The President is tired of the loony left spreading their lies about the detention centers that are spread across the southern border. For months the meddling media has been delivering fake news reports to the people of America and it is time for them to see the truth of what is going on at the border. The President wants the media to see the truth and this would mean that they would have to finally report the truth as it is shown live to the millions of Americans that are fed up with false news reporting.

The President stated this past weekend that he actually invites the media to “go in and see” what the centers are really like. The responsible Republicans and the president have been reporting for years now that the conditions at the border are terrible, and they need to be fixed. The dumb Democrats cried for years that these reports are made up and the detention centers are not as bad as they claim. Well, now the president is calling on the media to come and see for themselves that the Republicans have been telling the truth all along.

The liars known as the Democrats have only recently started claiming that the detention centers need fixing. They have even blamed the Republicans for not fixing them. The deluded Democrats really do live in their own little world. The country knows the truth and is not buying into their lies anymore. The Democrats are the ones to blame for the conditions that the world is about to see as the media goes in and sees the truth behind the fence.

Trump has stated that “I want the press to go in and see them. We’re going to send people in. We’re going to have some press go in.” These statements are coming after the liberal loonies supposed visited some detention centers a few weeks ago. Many are still wondering if they just didn’t see a vacant lot with a fence and decided to take pictures instead. There is no report that they actually toured the inside of the center and saw the people living there.

President Trump has been stating for years that the centers are overcrowded. He has repeatedly asked for money to build better facilities, and he challenged lawmakers to solve the border laws that are allowing millions to flow into the country illegally.
The Democrats have denied the truth, and they have not allowed the money to flow to fix the problem and as a result, people are starting to die. If anything the Democrats should be charged with the murders of the migrants that have recently lost their lives because they refused to act years ago to fix the problems.

The detention centers are crowded and there are health concerns that need to be addressed immediately. The fake Democrats would have everyone believe that they are the solution to the problem. But they are actually the problem. They have stood in the way of all the efforts to make the lives better for real people to the point that some of those people have died. The Democrats are now trying to bury the guilt and shame with a last-ditch effort of compassion that is coming too late to make any difference because the harm has been done.

The president has noted that the deal he reached with Mexico is starting to work. The Mexican government is living up to its end of the deal and keeping those migrating north from reaching the border. International asylum laws are now being observed and it is making a difference.

President Trump deserves the credit for any relief and help that has come to the border facilities. The Democrats should each spend a month in these conditions for their part in creating them. Maybe then they would be more willing to act with compassion when the president asks for aid to help people live better lives.

The border needs to be fixed and the laws changed. The Democrats have no clue how to see that it gets done. But the president and Republicans do, and they are working hard to solve the issue that plagues the nations allies to the south.

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