After a Supreme Court ruling was made last week to exclude a citizenship question from the upcoming 2020 census, President Trump is considering to use his power of executive order to overrule the decision.

According to Trump and many of his administration members, the question is of severe importance, and without it, the census will be rendered utterly useless. After all the point of a national census to count the number of US citizens living within its borders.

However, the issue of such a question is very controversial.

The greatest fear is that a question asking about citizenship will intimidate illegal and legal immigrants, causing many not to take it. This would mean that many of them go uncounted, which would create entire communities and areas not to be given adequate government funding or representation in Washington, D.C.

As most areas where there are large populations of immigrants are residing are big cities that tend to lean toward the left, Democrats are worried this would cut their government spending budgets and not allow them the same type of presence they enjoy today, even with Supreme Court and Senate that is Republican majority.

And it should. For years they have used the census and immigration populations to increase their party’s power in the capital. What they want to do is count people who don’t even have the right to vote so that they can increase their own funding and power over those who can.

I’m sorry, but that’s unfair. The census is meant to count the citizens of our nation. That is the whole purpose. If you can’t legally vote here, then you shouldn’t be counted here.

The Supreme Court ruled against the question being added, with a 5-4 win, with Chief Justice John Roberts siding with his liberal counterparts. However, the reasoning he and the court gave was not that it would be unfair to the Democrats, but that the reason the Trump administration gave for adding such a question seemed to be “contrived” or not good enough.

Many Democrats thought and hoped that the issue was over. The administration had received a no, and there is little time left before the census is supposed to put together and printed.

But the White House has been working hard to figure out another way to add the question.

It has been noted that such a question is legal and constitutional. In fact, past surveys have included one. But it has to have a sound reasoning or appropriate explanation behind it.

What the Court essentially said was that the Commerce Department who proposed the question needed to go back to the drawing board and figure a different legal way to incorporate the question.

Trump said Friday, “I have a lot of respect for Justice Roberts, but he didn’t like it, but he did say ‘Come back; essentially he said, ‘come back.’”

So they have been doing just that.

According to the president, “We have four or five ways we can do it.” He went on to say, “We can start printing now and maybe do an addendum after we get a positive decision, so we’re working on a lot of things, including an executive order.”

About the executive order, Trump says, “It’s one of the ways we’re thinking about doing it very seriously.”

Now an executive order by itself, will not be able to overrule the court’s decision to block the question. But it would give the administration lawyers that are working on the issue a new way to try and convince the courts.

Overseeing the lawsuit over the citizenship question is US District Court Judge George Hazel of Maryland. He gave the administration a deadline of Friday at 2 pm ET to decide how they would like to proceed and offer acceptable legal reasoning for adding the question.

However, the Department of Justice lawyers working around the clock to figure something out need more time and have asked for it. It is uncertain how Judge Hazel will respond, as he has been adamant about keeping a strict schedule but wants this problem resolved and the White House is not backing down.

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