Well, we have more bad news for our country today as the Supreme Court made their decision on leaving the census question of citizenship out of the census with a 5-4 count. That does not mean the good fight is over. President Trump is talking over the situation with his team of lawyers as he will attempt to delay the 2020 census.

President Trump Tweeted Thursday morning, “Seems totally ridiculous that our government, and indeed Country, cannot ask a basic question of Citizenship in a very expensive, detailed and important Census. I have asked the lawyers if they can delay the Census, no matter how long, until the United States Supreme Court is given additional information from which it can make a final and decisive decision on this very critical matter.”

Every ten years, The Constitution of the United States requires a count of the population to determine the number of seats in the House of Representatives. A census consultant, Terri Ann Lowenthal, stated, “The census schedule is unforgiving and immutable, and it revolves around a day that is set in law for counting the population as of April 1. Every minute detail of census operations must be carried out according to plan. It cannot change the schedule. It either starts the census on time as planned, or it doesn’t take a census next year, and that would trigger a Constitutional crisis.”

The Supreme Court declared there was not enough evidence to have the question in the census. They pushed the case back down to lower courts. The Trump administration cited the Voting Rights Act for their reasoning to add the question of citizenship. It was important to get an adequate number on the voting age citizens for each congressional district. On the defense side, they claimed the question would deter immigrants from filling out the census and it would cause an “undercount.”

The executive director of Asian American civic engagement nonprofit, (APIAVote), stated, “The intimidation of noncitizens against participating in the census will undoubtedly cause an undercount of minority demographics, ultimately defunding our communities and reinforcing political underrepresentation.”

To recap the timeline of events, the Commerce Department announced the question would be put back into the census for 2020, in 2018. The case landed in the Supreme Court in April after liberals argued the request. With the announcement of the decision, civil rights groups and the Left were pleased with the decision while Conservatives were not so thrilled.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer criticized the movement with this statement, “When even this conservative court determines that the Trump administration’s argument is odious and dishonest, you know the administration’s motivation behind adding the citizenship question in the first place was an abhorrent one.” This is a statement he must have meant for the Left when he spoke of “odious and dishonest.”

One of the lead plaintiffs in the case, New York Attorney General Letitia James, had this to add, “Every single person in this country deserves to be counted, plain and simple. We are pleased with the Supreme Court’s decision today.”

Only the Left was gloating, but not every person in the courtroom was happy with the decision. The chair of American Conservative Union, Matt Schlapp stated, “The Chief Justice should be impeached because of the way the case was decided. If the census is not about determining the number of people legally in the country to determine congressional populations, then the most basic idea of a Republic has been destroyed.”

A Department of Justice Spokesperson, Kelly Laco, told USA TODAY, “We are disappointed by the Supreme Court’s decision today. The Department of Justice will continue to defend this Administration’s lawful exercises of executive power.”

The question of citizenship was last seen in 1950 for everyone. For the 2000 census, only one in six households had the “long form” which had the question on it. If the question only was for one in six households, then how is an accurate number to come from the purpose of the census? It was around 2000, illegal immigration was at the beginning of the nightmare we see today. Now it is just out of control.

Those who are not for the question of citizenship claim it will mess up the number of congressional seats. The only thing it messes up is our country because it will eventually turn us into a third world country, which is also what the Left wants. This way, they will have their socialist agendas.

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