Democrats are always looking for ways to slam President Trump any way they can. It seems they may be running out of options sooner than later. President Trump has done more for this country in less than one term than any other president in our lifetime. He has almost completed the turn around from the corrupt government from previous administrations. But don’t question a Democrat! They are always looking for excuses as to how they claim they are better than everyone else in the office. All they are doing now is exposing their own corruption.

June’s report has recently come in at a whopping 224,000 net jobs. This is including the 17,000 manufacturing jobs created. Unemployment has declined to four percent, which is the lowest rate in history. Job creation is the strongest it has ever been. Wages are rising, and the economy is barreling through. The Trump-era has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, this president is truly what he says he is, and Democrats are staggering to find a way to stop him. That is the funny part, they cannot stop him. The Trump train is coming through as the economy is soaring and continues to rise in its June report.

The Democrats who are in the office and those who are trying to gain the primary seat cannot touch this topic. They avoid it at all cost because they know they cannot top it or say anything negative about the economy. It would expose them further.

Through deregulation and tax reform, he has proven to all, whether they admit it or not, President Trump is the right man for the job. So what do the Democrats do? They lie and bring about false information. Just last week the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to pull this stunt when she had to shut up real quick. She tried to back up her party by stating, “The economy is being hollowed out to enrich big corporations & the wealthiest one percent.” Maybe, Pelosi needs to check her data because it is completely false. There is nothing anywhere to back this statement up, and she was called out on it Friday. She tried to use a link to back up her statement, but all it had was a generic list of Democratic press statements. Care to take a guess from which press? That is correct, CNN.

Pelosi tried to throw in the trade deals, but that did not work either because the economy is still growing at a rapid rate. The trade deals will be resolved, and when it is, it will put the Democrats at a complete loss of words because they will not be able to explain the massive explosion of the economy. This is what Democrats fear the most because they will have nothing left to work with when it comes to their poor pathetic excuses. All the Democrats on the stage for the primaries were humiliated when they had to explain the economy. No one can fix what is not broken and working very well. In the end, all of their lies were exposed, and Pelosi had a front-row seat to witness it. I hope she had her popcorn!

Senator Elizabeth Warren tried her best and gave it her best shot but failed miserably. She stated, “The Trump economy was booming for a thinner and thinner slice at the top, and that its chief beneficiaries are people who want to invest in private prisons and drug and oil companies.” The data proved her statements completely false. The job growth is the strongest it has ever been and among the highest-income careers. Among the lowest-income jobs, wage growth is at its highest. Even the unskilled professions are skyrocketing.

Senator Kamala Harris stole a line from AOC, “Low unemployment numbers merely hide the unpleasant fact that Americans are working two and three jobs. In our America, no one should have to work more than one job to have a roof over their head and food on the table.” This statement is also false. The facts show from 2018, only about 300,000, which is only .2 percent of Americans work two full-time jobs. The numbers are slightly more for those working full time plus a part-time job or two part-time jobs is only 5.1 percent.

Democrats are hoping the economy crashes, so they can quit making excuses. As long as President Trump is in charge of the American Trump Train, it will not fail.

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