Nancy Pelosi must think she is in charge of the nation. She makes statements that seem to belittle other people and their positions of authority as to what should be included in a bill.

With no regard to the timeline that President Trump has given the House to act on a border bill, she has pushed back against the Senate telling them that the House cannot accept the bill from the Senate. Even though the bill from the Senate has nearly 100 percent support from all Republicans and Democrats she will not allow the bill into the House.

For some reason, the Demented House Democrats believe the children in the detention centers are being abused and mistreated. Pelosi wants to see a provision in the bill that will limit the length of time a child can be held in select detention centers.

One can only question why a few centers and not all of them. She also believes that more money is provided to pay the communities where illegal families are being placed. She is also demanding a new way of processing them at the border.

So in reality petitioning, Pelosi has requested that the entire method of border control and security be tossed and a new Democratic plan be put into effect.

She wants a plan that in her own words “culturally, linguistically and religiously appropriate.” She wants a system that bows to the illegal aliens want and desire. Since when do the illegal aliens dictate U.S. laws. In her system, a person’s religion will be adhered to, and they will be treated with religious toleration.

As if freedom of religion does not already exist in America. For her and the Democrats, it is all about the children now since every other attempt to get what they want has failed. It is not about the kids for the House Democrats, it is about seizing power and controlling an entire nation.

They are just using the children as a throw-away stone to get what they want, and they will neglect the kids once they have what they are seeking.

Picky Pelosi needs to wake up and see that the Senate has overwhelmingly sent a message to the House that they need to support this bill with their vote. President Trump has already signaled that he is willing to work with everyone, but he is waiting on the House Democratic children to come in from recess so the work can get done.

Both bills are similar except on how the money is to be used. The Senate version is more in line with what the president is expecting to sign. The House bill will be vetoed without a second thought because it seeks to undercut the important agency doing a spectacular job protecting this country from illegal aliens.

It is evident to everyone that all are concerned about the treatment of minors. Every guard on duty has their own families they must return home to at the end of the day. They do not want to see people any more time in the centers than they must.

Pelosi’s resistance to accepting the Senate bill comes at a cost of selfish ambition. Whatever the reason for the delay has to do with her personal motives and search for power.

Many Democratic leaders have taken trips to the selected border facilities in an attempt to gain national attention to the situation that has developed. In reality, they are showing the world the conditions that they have allowed the people of Central America to live in because of their own selfish desires and agendas. They have refused to give the President the money to spend as it needs to be spent because they want to control the purse of the nation. The House Democrats are not people that should be running the finances of the nation. They do not have the knowledge or experience to fund the programs needed to run a nation.

The House Democrats need to be fired and sent home to learn what being an American is all about. The president has continually looked out for the welfare of everyone single citizen in the country. Once he is reelected in 2020 and the House is back under Republican control, then the nation will see real progress and healing from an era that sought to destroy America under the Obama administration.

224 thoughts on “Pelosi Rejects a Bipartisan Senate Bill that Will Pass

  1. It is time for Pelosi to go away. The Americans who voted the Democrats back into power in the House should have known better. Thank God we didn’t get stuck with Hillary.

  2. My prayer is that God will send Pelosi and her liberal, America haters, back from where she came. God allowed Trump to be our President and His church needs to vote for President Trump in 2020.
    If a socialist were to win, God please don’t let that happen. We as a country will LOSE ALL OF OUR GOD GIVEN FREEDOMS

  3. The Senate has nearly 100 percent support from all Republicans and Democrats for this bill and the House Democrats just want their way
    or the highway.

  4. The time has come for all the concerned citizens of the United States of America to let the Democratic Congress know it’s time to stop doing what they are doing.If they do not want to do their job then it’s time to send them packing. (CRUMBS} Pelosi should be taking out as speaker and put someone in that is willing to work across the aisle.A new speaker might change things so that the people of the United States will be taking care of and not the illegals.

  5. Pelosi needs to step down as Speaker of The House. She hasn’t done anything to help America since she been Speaker. It’s time to have someone that has Americas interest at heart and not their own hate.

  6. I think she should be charged with treason. She is acting as an agent for the non citizens rather than for the citizens who pay her salary She couldn’t wait to pass a bill to support Planned Parenthood whose language for abortion is health care. Abortion is capital p[unishment without due process. She has lost the right to do process, along with the rest of those who voted to support Planned Parenthood. Abortion penalizes the mother and allows the father to get off Scott free.

  7. NP, you are the epitome of stupidity. If you are demented enough to think that this is what America wants, your truly nuts. It eats you up,that Trump was elected and where i don’t necessarily think he should have been president, the American people did. Are you so elevated above the voters in the country that you know better. I believe that you alone are going to destroy the Democratic party.

  8. Unbelievable that the Democratic Party is so vicious. As an American, I feel like they threw me under the bus . They don’t care about America. They only care about votes.

  9. Doesn’t she belong in that “broken clown car” that Ted Cruz spoke about? Better yet, should that “Senile old lady” be shipped home after the elections after losing? TRUMP and his allies 2020.

  10. Pelosi need a total mental evaluation. She has lost it, no common sense, total dictator action with all the BS.

  11. You really expected Nasty Nancy not to try and pull some last minute shenanigans with the bill. Time for the wicked witch of the west to head for home for good.

  12. Excellent summation. Pelosi needs to go home and retire to her rocking chair and her knitting. She is no longer mentally capable of serving the nation in Congress!!!

  13. The House needs to get their act together, stop making excuses, putting up roadblocks and get it done.
    Do the job they way elected to do. Work with the Senate and the majority to pass the bill or go home and let someone with some common sense and real concerns for the welfare of the people of the United States do their job. America first!!

  14. It’s Sad what these nuts are getting away with. Our country needs to deport these
    un American people and their illegal voters.

  15. Do the Democratic Party not understand what the word illegal means! As in illegal Alien! That means that they have no rights, none, zero! Come on get with the program and quit wasting time!

  16. Pelosi and the rest of her House need to wake up to what is important for these children and, what is in the best interest of the American people that elected these folks. I find them to be self serving and interested in their agenda only and to “heck” with us Americans. I agree fire them and send them home to wallow in their self righteousness and selfishness!! This is my country USA and I love it there’s no other place in the world in which to live. God Bless America and our President and staff.

  17. Senate needs to get their heads out of the orface on which they sit. If they would work with our president instead of trying to undermind everything he does or tries to do think of how much better our country would be. If they would work together maybe we could have a party for the people instead of a democratic or Republican party.

  18. Petulant children who care only about their own positions and power over the US Citizens and people attempting to enter this country. They speak of Rule of Law, Morals and what is right, yet they do everything they can to thwart existing laws, the Constitution, our moral make up and what is right. Liars, hypocrites and incompetent morons.

  19. Until Trump stands up and does his job and goes after the Democrat party for what they are communist trying to overthrow this country, this will only get worse and we will wind up in the Civil War. They are communist and they have been taking over the communist party around the time of Franklin Roosevelt! Every move truck makes they are there to try to stop him and Trump has done nothing but what he said he would do gnats take America back from the one world order billionaires your own and operate the communist Democrat party seeking the enslavement of the world!

  20. The lousy Democrats CAN’t give Trump “a win”. no matter what. We really need to get rid of these politicians who are not sincere about working TOGETHER to solve America’s problems. WE HAVE LAWS ON IMMIGRATION. Congress can change them, BUT, until they do, THEY HAVE TO OBEY THE LAWS THAT CONGRESS MADE IN THE FIRST PLACE. They need to be FIRED, NOT VOTE THEMSELVES A PAY RAISE.
    Wake up, America, Tell them to “Do their job” or get the hell out!!. NO RAISE UNTIL THEY DO!!!

  21. I have just one question. Why is Pelosi and the dems SOccerned with the migrant children, yet they all want to kill little babies and are so set on abortion at any stage? WHAT A BUNCH OF HYPOCRITES THE DEMS ARE!!!!!!!!!!!! They all should be ashamed of themselves but of course they’re not. I only lament that “planned parenthood” wasn’t a reality when all of theses dems were in the womb. We wouldn’t have the murders of innocent babies now.


  23. Nancy Pelosi and all of the Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for using children as ploys in their constant plan to undermine President Trump and failure failure to solve our immigration problem. California is a border state; yet, Pelosi and her friends living in guard gated communities could care less about the effect of illegal Aliens coming into our country. This is not about little children there are plenty of little children that are American citizens whose families in the state of California, let alone a multitude of states in this nation are living homeless on the streets of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Our citizens need help and resources we have veterans who are homeless. There are plenty of immigrants who have come to this country legally. My mother is a 91-year-old Holocaust survivor Who waited three years and displaced persons camps in Germany to come to the United States legally. She had to have affidavits of support from family members stating that she would not take a job from any American, that the United States government would not have to support her, and all sorts of other pledges. In spite of those affidavits of support her papers were turned down. She had to keep reapplying until she finally was allowed to immigrate legally. She did not come here to commit crimes, nor did she come here to have US taxpayers Support her and pay her way. My mother went tonight school to learn English, and worked in a factory supporting herself. The president has stated numerous times that we are more than willing to have legal immigrants come here and have people come here who believe in our values and our system and want to be an asset to our country. This country does not need MS 13 gang members, nor do we need support her and pay her way. My mother went tonight school to learn English, and worked in a factory supporting herself. The president has stated numerous times that we are more than willing to have legal immigrants come here and have people come here who believe in our values and our system and want to be an asset to our country. This country does not need MS 13 gang members, nor do we need drug cartels running drugs into our country and trafficking humans. The Democrats could care less about people who are legal or illegal they are just concerned about what they think might possibly be future votes for the Democrat party. It’s about time Nancy Pelosi and both leftists start caring more about this country and the citizens of the United States of America then they do about people Who have broken the law to come into our country and so many others have broken the law once they’ve been in our country.

  24. The Democrats have seriously failed the American People. We are fed up with them. They have had a real opportunity to do something great for America, but their hatred of truth, justice and Trump along with their hunger for overwhelming power over the American People has been revealed. They will lose big time in 2020! We the people will restore “of the people, by the people and for the people!”

  25. America is sick of Pelosi and her criminal authority… this is not a communist or socialist country… we do things by a majority vote….. here’s what we will do to this house…. We the people will vote the democrats out and kick Pelosi out…. then we will work on term limits to keep pelosi from ever happening again…. we will cut personal security budgets for protection of all senators and house members… so you will be exposed to the people you have been insulting with your arrogance.

  26. It’s high time for U.S. Americans to get off our laurels and speak up! We need to send the power hungry dem’s and non supportive Rino’s packing. Our President is dealing with the issues at hand fairly. Dem’s forget that Obama put in place the detention centers that are in place now.
    It makes me sick to watch and listen to all this drama unfolding. What really makes me sick is the fact that the majority of the ILLEGALS, that cross the border DO NOT want to become a citizen. They come here to get cash jobs, drain our health system, and other free handouts that should be going to our Veterans. They send their money back home, tax free, and when they have enough, they leave and live well back in their country. It is draining our country for a bunch of frauds. They have no intention on bettering our country or contributing to a system that can work. How do you vet these frauds? Granted their are some of these people that truly do want a chance at the American dream, but talking with them first hand, being in the construction industry, the majority think it’s a joke, and get more liberties than the average American.
    Wake up America!!!

  27. How much longer are the American people going to stand to be held hostage to Nancy Pelosi and her flip flop ways. She is unstable and needs to be replaced. It is a shame that politicians can’t work together to solve the real issues.

  28. build the wall and deport all the illegals and make them come in legally. Problem solved.
    Also vote out the democrats and free our country.

  29. Pelosi tolerates nothing that isn’t what she wants. These people have no right to even be here and she wants us to give them what they want? Why doesn’t she think Americans should have what they want? She lives in a fairy tale world where everything is perfect. For her. Send the illegals home where they belong. To allow them in here is violating international law.

  30. Nancy Pelosi needs to be sued for her disregard of our American citizens. She is putting people that are not citizens first, before we, the people of the United States of America. Then she should be arrested for turning her back on the American citizens and for all of the lies she is distributing to the Americans to make us believe she is telling the truth. This is a form of treason. She also should be taken to great task for trying to be the President of the United States. She will not let our President be the President. Congress is totally out of hand. The Democrats do not listen to the citizens of the United States of America and will only do what they want for themselves and not us. There is an underlining reason for all of this. The Democrats have a secret group made up of millionaires that are trying to control America for their own gain to kill babies, then the homeless, then the handicapped and then most of us so they can have complete rule and they have the support of the Hollywood Whores that are filthy rich. One day, only the rich will be left on earth for however long we have left on this earth as I understand now that an soon to be upcoming event will destroy earth. Why do you think Nasa has stepped up going to the moon and other planets. They know earth will soon be destroyed and are frantically racing against time to find a planet that humans can live on. Mark my words, most of us will not be invited to go to other planets, only the elite will so they can continue their selfish controlling methods. This is so obvious now, most people will not believe it until it happens. Congress has stated that we are stupid and need to be told what to do and how to do it. They are the stupid ones as we now know what they are up to. Just watch and see!

  31. She needs to retire
    She doesn’t look out for AMERICAN CITIZENS!
    Her object is to have CONTINUED
    CONTROL over YOU
    Use your heads
    Taxpayers pay for all FREE ITEMS

  32. I am so tired of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi I wish she will be remove from her position along with the House that opposed to everything that President Trump was elected to do, Democrats or Republican, they were selected to work and defend this country and their citizens, not illegal aliens.

  33. This is just a vendetta against the President! They vowed to deny him anything beneficial to the country right after he was elected. They are for abortion, open border, free this and free that! Who do they think is going to pay for all this free stuff? HA! You and I will
    Success is the reward of working hard and achieving a goal. God Bless the USA

  34. Your comment about control is right on the mark. It has been Pelosi’s behavior whenever she has been Speaker of the House. She acted the same way when Bush was President. The only person she has ever deferred to was Obama, who was (and still is) even more evil than her.

  35. Pelosi has dementia’ signs and symptoms. Needs a psychological evaluation as well. She is harming many people and is very vindictive, power hungry and concerned only for herself.
    Impeachment might help the nation.

  36. You where voted in by crooked political agenda you are supposed to support the will of the people not the will of Pelosi you should hang for treason with the rest of your prick party

  37. If Pelosi and the Dems think that by disallowing a passed Senate bill shows how utterly scared and dumb the Dems have gotten. They must not be reading the mags and newspapers to realizing they are losing. I’m surprised that someone wouldnt step forward. The longer they continue to block laws and votes the worst it gets for the DEMS>. The dems have nothing to offer the AMERICAN PEOPLE EXCEPT SCARE TACTICS. THEY ARE DIS-ORGANIZED, THE RIGHT HAND DOESNT KNOW WHAT THE LEFT HAND IS DOING. OTHER THAN THE HOLLYWOOD ELITES WILL CONTINUE TO BARF OUT LIES AGAINSST TRUMP.

  38. Nancy, because you continue to allow illegal immigrants to jeopardize my safety and that of my family since we live near the southern border, i will never support any democratic legislation you propose, period. You have had at least nine years to have done something positive about this existing situation, and you have chosen to do nothing. You won’t even support what is right and necessary to keep our country a sovereign republic.

  39. I’m not surprised that pelosi wouldn’t sign a Bipartisan bill. She does nothing at all to help our country or president Trump. She’ll do anything to help the illegals and to hell with our American people. She’s a waste. Send her to Venezuela.

  40. Poor Nancy! Nobody listens to her anymore! When the GOP re-takes the House in 2020, and President Trump is re-elected, I believe it will force “picky Pelosi” to retire, allowing once and for all, some real conservative laws to be passed! MAGA!

  41. Hopefully the voters in this next election will not fall for the propaganda from The Left and will vote enough of the Socialist Fascists out of office so Trump can get something done in the next 4 years. Get rid of the Lefty Dems and the RINOs.

  42. Why is Pelosi getting away with this.? Get her out of there. Good grief! Build the wall and get the rules for America not illegals.

  43. An honest assessment at last concerning
    Pelosi’s hinderance to necessary steps to take care of the border situation! She obstructs every sensible move to take care of our beloved nation and to help the people at the border who are not able to enter the country
    Didn’t she have to take an oath of office to protect America and do what is best for our country? She seem to me to be the greatest problem America has as we confront this difficult invasion that requires protection for our country through established processes and the
    kindest care possible for all these people trying to get into our country who came without the intent to respect our processes.
    It seem to me that Nancy Pelosi is the number one person obstructing justice! If she were not in office obstructing protection for our border and caring less for America than for thousands upon thousands of people who came without lawful entry possibilities and clearly hurting our country by presuming on us to care for them, then we would not be in this terrible situation! If anyone needs to be impeached, it is Nancy Pelosi, not our President. You Democrats that support her and who put foreigners who came in mass above the order and safety of our country ought to all resign because you have failed
    to protect the best interest of this country.
    What we need is Pelosi and her backers out and whole lot of New Democrats voted in who will love America so they vote and act for
    the good of America as a whole and do their best to help others without dividing and injuring
    our country. We citizens are supposed to be on the same team – AMERICA – though we have different views.
    The good I
    of America

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