Democrats are always looking for ways to slam President Trump any way they can. It seems they may be running out of options sooner than later. President Trump has done more for this country in less than one term than any other president in our lifetime. He has almost completed the turn around from the corrupt government from previous administrations. But don’t question a Democrat! They are always looking for excuses as to how they claim they are better than everyone else in the office. All they are doing now is exposing their own corruption.

June’s report has recently come in at a whopping 224,000 net jobs. This is including the 17,000 manufacturing jobs created. Unemployment has declined to four percent, which is the lowest rate in history. Job creation is the strongest it has ever been. Wages are rising, and the economy is barreling through. The Trump-era has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, this president is truly what he says he is, and Democrats are staggering to find a way to stop him. That is the funny part, they cannot stop him. The Trump train is coming through as the economy is soaring and continues to rise in its June report.

The Democrats who are in the office and those who are trying to gain the primary seat cannot touch this topic. They avoid it at all cost because they know they cannot top it or say anything negative about the economy. It would expose them further.

Through deregulation and tax reform, he has proven to all, whether they admit it or not, President Trump is the right man for the job. So what do the Democrats do? They lie and bring about false information. Just last week the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to pull this stunt when she had to shut up real quick. She tried to back up her party by stating, “The economy is being hollowed out to enrich big corporations & the wealthiest one percent.” Maybe, Pelosi needs to check her data because it is completely false. There is nothing anywhere to back this statement up, and she was called out on it Friday. She tried to use a link to back up her statement, but all it had was a generic list of Democratic press statements. Care to take a guess from which press? That is correct, CNN.

Pelosi tried to throw in the trade deals, but that did not work either because the economy is still growing at a rapid rate. The trade deals will be resolved, and when it is, it will put the Democrats at a complete loss of words because they will not be able to explain the massive explosion of the economy. This is what Democrats fear the most because they will have nothing left to work with when it comes to their poor pathetic excuses. All the Democrats on the stage for the primaries were humiliated when they had to explain the economy. No one can fix what is not broken and working very well. In the end, all of their lies were exposed, and Pelosi had a front-row seat to witness it. I hope she had her popcorn!

Senator Elizabeth Warren tried her best and gave it her best shot but failed miserably. She stated, “The Trump economy was booming for a thinner and thinner slice at the top, and that its chief beneficiaries are people who want to invest in private prisons and drug and oil companies.” The data proved her statements completely false. The job growth is the strongest it has ever been and among the highest-income careers. Among the lowest-income jobs, wage growth is at its highest. Even the unskilled professions are skyrocketing.

Senator Kamala Harris stole a line from AOC, “Low unemployment numbers merely hide the unpleasant fact that Americans are working two and three jobs. In our America, no one should have to work more than one job to have a roof over their head and food on the table.” This statement is also false. The facts show from 2018, only about 300,000, which is only .2 percent of Americans work two full-time jobs. The numbers are slightly more for those working full time plus a part-time job or two part-time jobs is only 5.1 percent.

Democrats are hoping the economy crashes, so they can quit making excuses. As long as President Trump is in charge of the American Trump Train, it will not fail.

191 thoughts on “Democrats At a Loss For Words with Growing Economy

  1. The Dems. are PATHETIC ! They cannot explain the BOOMING ECONOMY ! They are jealous and trying to denigrate anyway they can ! Look at all their PATHETIC EXCUSES ! The ECONOMY has never been so good ! They do not want to admit it ! The EONOMY has been the BEST in the last years ! No Democratic President has ever achieved so much in SO LITTLE TIME ! Name if you know of any one !

  2. Actually, the Socilist Democrats want you to have the option of not working at all if you chose not to, and they promise they will give you money to live on, health care, housing, transportation, whatever you need to be completely useless as a proud American.

  3. President Trump would not have run unless he intended to do each and every thing he promised because he believes the same as we “true” patriots do. God Created America as a Christian Nation. A free enterprise Capitalist Nation where all one needs is a plan and the determination to make it happen. God Bless Donald John Trump and his WONDERFUL FAMILY.

  4. Farmers are taking a financial beating. Agriculture will respond to this crisis with their votes. Farmers have been patient. When the beating spreads to the Ag businesses there will be a reaction at the polls. Not good!


  6. The liberal-progressive-democrats have turned into a pack of rabid-sick-lunatics .. and anyone who supports them – clearly – knows not of the grave mistake and consequences that awaits them. For only a society of morons would be, unquestionably, most willing to accept any and all of what these dishonorable lot of lying cheating parasites and traitors have shown to have to offer to their brain-dead followers. Who’d be comfortable or confident enough with trusting others who cannot even do honor their own word ?. Who in their right mind would blindly (?) put their trust on others who are known to be shameless liars and cheats who think nothing about stealing even from those who give to them and support them ?. Could it be that you’d feel safe supporting those who are totally immoral and corrupt and, who want to control every single aspect of your life, your decisions and, of how you must live, just as these deceivers support and side the very violent criminals who do threaten a rob the tranquility and the safety of yours and that of your family ?. Would you be stupid enough to support those who want to steal your freedom ?.

  7. Some people work 2 jobs because they dropped out of school , had no one to look up to, were poorly raised , orphaned, want to get ahead. or want respect or have a better life.

  8. President Trump has done and is doing a fantastic job as President of the United States of America. Democrats should be ashamed of their lies and their failure to accomplish anything since they have had the majority in the House. There should be a law to regulate the media with huge penalties for fake news. Hopefully the swamp will be drained soon, and those traitors and seditionists in the media, the U.S. Senate, and the U.S. House of Representatives will be imprisoned, or even hanged for treason. Thank you, President Trump, for making America great again. May God bless you and your family.

  9. They can’t believe an outsider from political world can accomplish so much in so little time. He may not be political correct and acts more like a salesman than a President, but we had Presidents who conned us with their charisma and sweet talk. Trump is too blunt and rough around the edges for a lot of American’s he just needs more polish.

  10. I just hope that the American people are aware of all the good things that President Trump and his staff are doing for that nation and not be foolish enough to vote him out and stupid enough to vote in a liberal worthless Democrat. Wake up America and take advantage of a good thing while you have the chance to reap the benefits that took so long to bear fruition. This is looking from the outside in.


  12. Freedom only comes to those who are willing to fight for it.
    One nation under God. Does that sound familiar it should we pay things with it.
    Make America Great Again


  14. It is time for all true Americans to stand with our President and bring and end to all the childish crap being presented by democrats. Together with the greatest president that Americans have ever witnessed we are on the greatest Roll that America has ever witnessed. Democrats don’t know whether to

  15. May God richly bless our President Trump with more of all the success in everything that he has embraced & courage to do more for America & it’s peoples!

  16. These stupid new (freshmen/women) are dumber then “whale poop”. How in the D_UCK did they get elected? Did they engage in the “…world’s oldest profession” to get elected? Hope they are all “ONE TERM” rep’s.

  17. democrats can hope all they want , the country is behind Trump and always will be . these nuts are just trying more and more for power , however the power they want is going to take us all down and the country too. the 4 new congress women should be held up for treason the way they talk against us and the country

  18. We all know what the demoRATS are doing for this country, they are so jalousie of what President Trump has accomplished since he has been in office, that they will allow this country to go SOCIALIST, and to be governed by one party the demoRATS. WE NEED TO VOTE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP, so that we can continue to have the FREEDOM AND THE EMPLOYMENT FOR ALL. God Bless President Trump and God Bless America.

  19. As long as President Trump is in Office the U.S. Economy will strengthen & grow in a way that we have never seen before!!!

  20. President Trump, here is your next speech to launch you into another four years of office. There is little missing here, showing what you have done to HELP the people of the United States. Perhaps I can make a short list of what the DemocRATS have done for the people to date.
    NOTHING! They have done NOTHING for the people of the United States, EVERYTHING for the people trying to ENTER the UNITED STATES and NOTHING to make any of the lives of the people in the United States better than they were! The one thing they have done is TRY, TRY to make you look as a perpetrator of division, race hating, destroying the trade agreements with many nations, allowing IRAN a faster pace to Nuclear Weapons (while they tried only to delay it). They have tried to REGAIN lost power so they can control the UNITED STATES and all the people in it. It is clear that they have a plan and they are ALL IN for making it come to FRUITION!

  21. When has the U. S. Had A President
    that really cares about the “people “
    of our Country- no one ☝️ can remember one till President Trump
    came along & tossed the liberals on
    their cans!!!👍

  22. President Trump,
    They are jealous of you and all you have done for America
    Continue to fight hard for us. Be will be there for you on election day.
    Be thankful to God for guiding you.

    No President should ever be treated the way you are.
    Its just amazing to us how strong you are.
    Media is unfair and fake.

  23. No democratic President ever achieved in 8 years what Mr. Trump did in about 2 years . The Democrats have NOTHING to criticize Pres. Trump for.
    In fact They are ashamed to admit that Mr. Trump has had phenomenal success ! The Stock market has been the best in 85 years ! The unemployment has been the lowest amongst all ethnic groups ! They look almost FOOLISH trying to impeach Mr. Trump for NO CRIMES committed ! Pres. Barak committed at least 8 or 9 impeachable offenses ! Yet they gave him a PASS ! What a disgrace !

  24. We know what we must do, keep weeding out the Rino’s along with the leftists Dems, be aware of the press fallacy’s and lies, disregard most polls, and follow your commonsense then vote for the man who has our country’s best interest.
    Vote Trump in 2020.

  25. God Bless the United States of American!!!!!!! And God Bless Donald Trump!!!!!! All aboard the Trump Train here we go to November 2020 with the GREATEST win in History 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  26. Can you imagine what will happen…jobs and the economy… if a deal can be made with China. Maybe keep that on ice until next fall before the elections. I wouldn’t hang my hat on the stock market. Most Americans aren’t in it. And it can be easily manipulated by hedge funds and big money people who hate Trump…especially the Globalist Illumaniti types like George Soros.

  27. Trump is THE BEST PRESIDENT we have ever had! Not only did he tackle the Economy but many other issues and all for the better of the country! The Democrats are a self serving socialist party that want to ruin the USA ! What a pathetic Socialist Party the Democrats have become! Long lost from the days of old, the days of Camelot! They would make the USA the USA of Venezuela if they can let enough illegals into the country and get them to vote! The funny thing is that should that happen and the Democratic Socialist Party gets control of the USA the illegals will soon find themselves back into the the same mess that they left behind!

  28. Too funny!! The Democrats can’t find anything “truthful” that’s bad with the economy but they despise President Trump so much that they make up a bunch of “bald-faced lies!!” What a pathetic waste of skin these Democrats are!!

  29. Unfortunately, the Democrats are never at a loss for words, and talk is cheap. Having so little to call attention to, save their fake news, and daily attacks on our President, it causes me to wonder what their role in America really is? Naysayers, complainers to the likes of CNN, and outright criminals and agitators? Well, stick around and witness the coming self destruct take place. I am sure that they can bone up on the latest Socialist propaganda, and hold high the glories of living in a place like Venezuela. Oh, just get over it!

  30. the choice is clear for all americans the republican way is the only way for the country to remain great,walk away dems and join the winning team in out the socialist loving dems and come join the team that will keep america the best country in the world,your brainwashing can be reversed take the red pill and all will be well. continue taking the blue pill will only continue making you sicker and sicker.trump is a brash sometimes less than sensitive president but he is the only one who will rise up all americans to the promised land for ALL!!!!

  31. Everything you have stated is FACT not FICTION! The Dems have no intelligent response to Trump only fairy tales! The only thing that I wish is that everyone who discusses politics will STOP saying the Democratic Party! They are not democratic they are Socialists. People listening to everyone saying democratic makes the whole world think they are democratic when this is so far from the truth. Please everyone start saying the Democrat Party or the Socialist Party because that distinction will start to make people look at who they REALLY are! Classifying them as democratic is truly repugnant!

  32. I never read so many lies in all my life, how dare you lie to the public, the economy will crash it’s just a matter of when, real soon, I am not a Democrat, nor am I A REPUBLICAN. I am a Libertarian. You can fool some of the people, but not all the people.

  33. A handful of NOTHING is what American dream-killing and prosperity-hating dems have to run on in 2020! By the time the dust settles from the 2020 elections, they won’t have enough influence left to flag down a garbage truck. They won’t have enough illegal alien votes to bail their sorry asses out either.

  34. Whoever published the report regarding trump’s accomplishments, he is exactly right. Just read the current employments. I have never known the economy has been this great.


  36. I hear democrats saying the current economy is due to Obama. That the recovery was underway before President Trump was elected. Democrats have closed minds. They cannot give our President credit for anything..

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