Yesterday ended with a meaningful win for President Trump in the federal courtroom. In The House ruled by Democrats, their lawsuit to stop the president from using the national emergency for the border wall was rejected, giving Trump full and rightful authority.

Judge Trevor N. McFadden ruled The House could not prove any kind of injury to stand in court.

Nothing immediate will happen at the moment with the ruling because there are other groups which blocked the national emergency call to continue building the wall. If the other courts handling the case accept Judge McFadden’s ruling, then the rest of the litigation options will become weaker as the battle moves forward.

There will be other cases with subpoenas, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia did not touch. Judge McFadden ruled it as different legal analyses which the other courts will handle. Private groups opened other cases in California which did not go before the Judge on Monday.

Judge McFadden was appointed by President Trump

To recap the timeline of the events, back in February, President Trump requested several times for Congress to issue billions of dollars to build the wall along the border. When Congress refused, President Trump declared a national emergency to build it.

Construction processes were already underway when The House filed suit to stop the proceedings. From the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, Judge Haywood Gilliam called for the construction to come to a halt as the funds from the emergency stopped for the court’s evaluations.

President Barrack Obama appointed Judge Gilliam to the seat during his term in office. We can clearly see where this is going.

Judge McFadden put down in writing these words in his ruling, “Congress has several political arrows in its quiver to counter perceived threats to its sphere of power to expressly restrict the transfer or spending of funds for a border wall. As it has recently shown, the House is more than capable of investigating conduct by the executive. These tools show that this lawsuit is not a last resort for the House.”

Every time a case comes into a courtroom, there is always research done and excerpts taken from previous cases. This one was no different because, in 2015, Judge Rosemary M. Collyer who was appointed by former President George W. Bush to the Federal District Court in Washington ruled in the same manner with the Affordable Care Act from former President Obama.

It was brought to court when the spending was challenged by Republicans. The House claimed it was the only way to stop the administration from passing out $136 billion to subsidies.

The House’s lawyers at the time were trying to control the spending and the money going out. It was a way to preserve the constitutional powers and rights by suing the White House.

Judge McFadden stated courts may weigh in and give their verdicts in which he did. He concluded his writing with these words, “Using the judiciary to vindicate the House’s investigatory power is constitutionally distinct. The investigatory power is one of the few under the Constitution that each house of Congress may exercise individually. It is perhaps for this reason that the House’s power to investigate has been enforced with periodic help from federal courts.”

Inside the public document of the case, Judge McFadden sums everything up, “This case presents a close question about the appropriate role of the Judiciary in resolving disputes between the other two branches of the Federal Government. To be clear, the Court does not imply that Congress may never sue the Executive to protect its powers. But considering the House’s burden to establish it has standing, the lack of any binding precedent showing that it does, and the teachings of Raines and Arizona State Legislature, the Court cannot assume jurisdiction to proceed to the merits. For these reasons, it will deny the House’s motion. A separate Order accompanies this Opinion.”

This means there is still hope in the judicial system when it comes to common sense. It is sad to see that Democrat-appointed judges will fight the legal system in the party’s favor instead of what is known as the law.

The Conservatives will conserve the morals and safety of the land while the Liberals seem to want to liberate everyone from morals and safety to let the illegal immigration continue. Conservatives are the only ones who seem to push for something to be done.

58 thoughts on “Trump Wins Major Lawsuit

  1. The ruling did NOT grant “Trump full and rightful authority” as the author states. The decision was not “on the merits,” but a procedural one. Don’t make more of it than is warranted.

  2. Build the wall, the once proud democratic party is being controlled by a bunch jerks who will never ever agree with this president,

  3. Democrats will continue to enforce their agenda, (Trump needs to go-impeachment or another manner) no matter what it takes democrats want him out period!!!!! Now we know what the democrats think of us (United States Citizens) after what their speaker has said about us. Were are all too stupid to think for ourselves so we need them to decide they no better and that is the Socialist Way. If you read between the lines this is exactly what the democrats will eventually come to pass. We are becoming a socialist country if we the American People don’t start rationalizing that common sense will prevail. This is part of what makes this nation unique. Be strong people, we do not need to become socialist to become a better nation.

  4. It has been a rough road for President TRUMP and all that has backed him in this fight. Now the Dumb Ass Republicans in the Senate need to back our President or retire and stick you head up your BUTT, then move to another country !! WE DO NOT NEED YOU!!

  5. We the patriot tax payers are so grateful for this outcome for our security! Thanking the court for Rios decision!

  6. At the root of the Dems resistance to a border deed any impediment to mas illegal immigration, is the fact that they WANT the masses to continue to invade the USA. This is just another strategy ( Cloward and Piven ) used to undermine the rule of law and create unrest and division among the citizens. This helps them create chaos and violence. When the violence reaches the tipping point the UN has been invited by Obama to intervene (Kagallie prencipal ). The UN need not be requested to act. They
    decide when it’s time to act.
    This is a covert act of sedition used to facilitate the ongoing coup against the existing constitutional government and it’s elected President. When the coup is completed, a new far-left (communist) authority will be installed which is aligned with the Globalist Agenda..NWO.

  7. Don’t think the dem’s will ever let President Trump and his family enjoy life as long as he is president. So sad HLC lost. Best president ever

  8. If the courts at all levels keep playing politics instead of ruling cases based on LAW then they are the entity that will drive America into another civil war. What we have seen from FISA courts to other federal courts are rulings that do NOT protect American citizens but do protect ILLEGAL ALIENS, Criminals and their political cronies.
    Law abiding citizens are seeing our countries values and morals going down a long and slippery slope, WE DO NOT LIKE IT.
    The DEMS are playing on racism, and all the other ISMS trying to destroy AMERICA. I do not want to see ANARCHY but we may have little choice in the matter. WE ARE A CHRISTIAN, JUDEO established Country and our religions will not stand by and see the 1% LBGQT, ABORTIONIST, Communists groups change US!

  9. We need the wall. My great grandparents came over from Sweden and did it legal, they also never took any kind of help from the state of Illinois or the Federal Government. My great grandfathers both had a career and learned English and were very proud to be an American. They taught us all the greatness of our Country and how to obey government laws.


  11. Yes, we need the wall to be built. No other way to keep illegals out. It will cost a lot of money to build, but we have no choice.

    We are a nation of laws, and anyone not born here has no right to visit unless they request permission as a tourist. If they want to live here they must seek citizenship the way millions have done in the past.

  12. In times previous the security for the border was voted as a need…the money voted was not used to establish the border or protect the sovereignty of this nation…like many huge sums that were voted for use, the money was stolen, frittered away used for derelict schemes that wound up in someones pocket and then in a political coffer….stolen money, and no oversight to bring the criminals to justice…..

  13. You Donkeys are really EVIL. You are obssessed with Trumps victory on every level and can’t fathom tht you lost. Envious and disgraceful behavior is in detriment to ALL f the country. But, then, you could care less about the country, all you want is power and control.
    Shame on you. Shame on you. I would NEVER NEVER EVER vote for ANY of you.

  14. Continuation of our Wall is essential. Democrats in The House don’t care about American citizens.
    This is great win for President Trump’s Wall and citizens of America.

  15. Just build the wall. If the Dems want the illegals to come into the USA, they should each, personally, pay to maintain them -not the USA tax payer. Quite frankly, i’m tired of supporting them.

  16. Congress approved billions of dollars for a wall in the past few years, under both Obama & Bush. WHY can’t this money be given to the Trump admin to get the Wall Built? It is definitely needed, and should be completed as soon as possible. WE, the American PEOPLE, should NOT be responsible for millions on ILLEGALS. We do support LEGAL IMMIGRATION, but NOT the mass Invasions we have been getting the past couple of years. SEND THEM ALL BACK, let them apply the right way, the way millions of others have done.

  17. Rule by JUDICIAL FIAT… was never, NEVER, intended… Inferior Court Judges under Article 3, Section 2, Clause 2 don’t have Constitutional Jurisdiction where ministers and the President are involved… The US Supreme Court is the Court of Oringinal Jurisdititon in such maters…

    Since the Constitution limits the Jurisdiciton to the US Supreme Court… Congress may not use their statutory authoirty to otherwise permit inferior Courts to have jurisdiciton in such cases. It would take an AMENDMENT to the US Constitution to grant lower federal courts the jurisdiciton to rule on cases involving the Executive Branch. It is past time that the President direct the DOJ to review the US Constitution… and ITS AUTHORITY to establish the inferior Courts Jurisdiction.

    The Judiciary has usurped powers not thiers… they are in effect now able to overturn every Executive and Congressional decision at the whim of an unelected inferior court justice. One unelected man sitting in judgment of the elected and senior officials of our governmet is the DEFINITION OF TYRANNY… We are no longer a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC… the Federal Judiciary has become the defacto governing authority… they are ruling under the ‘color of law’…. making the law the tool of tyrants… not the servant of the people.

  18. Time to make decisions according to the reality of the situation not who appointed them we are not a 3rd world country

  19. American Judges… how much conceit can one have!
    The judges. Voted in and the ones appointed should go under evaluation yearly by the American people, not politicians protecting their own asses. if they can’t fulfill their civic duties kick them out, 100s waiting to fill the job. 1/2 the judges think America is their playground and impose their own values, not law or in the best interest of America! Some don’t seem to have an ounce of common sense, high IQ’s and stupid. When they belong to a specific political party, donate thousands of dollars to specific candidates, whose asses are they covering. Another example of lobbying, a damned abuse of power and unethical! Its time they stand up for ethics, not politics! Quit accepting frivolous lawsuits, 50 percent shouldn’t even be entertained, if there is even a hint of politics stop the bullshit in its tracks. Court is not the place for liberals to try and get their way!

  20. Historically Socialism (Communism) has never worked and never will. Any country that adopted the path of Socialism has had their citizens rise up against their oppressive politicians with the intent of killing them or throwing them out of the country. American politics has been infiltrated by these Communists which is abundantly clear is the Democratic Party. These Democrat political leaders must know the danger they are putting themselves in, unless they are hoping to start a Civil War and have the American citizens fight one another without going after the politicians (which I doubt will happen). I hope a Civil War never happens, but if it does who do you think is better armed to win? I will stay in my house and watch it play out on TV because I am too old to go to war.

  21. Now without any further delay from the Democrats let’s get the wall built so we can keep the border jumpers out!!!!

  22. The United States must be ruled with LOVE for the United States and keeping us a free country. We must be ruled with Common Sense, Integrity, and Honesty.
    If we let everyone into this country, we will be overwhelmed, over-taxed, and eventually we will be just another third world country and not be able to help or protect our own country or others who need our help.

  23. Close the damned border! Unless the Democrats want to have an illegal immigrant placed in their personal homes so they can personally foot the bill for their so called “moral” stance!

  24. Democrat seem flush with cash Make them pay for the wall instead of wasting it on litigation and Mueller . They might even gain a few points in the polls which is like zero now compared to Republican. Democrats have been discouraged of the Earth in our country all the way back to the civil war and then some maybe it’s time we just start alienating them And actually prosecuting in for crime committed. Every government employee does not get a trial by jury their government employee they took it out to serve the people and the country to protect the Constitution of the United States which are not they’ll only get a tribunal in Guantanamo Bay Cuba And if they’re found guilty of crimes they’ll be hung shot or injected we can only hope that it’s public to discourage others from committing crimes by making examples of them.

  25. Irony: House Suing Executive Branch for Exercising Rights in Law Written by Congress. Seems Authorship of the Law would demonstrate Agreement with the Plain Language of the Law as Written, which gives the President the Power to Spend Funds and Act by Building a Wall/Fence/Barrier to Protect the American People in an Apparent State of Crisis. Questionable motives of the House seem to Conflict with their own creation. The question remains unsettling: Why would the democrat House fight so hard against protection of the American People and their own Bill unless they had a nefarious motive?

  26. Im So Sick of these Liberal so called “ judges” . They should Not be able to play politics. Their Job is to apply Our Constitution! Our President Has the power and We the People Voted him in to do Our Job !

  27. We need people in Washington to fight for the people and safety of our Country, not to sit up there and argue between Democrats and Republicans , most up there need to be thrown out .

  28. It’s about time our President is backed up a Judge you speaks the law and not their Party Affilliation…Thank you and God Bless America.

  29. We need that wall. Just check out what is gapping in other countries. Spain has a wall. There is a small town in the US that straddles Mexico and US (forget name.) they have had wall for decades. Taxes must be paid to support social services. Now Canada is asking us to help stop the flow. Germany is having its issues. There are many European countries that simply closed their borders. Columbia is being overwhelmed by a mass exodus from Venezuela

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