Nancy Pelosi must think she is in charge of the nation. She makes statements that seem to belittle other people and their positions of authority as to what should be included in a bill.

With no regard to the timeline that President Trump has given the House to act on a border bill, she has pushed back against the Senate telling them that the House cannot accept the bill from the Senate. Even though the bill from the Senate has nearly 100 percent support from all Republicans and Democrats she will not allow the bill into the House.

For some reason, the Demented House Democrats believe the children in the detention centers are being abused and mistreated. Pelosi wants to see a provision in the bill that will limit the length of time a child can be held in select detention centers.

One can only question why a few centers and not all of them. She also believes that more money is provided to pay the communities where illegal families are being placed. She is also demanding a new way of processing them at the border.

So in reality petitioning, Pelosi has requested that the entire method of border control and security be tossed and a new Democratic plan be put into effect.

She wants a plan that in her own words “culturally, linguistically and religiously appropriate.” She wants a system that bows to the illegal aliens want and desire. Since when do the illegal aliens dictate U.S. laws. In her system, a person’s religion will be adhered to, and they will be treated with religious toleration.

As if freedom of religion does not already exist in America. For her and the Democrats, it is all about the children now since every other attempt to get what they want has failed. It is not about the kids for the House Democrats, it is about seizing power and controlling an entire nation.

They are just using the children as a throw-away stone to get what they want, and they will neglect the kids once they have what they are seeking.

Picky Pelosi needs to wake up and see that the Senate has overwhelmingly sent a message to the House that they need to support this bill with their vote. President Trump has already signaled that he is willing to work with everyone, but he is waiting on the House Democratic children to come in from recess so the work can get done.

Both bills are similar except on how the money is to be used. The Senate version is more in line with what the president is expecting to sign. The House bill will be vetoed without a second thought because it seeks to undercut the important agency doing a spectacular job protecting this country from illegal aliens.

It is evident to everyone that all are concerned about the treatment of minors. Every guard on duty has their own families they must return home to at the end of the day. They do not want to see people any more time in the centers than they must.

Pelosi’s resistance to accepting the Senate bill comes at a cost of selfish ambition. Whatever the reason for the delay has to do with her personal motives and search for power.

Many Democratic leaders have taken trips to the selected border facilities in an attempt to gain national attention to the situation that has developed. In reality, they are showing the world the conditions that they have allowed the people of Central America to live in because of their own selfish desires and agendas. They have refused to give the President the money to spend as it needs to be spent because they want to control the purse of the nation. The House Democrats are not people that should be running the finances of the nation. They do not have the knowledge or experience to fund the programs needed to run a nation.

The House Democrats need to be fired and sent home to learn what being an American is all about. The president has continually looked out for the welfare of everyone single citizen in the country. Once he is reelected in 2020 and the House is back under Republican control, then the nation will see real progress and healing from an era that sought to destroy America under the Obama administration.

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