The immigration debate in the United States is seemingly reaching a boiling point.

Amidst the controversy, California is set to become the first state to provide full health care benefits to illegal aliens. Unsurprisingly, taxpayers will cover the bill.

According to TheBlaze, California’s liberal Democratic legislatures reached an agreement last week that would pave the way for low-income illegal alien adults between the ages of 19-25 to get full taxpayer-funded healthcare benefits through the state’s Medicaid program.

An estimated 90,000 adult illegal immigrants reportedly satisfy the agreement’s requirements. The entitlement is projected to cost a gigantic $98 million annually.

The plan is supposed to take effect next year. It’s a part of The Golden State’s proposed $213 billion budget.

The legislature is expected to approve the budget this week.

Regarding the health care benefits, the Associated Press reported, “The move is part of a larger effort to make sure everyone in California has health insurance. The proposal also makes California the first state in the country to help middle-income families pay their monthly health insurance premiums. It means a family of four earning as much as six times the federal poverty level — or more than $150,000 a year — would be eligible to get about $100 a month from the government to help pay their monthly health insurance premiums.”

Liberals celebrated the deal as a triumph. However, some of the state’s Democratic lawmakers wanted to go a step further and give full healthcare insurance to all illegal alien adults living in California regardless of their ages.

But, according to the Associated Press, leftist Governor Gavin Newsome, Democrat, was against this proposal because it would have reportedly cost an alarming $3.4 billion.

So, how will the proposal that was passed be paid for? According to TheBlaze, “To partially fund the plan, lawmakers agreed to implement a new tax on Californians who don’t have health insurance, a revival of the individual mandate implemented by Obamacare that was gutted when President Donald Trump signed tax reform into law in 2017.”

Understandably, Republicans feel the program is unfair due to its penalization of California residents who are in the U.S. legally with a new tax.

Conservatives also believe those who are living in the country illegally are being rewarded under the plan.

Last month, Fox Nation’s Tomi Lahren shared her feelings about California Democrats pondering offering illegal aliens healthcare benefits in The Golden State on a broadcast of “Fox & Friends.”

According to Fox News, Lahren said it was “’ infuriating’ to hear Democrats debate this issue while middle-class Californians struggle to afford housing and rising gas prices and are leaving the state as a result.”

She stated, “They’re not arguing on if we should spend on illegal immigrants, they’re arguing over how much we should spend on illegal immigrants.”

Lahren called the move by California’s leftist politicians “so tone-deaf.”

The Fox Nation host noted that Democrats insisted the funding would come from California’s budget surplus.

Lahren inquired, “If the state is doing so well, how come we have such income inequality? How come we have the homeless problem we’re experiencing? How come we have the taxes on top of taxes?”

While illegal aliens may be celebrating new taxpayer-funded healthcare coverage in The Golden State, some gun owners are lamenting the removal of their privileges.

According to Fox News, gun owners are currently stocking up on ammunition before a new state law that clamps down on people attempting to purchase ammo takes effect.

Newsome reportedly made Proposition 63 a huge part of his campaign. Approved by California voters in 2016, the measure is slated to go into effect on July 1, 2019.

Allegedly, the law will place more restrictions on those who buy ammo. It will force them to purchase the goods in person from licensed dealers rather than over the internet.

According to Fox News, “Advocates of the measure see it as a way to close loopholes on gun laws that focus on firearms rather than ammo. Proponents, however, believe Prop 63 unfairly punishes law-abiding gun owners.”

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