muslim deviants, intending to tarnish Judeo-Christian tradition in favor of their pedophile founder.

  13. The angel told Mary and Joseph to name Jusus ‘Jeshua’ since he would save people from the penalty of their sins. The New Testament makes it clear Jesus was God incarnate who came to redeem people who placed faith in his work on the cross for them, Our Lord and Savior was Jewish, the first church was Jewish, and the promise was first to the Jews and then the Gentiles.

  14. Sarsour and Cortez must be related
    because both of them are dumber than
    a box of rocks, oh I am sorry what I meant
    to say they are dumber than than the box
    the rocks came in. If they don’t believe in
    Jesus then they just need to get out of here
    and go to where they can run their mouths
    about what the Muslims believe in just get
    them out this country…

  15. The thought over the last week that has haunted me, is that most, if not all democrats have a demonic spirit influencing them (& some Republicans) and they are unaware of it as they continue to ignore to disrespect God and The Bible, in which He Speaks. How Can God Bless America, when America has not honored Him, provoking Him to anger that is here and more coming. Believe me, God is very patient in holding back His judgment and wrath. Then it will be too late to admit there is a God. As God’s Word states, the majority of American and in the world are future citizens of never ending, torturous Hell & children of Satan. Democrats are Spiritually Blind, even the church going ones. May they see my comments, – the Truth.

  16. Here’s the amazing thing: The Jesus who is the Christ has already forgiven her. I have not. This “b***h” and her religion founded by a pedophile is destined to hell.

  17. Not replying to her foolishness and her trying to start trouble. Jesus will take care of all things one day. he is the Savior of this world and the one to come,

  18. The Bible is my book not the Quan (whatever you call it)——Mohammad was a sick man not Christ! Get your facts straight!

  19. She is not trying to persuade people, she is repeating what the Koran and the pedophile Mohammad taught. Mohammad was born 300 years after Jesus and orphaned early. He of course teaches that the Islam he dreamed up is older than Christianity and Judaism and Muslim believers believe Mohammad’s lies. He wanted to become a prophet after going with an uncle into Jerusalem and hearing the Jewish stories except he couldn’t read or write. He tried memorizing the stories and preaching them on the street corners and goofed up the stories so bad the Jews laughed and shooed him away. He ran to what is now called Muslim Turkey but was mainly Christian than and recorded his stories to a secretary and created an army to conquer the Jews. His hate for the Jews laughing at him has resulted in a fake religion used for control of people mainly women and favoring men and forcing his fake religion on others through violence and the death of millions. He claims Jesus will come back as a Muslim and Jesus will kill all the Christians who refuse Islam. Sarsour knows wants she has been taught and wants us to believe it too, these stupid women accept Mohammad because Mohammad a sexual pedophile guarantees women will be married and get to have children instead of counting on men to come along and marry them.

  20. Linda Sarsour need to be sent out of America and she can believe what ever she wants in her muslim country. America was build on Christian values

  21. There isn’t any such a people as “Palestinians”. Palestine was a name given to Israel by the Roman Empire during their occupation of the territory. There no longer is a Roman Empire and “Palestine” went through many name chsnges as the area was conquered many times over nearly two thousand years until the land again became “Israel”.

    Some Christians have difficulty accepting that Jesus was a Jew and the Jews had difficulty accepting the Roman name for their land. It is VERY unlikely that the Jew, Jesus, thought of the land that he was born into as “Palestine”. “Render under Caesar what is Caesar’s, and undo God what is God’s”

  22. He was born a Jew. However, Jesus was and IS the Son of God, part of the three person Trinity, and God Himself. He isn’t a palestinian. He isn’t a Jew. He is GOD

  23. She obviously hasn’t read the bible and anyone that believes her lies has not read it either. I say she is the spawn of satan

  24. Perhaps one should not be surprised to hear this sort of thing from the likes of Sarsour. As with all religions and ideologies, followers of islam can only be expected to reflect the levels of honesty and intellectual integrity prescribed by their ‘faith’; and since islam (which in any case openly encourages dishonesty) was concocted from incoherently plagiarised elements of other religions of the time as a sham ‘religious’ facade to validate the ambitions of a Dark Age criminal political opportunist, Sarsour will see no problem with this kind of fatuous fabrication. Basically, it’s a case of ‘do or say whatever you like in order to get what you want, and if you can’t twist anything to suit your purpose, make it up’. A study of the Prophet Mohammed’s life shows that he was apparently very good at that sort of thing.

  25. David killed Goliath when he was but a child. Goliath was a Palestinian. Doesn’t sound to me like the Jews and the Palestinians got along. They have always been fighting and always will.

  26. Such an idiot and really needs to refresh her eastern history, Jesus said in Matthew beware of false teachers, here is one!

  27. This will be acclaimed by the socialists who wish to subvert Christianity and neuter this country into a poligog of non-belief. We can see mainline faiths slowly erasing God’s word and substituting Satanic trends

  28. Jesus was a Jew and Jews were Israelites.
    His lineage was supposed to be directly descending from King David, which was the requirement for the Jewish Messiah.

    This woman is a disgusting Liar and anti-Semite.
    There were no such thing as Palestinians that is a name invented by the Romans.
    There were Philistines, but the so called Palestinians are NOT their descendants.

  29. Sarsour is a complete Jew-hating idiot. The life of Jesus was predicted by Jewish prophets in the Jewish bible. Mohammad was not born until 622 AD. This was long after the death of Jesus in around 30 AD and the destruction of the 2nd Jewish temple in 70 AD. The Romans changed the name of Israel to Palestine to spite the Jews after destroying the temple. Modern day Palestine is just a product of 20th century politics and Arab radicals; who did not want the ancient nation of Israel re-established in its original location nor accept the fact that Israel was able to defeat them in 1948. Mohammad created the Koran by taking ideas from the Old and New testament mixing in his own ideas and twisting the truth for himself creating the Muslim/Islam religion. Mohammad then declared himself a prophet changing the name of G-D to Allah.

  30. St the time of Jesus, son of man, who is Christ, there was no territory where He lived named “Palestine.” Therefore Jesus cannot be said to be a Palestinian. It is a very simple question to answer. QED.

  31. If Jesus is Palestinian, because was born in Bethlehem, Then Linda Sarsour is not Palestinian, because she was born in Brooklyn,really far away from “Palestine”;on a really different country; with a totally different culture.

  32. Genetic studies indicate that West Bank Palestinians are related to Jews, meaning that they have Israelite and Samaritan ancestors.
    Historically, Many of the Jews became Christians and were the core of Christian Palestine conquered by the Muslims in the 700’s. Many of these were forcibly converted to Islam.
    What this means is (1) the man Jesus was a Jew, (2) West Bank Palestinians have some Jewish ancestry, and (3) Jesus and Christians preceded Islam in Palestine. Yes, they are related, but let’s get the order of that relationship straight.

  33. I can’t Believe this Thing is aloud to say this Lie. It’s just another way MUSLIMS are trying to TAKE America . WE are a Free and Wonderful Place to live. These extremists have tried to over come our GREAT COUNTRY but will LOSE THIS BATTLE.

  34. This sorry ass excuse for a human being will go down with the others that said things about the savior ( John Lennon) and others met their faith at a young age, I would not want to be in her shoes.

  35. This lying, demon Sarsour should be hanged. Never trust a Mozlem. They are all lying/deceiving/raping/murdering POS.
    Jesus was a Hebrew Prince, who laid down His life voluntarily so that people could be forgiven of their sins and be reconciled to God. (The God of the Hebrews, not Allah.)

  36. Jesus Christ IS The Only Begotten Son of God, The Very Word of God made flesh in the womb of The Most Blessed Virgin Mary, AND she was a devout Jew, a daughter of Abraham ! Thus Jesus Christ, True God & True Man was and is a Jew.

  37. Everyone would love to claim Jesus Christ. Then everyone should praise Jesus Christ!!!!
    It doesn’t matter what nationality. Christ loves all, and is there for you!!!!!!!!

  38. Linda Sasour is just another Radical Idiot needing to be removed from American Soil as the Treasonous witch she has always been. Her stupidity knows no boundaries.

  39. This muslim should get herself an expository King James Bible and read Gods Holy Word so her heart and eyes will be opened. Our Lord and Savour was an earthly JEW.


  41. This MUSLIM woman is lying. Of course, she hasn’t read our Bible but she hasn’t studied ancient history either. Jesus was born into a JEWISH family. People who listen to such fake people are too lazy to read and learn for themselves. These MUSLIM woman also clearly shows her hate and ignorance for AMERICA. She should be deported as a spy or traitor.

  42. Their claim of owning Bethlehem is not true. Jesus was born in a time when the Palestinian people were not even a people or a nation. Jesus was born in Bethlehem, a city in Judea which was overseen by King Herod (not a Palestinian)in the nation of Israel. The claim of being Palestinian is not a valid claim, since there has never been a nation or a people known as Palestinians, until modern times. They are still not recognized as a nation or a people. BTW, Jesus never spoke of Palestine or Palestinians, because they did not exist.

  43. Jesus was not a Palestinian. Palestine is derived from the Ancient Philistines of the Old Testament, The Philistines occupied 5 cities, each with its own king and never united as a nation. They maintained trade contacts with the Peoples in what is now Greece. They ceased to exist as a readily identifiable People about 600BC, had they existed longer than that they would have been absorbed into the Greeks that followed Alexander the Great.

    The Romans chose Palestine (Palaestina) because it was a reference to a People no longer in existence. It was chosen to lessen the Jewish influence in the area known as Judea. Palestinian is not a nationality because it was never a nation. The Romans applied the name in about AD 130 and combined it with Syria and existing province within their Empire. It was never more than a province in someone’s Empire and from 1917 to 1948, it was part of the British Empire. At the time Palestinian referred to someone living there. It could be a British subject that chose to live there, it could refer to the Jews that lived there and it could refer to the Arabs that lived there, be they Moslem or Christian. I believe thee are some Jewish Arabs. There existed a Palestine Regiment and the Palestinian Police. Both staffed with British officers and Jewish and Arab NCOs and enlisted. Not too many of the latter. The term Palestinian had almost disappeared between 1948 and 1967. After the 6 Day War, Palestinian was exclusively applied to Moslem Arabs.

    Jesus was born according to Jewish Law. Jesus lived according to Jewish Law and Jesus died according to Jewish Law. Palestine as part of a Roman province did not come into existence 100 years after Jesus was crucified.

    All Sarsour is doing is getting another 15 minutes of fame and trying to make herself relevant.

  44. I pity her when she stands before the living GOD (I AM) to be judged by her acts! I am quite certain that she will be absolutely amazed that “I AM” is NOT “ALLAH” and that she will NOT make it into heaven but will be confined to the “lake of fire” as shown in Revelation!

  45. Jesus was born a Jew and had Jewish parents. He was never a Palestinian. I don’t know where you got your information, but it wasn’t from God’s holy Word, the Bible. Please check the Bible more carefully.

  46. You do you expect from a Muslim, and she claims to be a victim of hate? If she believes the Quran then if she can’t convert non believers she is the kill them. And she claims to be a victim of hate? BULL SHIT

  47. The palestinians better known as the philistines which David defeated (check your Bible), Goliath now that moron was one of you defeated idiots. JESUS CHRIST IS THE ONLY LIVING GOD AND HE IS JEWISH.

  48. American values are being attacked from within by people who never really became American regardless of “being born” here. Our schools are doing a miserable job of teaching our history while indoctrinating with ideals brought here from countries of origin. So much for muticulturalism!! Our citizens are asked to pay for illegals while doing without !!

  49. will someone please tell this abomination that palestine was not in existance. the people of palestine are JORDANIANS! PLEASE WILL SOMEONE EDUCAtE THIS MORON?

  50. Islam did not exist until the 7th century ad when Mohammod created his religion from the Christian, Jewish and Arabic Pagan religions with purpose of elevating his power by creating an enormous army to kill the jews and conquer the world. They are still trying to convert, enslave, or destroy, non muslims to this very day. The U.N. Cultural Replacement agenda, Corrupt leaders, and Petrodollars have enabled them to infiltrate western countries with the purpose of bringing down western civilisation and establishing their world caliphate. Our WW I diggers warned us, but their warnings did not fit the N.W.O. Luciferrqian elitist agenda.

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