Well, we have more bad news for our country today as the Supreme Court made their decision on leaving the census question of citizenship out of the census with a 5-4 count. That does not mean the good fight is over. President Trump is talking over the situation with his team of lawyers as he will attempt to delay the 2020 census.

President Trump Tweeted Thursday morning, “Seems totally ridiculous that our government, and indeed Country, cannot ask a basic question of Citizenship in a very expensive, detailed and important Census. I have asked the lawyers if they can delay the Census, no matter how long, until the United States Supreme Court is given additional information from which it can make a final and decisive decision on this very critical matter.”

Every ten years, The Constitution of the United States requires a count of the population to determine the number of seats in the House of Representatives. A census consultant, Terri Ann Lowenthal, stated, “The census schedule is unforgiving and immutable, and it revolves around a day that is set in law for counting the population as of April 1. Every minute detail of census operations must be carried out according to plan. It cannot change the schedule. It either starts the census on time as planned, or it doesn’t take a census next year, and that would trigger a Constitutional crisis.”

The Supreme Court declared there was not enough evidence to have the question in the census. They pushed the case back down to lower courts. The Trump administration cited the Voting Rights Act for their reasoning to add the question of citizenship. It was important to get an adequate number on the voting age citizens for each congressional district. On the defense side, they claimed the question would deter immigrants from filling out the census and it would cause an “undercount.”

The executive director of Asian American civic engagement nonprofit, (APIAVote), stated, “The intimidation of noncitizens against participating in the census will undoubtedly cause an undercount of minority demographics, ultimately defunding our communities and reinforcing political underrepresentation.”

To recap the timeline of events, the Commerce Department announced the question would be put back into the census for 2020, in 2018. The case landed in the Supreme Court in April after liberals argued the request. With the announcement of the decision, civil rights groups and the Left were pleased with the decision while Conservatives were not so thrilled.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer criticized the movement with this statement, “When even this conservative court determines that the Trump administration’s argument is odious and dishonest, you know the administration’s motivation behind adding the citizenship question in the first place was an abhorrent one.” This is a statement he must have meant for the Left when he spoke of “odious and dishonest.”

One of the lead plaintiffs in the case, New York Attorney General Letitia James, had this to add, “Every single person in this country deserves to be counted, plain and simple. We are pleased with the Supreme Court’s decision today.”

Only the Left was gloating, but not every person in the courtroom was happy with the decision. The chair of American Conservative Union, Matt Schlapp stated, “The Chief Justice should be impeached because of the way the case was decided. If the census is not about determining the number of people legally in the country to determine congressional populations, then the most basic idea of a Republic has been destroyed.”

A Department of Justice Spokesperson, Kelly Laco, told USA TODAY, “We are disappointed by the Supreme Court’s decision today. The Department of Justice will continue to defend this Administration’s lawful exercises of executive power.”

The question of citizenship was last seen in 1950 for everyone. For the 2000 census, only one in six households had the “long form” which had the question on it. If the question only was for one in six households, then how is an accurate number to come from the purpose of the census? It was around 2000, illegal immigration was at the beginning of the nightmare we see today. Now it is just out of control.

Those who are not for the question of citizenship claim it will mess up the number of congressional seats. The only thing it messes up is our country because it will eventually turn us into a third world country, which is also what the Left wants. This way, they will have their socialist agendas.

91 thoughts on “Trump Delaying Census After Decision from Supreme Court


  2. STOP calling them IMMIGRANTS! They are illegal-alien and THAT does not give them “head of the line” privileges! They are “SCAMMING” the U. S. taxpayer and being aided & abetted willingly and knowingly by bureaucrats and ‘bleeding-hearts’!
    Illegal’s have NO RIGHTS that belong to LEGAL immigrants! Trump is CORRECT!

  3. I think the President is right on target why should undocumented individuals be counted and give an edge to the Democrats who will stop at nothing to gain extra seats in the House. If you want to be counted then you should go through the process just as our Grandparents did. and others before them. We need to stop bowing to those in power. Power Corrupts this is the Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free because of those like myself who fought for that right

  4. Congressional seats are for representing American citizens not just counting numbers. It should be allowed.

  5. I see nothing wrong with asking if you are a citizen, I just think the Democrats are after illegal immigrant votes and that is a disgrace and unfair to the real citizens of the u.s.

  6. I only want Congressional representation for U.S. Citizens (and legal immigrants) in the first place. Illegal immigrants should NOT be counted, nor represented in Congress. Maybe if these areas claiming under-representation did something to remove the illegal immigrants we would all benefit. Why should my representation suffer because some district in southern California is packed with illegal immigrants; why should they benefit financially off my tax dollars?

  7. I am so tired of these treasonous ridiculous Demoncrats and their hatred for Americans and President Trump. I know our Demoncrat Party used to be Americans too but now they have turned into Communist/Socialists and it’s sad that they don’t treasure our freedom from Communist/Socialists and value everyone no matter what party, religion, race, and/or gender, to love and respect each other as we once did. What is SCOTUS’s problem in asking whether they are citizens or not? Their decision is not based on the Constitution, only their “opinion”. SCOTUS is lost too.

  8. Illegals will not answer the question. The question is legitimate. It’s necessary to know. ..
    Democrats don’t want us to know.
    The Democrats have become a Socialist party AND admit it. They rely on illegals to vote for them(yes, they do vote, they even hold local office). That fact alone makes me angry that ILLEGALS are coming into our country with Democrat blessing.
    I will NEVER vote for another Democrat as long as I live.

  9. Interestingly enough the exact wording concerning a national CENSUS seems to have been waylaid, maybe someone can publish those words for the American Public to read. Using the term “to determine the total population” is misused. Total number of ” AMERICAN CITIZENS ” is a more than appropriate description.

  10. This is crazy! If we were to leave things as they are we will continue to perpetuate the now “inaccurate” number of congressional seats. Those states with high numbers of illegal immigrants are being afforded the extra number(s) of congressional seats. No wonder the left does not want the question on the census. What the hell is the Supreme Court doing? They are suppose to support and uphold the Constitution, not legislate from the bench and favor one party over another. The Supreme Court should “always” recognize that illegal immigrants “should not” be counted in a national census as they are not suppose to be here, not suppose to vote, and should NOT have a say in our political or legal matters.

  11. Impeach the chief justice, enough of this non sense. We are heading for a civil war. Citizens are only going to take so much from from these people.

  12. The only purpose behind the left in opposing the citizen question is for their tllegal votes. Remember the dems were against looking into voter fraud. This is because they want no one to have hard evidence of illegals voting. This turns my stomach!

  13. The Supreme Court failed to do its job. If the question is constitutional, then, they do not need any rationale for having the question added. According to the decision, it IS constitutional to have the question added. SCOTUS’ job is not to determine nor have anything to do with “rationale.” It, either, is or is not constitutional to add the question. Shame on all Supreme Court Justices who voted against this request. I cannot imagine why the SCOTUS has to give permission, anyway. The USA has a right to know who inhabits its/our land on a legal or illegal status.

  14. The census is taken to have a meaningful picture of the United States population in the country as a basis to make extremely important decisions relating to the governing of our country. Those decisions are made by and for the citizens of the US.
    With the major growth of the number of non citizens in the country those making those decisions need to know how many non citizens are in the country and where they are located.

  15. not only that , they won’t know how many americans can legally vote , and democrats can continue to use illegal votes , the courts are as screwed up and our justice system is , if i was the a/g i would have the lawyers working 24/7 going after all the oboma criminals

  16. Why is is not right and truthful to ask the citizenship question so that you can determine how many Americans are in the United States and how many are not. I don’t understand how illegal immigrants are not considered to be law breakers but have been put on a pedestal and give everything at the American Tax Payers expense. How can all of these people be above the law?

  17. We must continue to fight for the citizenship question. The left can not be allowed to destroy our country. All they care about is money and power and I think we’re all sick of it.

  18. Good for you Pres. Trump! May you always find an ‘end play’ when dealing with these slimball liberals!

  19. I do not want to live in a Socialistic country! I am a Senior and no long can work after two strokes1 My Social Security is all I have to live on. My husband has COPD and is on and off of oxygen and also unable to work. If you pay for all these illegals that have not contributed to this country and cheat us eventually out of what we have paid into all of our adult lives. This is unfair and a threat to all legal residents and tax payers of this country.

  20. Illegal aliens are not CITIZENS and do not deserve to be counted in our CENSUS…….

    What is it about ‘ILLEGAL’ that these STUPID JUDGES do not understand……..


  21. This decision is plain wrong. The only constitutional reason for the census is to determine the number of representatives (now the PROPORTION of the 435 representatives) for each state. Only citizens should be represented in Congress. If you want to hand out money, count everyone. But we need to know how many citizens for representation purposes, especially with illegal immigration as out of control as it is. This is a horrible decision. Makes me wonder why I even bother to vote.

  22. The question should be on census! How else can they decide who is elegible as a citizen to vote and redistricting districts. Non citizens should not determine how our country is run.

  23. Only legitimate citizens of any country have the right to representation and to vote. My grandmother came to America legally. Got her citizenship as did many of her friends. I learned her native tongue Croatian, but she always impressed upon me that I was an American, and need to speak English. She spoken English more than Croatian. Legal citizenship is key to the UNITED states of America as is one language.

  24. We all know now that Roberts is nothing but a prostitute of the one world order money with the spineless coward that we know that should’ve never been put in that place. The other three women they’re all Marxist put in there but Democrats !

  25. What I’d like to know is if the Supreme Court was the institution that stopped the practice back in the 1950s (?), or was it merely done by democrat fiat. If it wasn’t done by the Court, then why can’t we just reinstitute it by fiat? Makes good sense to me!!

  26. Kagan and sotomayor and roberts and ginsberg and that other piece of shit are out of their minds and totally biased and need to be removed from the court. Since when is it not permissible to find out who is a citizen and who is not. what the blank

  27. To the Supreme Court….your proctologist called…he found your heads. Why don’t you defend our country and apply the constitution to your decisions. Even people that are not interested in the truth understand that if illegals are in the count it breaks the law. Please just enforce the law of the land. Don’t change it to suit yourself.

  28. Quite frankly if you are not a legal citizen of the United States, then the areas in which you live shouldn’t get American Citizens taxpayers dollars so that question of citizenship is valid and if you are too stupid or blind to see that move out of the country I fought and shed blood for!

  29. Our system cannot be trusted. I am disgusted with this Supreme Court ruling. They are corrupt! Go ahead and try to convince me, you can’t. This is why other countries are laughing at the United States , don’t blame our President for this. Nothing but corruption in Washington. You are paid off disgusting people. I believe that question is important for our country.

  30. simple solution is to put it on but as an option,check it if you want to just don’t make it mandatory

  31. It sounds like our Supreme court, is a treasonous group. the five that voted ageist having that put ion our census, how thew hell else are we going to know how many Illegals are in our country, that do not belong in our country, lets just hope for America sake, that these Five, treasonous judges, are old, and wont be living much longer, we need to remove a lot of human garbage from America.

  32. INCLUDE the question of Citizenship on our Census.
    This document is designed to represent LEGAL citizens.

  33. If the number of citizens determine the number of congressional seats then why would we include illegals in this determination. They do not have a legal right to be represented.

  34. When job descriptions are changed to fit the wants and needs of the employee, chaos will follow and organizational structure exists no more. Discretionary authority becomes the norm and we see the evidence in recent rulings. What happened to the Constitution and the Rule of Law? When the pilot ignores the flight charts and weather reports during a storm, passenger safety becomes a secondary issue

  35. ONLY Legal United States Citizens should be counted in the censes. That’s it. If you want all the benefits of being a US citizen become one and follow the law. Contribute.

  36. The ignorance of the Democratic Party is blinding. Their desperation to secure the votes of undocumented people is beyond anything I have ever read in History.

  37. I’ve not trusted John Roberts for years, he’s definitely not conservative, he’s about as patriotic as a Long Island sewer rat. We have absolutely got to get another “American” appointed to SCOTUS, to even begin to start reclaiming the land of the “FREE”. If we don’t get busy now, it’ll soon be the home of the 1% richest, & the land of the 310 million slaves.

  38. The census must show all present in America with the distinction of legal
    citizens vs illegal persons living here but not being a legal citizen. Illegals have
    zero rights vs legal voters!! The illegals are visitors only to USA and should be treated as visitors NOT legal citizens. PERIOD

  39. March 9th,1933 was the start of slavery, socialism and the degrading of the American citizen. Because of our ignorance we have succumbed o stupidity through arrogance. Now the Supreme court of idiots is still pulling off unbelievable decisions like the Sanhedrin of Jerusalem. How nine idiots have changed this nation is deplorable.
    What the Supreme Court has managed to do is take prayer out of schools leaving Satan to do his bidding. No God, No gain. We have turned our head away from God and he has turned his head away from us and blessed us with terror (shootings in our schools) and above all Roe v`s Wade. The murdering of God`s unborn baby`s, our future work force. We sure don`t have much concern about life, law and justice.

  40. I want tp p[en a law office do I have to prove that I went to law school, could I take the bar exam if I didn’t

  41. Wow, Justice Roberts has become more liberal with each passing day. How can a Country not have the right to know how many actual Citizens it has? He screwed this up just like he screwed up our Country with the Obamacare decision. We are headed for the Jubilee. Look out…….

  42. Another crazy decision. Either you are a citizen of the US or not.
    Please delay the census until only citizens can be counted. The ‘Left’s’ judges are doing like the judges in the Bible when “… everyone was doing right in his/her own eyes.” Our country’s leaders should be trained in Biblical principles whether they are Christians or not. That is what made our country great from the beginning.


  44. No wonder our country is in a deep mess, when not even SCOTUS can follow our own constitution. Even at wedding receptions, a count is required for attendees to make wise decisions as to food, drinks, etc., this is called common sense of which we have lost all understanding.

  45. And the opposition makes this statement and it is held up over the CITIZENS of this country? What the hell is wrong with this thinking? The tax payers are suppose to give CA and the sanctuary, cities state, whatever additional Congressional House Representatives because of their illegal immigrant population? And the SCOTUS approves of this? Where in the Constitution does it state illegals are part of the population. This is just one more example of the Progressive Socialist Communist Infanticider Democrats trying to gain control of this country by their bias thinking of the Costitution and it purpose. Illegal is illegal and if we are truly a country ruled by the rule of law, Illegals do not count. “The executive director of Asian American civic engagement nonprofit, (APIAVote), stated, “The intimidation of noncitizens against participating in the census will undoubtedly cause an undercount of minority demographics, ultimately defunding our communities and reinforcing political underrepresentation.”

    I think we should consider what Teddy Roosevelt stated about Immigration in 1907. I personally hope Trump creates this Constitutional Crisis as it will probably save this country from these unhinged Representitives that thing every thing is FREE. Tell that to my dead Brother who died defending this Constitution which is being decimated by Dingalings who have sacrificed nothing! That should prove to the SCOTUS what most tax paying citizens believe.

  46. Nothing “odius” and “dishonest” about making an argument for having “Citizenship” question on the census. If that question is called into question as to having a right to be answered, let’s go the entire way and clear every question out of the census. Some way each of the census questions have some fault or incorrectness to them…so pitch the whole bunch out.

  47. All hope is to be abandoned at this point for humans living in N. America as quality of life declines and increasing chaos ensues.

  48. This is nothing but Democrats trying to get votes by blocking this question on the census, they just think they will have more Democrats in office so they can rule the country and keep all their illegal activities covered up as they have for years, they can’t stand President Trump because he exposed their pay to play operation. i would never ver vote for a democrat as long as i live. lying,cheating,theiven Scumbags Pure Scumbags

  49. Hold on..We must find out the right count of legal and unlegal people In our country. Are we A.. H s? AMERICA MUST HAVE ALL THE INFORMATUON to know exactly who is and who is not ! Our president trump IS right AS USUALE. IT AMOUNTs TO NOT KNOWING SOMETHING AS SIMPLE AS YOUR KIDS BIRTHDAY Date.we are intitled as a country ruled by Laws to do so. Any one not wanting this (as It used to be,yrs ago) can leave on the first way out to any other Country of their choice,and take their thinking with them.,see what happens to them ,if they try to open their big dum talk then.

  50. Left is playing politics while the conservatives are following the laws and the US constitution which is of course on the basis on which we live and stay free. If we count illegals then we eventually crash the system and we become a socialistic system where you kiss liberty and freedom good by. And hand your life over to a few bad men. God be with us and hopefully we can survive this new wave of power mongers. Hopefully there are sufficient people who understand history and it’s application to our future that will vote to support the constitution and our way of life. America and this dream are unique. Most civilizations do not last for 200 year. God be with us!

  51. Speaking as one who worked the 2010 census, I believe the question regarding citizenship should have been on the census then. Not only the citizenship question, but exactly how many people currently reside in the home, or to be exact, how many bodies slept in this home last night and will again tonight.. This would include any illegals, etc. When there are eight cars parked on the property and the resident tells you only two people live there, you know they’re lying. Sometimes you have to tell them one of the objectives of the census is to determine political representation and federal funds available to the community.

  52. Impeachment should be brought against all Justices that voted to take the question out of the Census. Roberts has turned out to be a fraud. A weak kneed closet liberal.

  53. This jackass president will look best in an orange jail suit!! He is the worst most selfish horrible president in our history. He has zero history knowledge and is full of contempt and derision for anyone who disagrees with him!!
    The sooner he is out of office- the better for democratic countries around
    the world!!!

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