Some people who are on Food Stamps live better than those who work their butts off every day. Some workers have to work all week to pay for some the food people who abuse the system live off. It is past time to be outraged when some use it to feed their pets better than most people who work hard to eat daily. Many of the average workers live off of cheap and unhealthy food.

One lady who is on food stamps decided to post her lifestyle on Facebook, and at the end of the video, it shows her giving her dog lobster to eat. I don’t know about you, but I do not get to eat lobster but maybe once every five to seven years. (video at the end of the article).

Democrats act like their programs help people. Some of them are good when it is used for the right reasons. Let us face the facts, we all know Liberals do not use anything the government gives them for the good of the order. That is why they are known as “Liberals!”

Since the dawn of the Democrat and Republican parties started “duking it out,” Democrats have always made Republicans out to be cruel, mean, and heartless. Perhaps it is because we as Conservatives have morals, understanding, and we want people to go out and get a job and do for themselves.

Why do you think there are so many people who are “offended” these days? Because now that we have a Conservative as president and the best one for America. Lazy Liberals have to get off their bums and go to work. Oh my GOSH!! Work, they have to go to work like regular people!! They are so offended, whatever will they do? They cry just like they did when President Trump won the 2016 election because they knew their days were numbered.

When the Government implemented the welfare programs of Food Stamps, Social Security, and Medicaid, it was meant to get the average middle class working American out of a bind. If someone faced issues like getting laid off of a job, natural disasters, illnesses, and disabilities, it would become of temporary assistance from the money that was already paid through taxes. Once they found another job or got back on their feet then, they need to get off the program and go back to supporting themselves.

Disabilities are another issue. Sometimes a person can be permanently disabled and end up on government assistance for life. However, if the person is only temporarily disabled, then when they are well, they must go back to work.

Depression and PTSD is a form of disability which the government acknowledges as eligible for government assistance. There is nothing wrong with using these funds when the person honestly needs the assistance. The problem comes when the system is abused by libtards and thieves. Depression is a borderline illness which anyone can claim they have, but it does exist. People who tend to abuse the system choose this disability the most because it is the hardest to determine on the physical side.

Some people like this one lady who decided she was going to post herself bragging about the fact she has depression and give her dog a special treat, lobster paid for by food stamps. This is appalling! It is Democratic ignorance at its finest. To actually laugh, joke and brag about stealing while other people who really need help have a hard time getting it. To add insult to injury, she used an “Obama phone” to film the entire act.

The funny thing is, Democrats, say we are the ones with the problems and the attitude issues. No, we are the ones who go to work and pay for what we have through our own money and honest living. If we have an attitude, it is because it is not fair they get everything handed to them on a silver platter and only want more handouts.

Getting gifts is nice, only when you have earned them. Libtards do not earn it, it is given through the Democratic system. The president is putting an end to this abuse, which has gone on for too long. It has cost the United States billions of dollars every year. The Liberals in this world who brag about their handouts are no different than the Democrats in office. They brag until they get caught. When they get caught, they are only sorry they cannot keep on stealing.

Check it out – WARNING – Strong Language:

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