Throughout the week last week and into the weekend, Sunland Park, New Mexico’s mayor and administration were swamped with phone calls and death threats concerning the city’s major problem with illegal immigration.

The Mayor, Javier Perea, was accused of being involved with the cartels. Between him and the administration, they received these phone calls from all over America.

The phone calls were an effort to get a border wall approved to stop illegals from flooding the city and the country.

A group of people came together to form an organization called We Build the Wall and put up a twenty-foot fence along the mountainside outside the city limits.

The quiet town became a national sensation when the group announced the border fence as the first fence built privately to protect the border.

But it did not last for long because the city put a halt on all construction to allow the mayor and his administration to evaluate the laws for the fence.

This angered the group’s founder and president, Brian Kolfage as he began shooting tweets about the New Mexico town being corrupt.

He was upset the project was being stopped, and that is when the death threats started by phone calls for the town’s mayor Javier Perea.

Police Chief Javier Guerra told reporters an anonymous phone call came through stating the city was “involved in organized crime,” and they sent out a death threat for Perea and his family.

Guerra stated the call was untraceable, and he put a patrol unit near the mayor’s home for their safety.

Perea stated, “The threats and name-calling are a cheap blow to the city of Sunland Park. But I am not going to stoop to that level. I am not going there.”

The organization of We Build the Wall started when the founder and creator Brian Kolfage, an Air Force veteran got together with a former Secretary of State from Kansas, Kris Kobach, and Steve Bannon who was a former White House strategist.

They all shared the same idea as many people do about the border. Our country needs protection, and they said by building a wall, migrants will not want to cross the border where they cannot get in.

Kobach told of how the idea and project came about. The nonprofit organization came to Sunland Park on April 6.

Fifty-seven days later the project started. On Memorial Day weekend, the fence was constructed, and the announcement to have it up was made on Memorial Day.

The property is owned by American Eagle where the 20-foot fence is being built. The operation is against Mount Cristo Rey, which is where Catholics gather and sits between three states.

It is also on the border of the United States and Mexico. The area is also known as Monument One which is a federal marker and is the boundary near the property where the business operates.

The city’s planning commission will hear from the developers and the public so they can gather all the information to bring before the City Council for a vote. They will also evaluate the size of the fence and time it takes to have it up.

Kobach claimed the project was brought up before President Donald Trump as he stated at a news conference, “He has told me several times, that he 100% endorses what We Build the Wall is doing.”

A Sunland Park resident, Carmen Marquez told reporters, “The private border fence casts a bad light on the city. I am worried about how the city is being perceived, and the way We Build the Wall treated Sunland Park was filthy. They (We Build the Wall) don’t care.”

She was just one of the few who was against the border fence. Many more support the project and stated their claims as the construction of the border fence continued.

Members from Angel Families spoke in favor of the wall at the news conference. Mary Ann Mendoza, who is an advisory board member of the nonprofit organization, stated, “My son’s life was snuffed out in 2014 by a drunk repeat illegal alien criminal who was allowed to stay in our country. We are all in support of legal immigration. Illegal immigration is what we don’t accept. It is a criminal act in itself, and we need to stop the flow. This (the wall) is a beautiful thing and has affected every Angel Family.”

This is just one of the many stories which hold the truth in the group’s support.

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