Sometimes in the most horrible situations, we come across people who make a difference in others lives even to the point of saving lives. The smallest act of kindness does not cost a dime and can go a long way. This is what makes Americans so great in times of tragic moments.

People really do pull together, even total strangers and put money along with their needs, wants, and desires on the back burner when necessary. During one of the most horrific shootings, we find one individual, John Zerquera-Jimenez, who is a taxi cab driver, saved as many as he could with his vehicle.

Some of the heroes like Jimenez, we are still finding out about today from the shooting incident in 2017, as they are still being interviewed today.

At the Route 91 Harvest Festival, a crazy gunman opened fire on the crowd of people, killing and injuring several, a few years ago from Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jimenez was taking his usual route when a frantic father flagged him down and jumped into his cab. Jimenez had no idea how this night was going to live on in his mind for the rest of his life.

As the father got into the cab, he told Jimenez to get to the country music festival as fast as possible. He informed Jimenez of the situation that there was shooting going on, and his daughter called him in a state of shock and panic that she was at the concert and needed to be picked up in a hurry.

The camera from the cab caught the whole incident showing the conversation in its entirety. The father stated, “Get me there as fast as you can. My daughter’s calling me. You gotta do what you gotta do.”

While in route to help save the man’s daughter, Jimenez’s radio dispatcher came on the airs stating, “Active Shooter. Mandalay Bay.”

The father tries to get through to his daughter again and finally does. He is seen trying to keep his daughter calm over the phone, and Jimenez stayed calm and focused on the road to complete his mission. The daughter tells her father to pick them up at the Motel 6 across from the hotel, and they are all safe at the moment but need help.

As the crowd of people and traffic is leaving out of the area, Jimenez pulls his cab through and is going toward the danger. The dad tells Jimenez as he is maneuvering in and out of traffic and dodging pedestrians, “Listen, I’m going to give you more money, pal!”

Jimenez replied, “No, no, no, man. I am a father too. I can do that for free.”

While everyone was running scared, the daughter Ashley saw the cab and jumped in along with seven other people who were in search of safety. Everyone crammed in the back seat on top of one another and Jimenez got everyone out of the area to safety.

Jimenez was happy to tell reporters, “Nobody was injured in the cab.”

Reporters from Inside Edition were there to interview Jimenez, and after the interview, he showed the text message he received from Ashley, which stated, “Hi John, it’s Ashley. Thank you so much for being so brave to come toward the shooting to rescue us. You are a hero, and my family and I will always be grateful for your bravery that night.”

The taxi driver never seemed to be in a state of panic even though it would be natural to be nervous with a situation unfolding before your eyes. Everything was done quickly and safely.

It showed Jimenez must have been in tight situations before where quick thinking was necessary. But what truly made him heroic was he did what was necessary and did not accept money for the ride for the father or the passengers in the back. He only cared for everyone’s safety.

It must have been horrible for the people in the crowd that night of the shooting. Isn’t it strange in times of horrible moments like these, there is usually someone there just waiting like Jimenez, who just happened to be at the right place at the right time?

There is a country music song from the band Alabama, which is titled, “Angels Among Us.” As the first lyric in the chorus goes, “I believe there are angels among us.” This story proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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