There has always been a call for members of politics to have term limits placed on them to keep those that are currently serving from becoming career politicians.

This past week Beto O-Rourke made a call for some kind of constitutional amendment to be made that would place term limits on Congress and would also limit the length of service that a person could serve as a Supreme Court Justice.

They would only be allowed to serve one 18-year segment, and then they would have to come off the bench. This is one thing that this presidential hopeful is promising if he is elected as president in 2020.

Some other limits that he is thinking of proposing include laws that would reduce the amount of influence that money coming from cooperation’s give to politics.

This money has been used to increase the number of voters coming to the booth to vote. He also seeks to make every election day a national holiday that every person can enjoy.

Beto has been an advocate for electoral reforms throughout his career.

Even while he served in Congress and even today on his campaign he is promising things like new voting rights act, stop gerrymandering, same-day voting registration, and many other ideas.

These ideas are nothing new as others seek to make reforms to the current voter methods. He plans to reveal more of his ideas as time moves forward.

He was at one time the co-chairman of the Term Limits Caucus while he served in Congress. He has long since then been in support of laws that would keep a member of Congress from serving more than six terms and all Senators from serving more than two terms.

The bill that he is trying to propose would allow Supreme Court Justices to serve on federal courts once their time was up. He has stated in defense of his views that these laws would, “clear the way for new leaders to step up.”

He believes that his plan to reform voter registration will only increase the number of voters that can currently vote. He believes that he can increase that number by 50 million and see that 35 million new people vote by the 2024 election time frame.

He also believes that people should only have to sign a statement of identification to vote if they do not have a current id. The only problem to this approach is that people often don’t always tell the truth and this would be no different.

He would like to see more people voting early and even more national voting each election cycle. He would like to see laws that stop extreme voting identification laws enforcement and want to see people being able to vote freely with less of an obstacle.

He believes that when a person can vote without obstacles, then more people will come to the polls.

His campaign to be President is starting off slow as he is only at 4 percent of the vote in the Democratic arena. He is not a person that accepts money from corporations, and he is a person that would like to see that practice as illegal.

He is also in favor of any past elected person from being able to speak out and on behalf of others. This would keep them from influencing voters to one side of the arena.

He is also in favor of making political contributions tax-deductible. He would also like to see that contribution matched on some level. But who would be doing the matching of the contribution?

He has stated, “We’re facing some of the greatest challenges of our lifetimes, and we can’t solve them with half-measures or only half our people — it’s going to take all of us. The only way to make progress is if every single American is empowered to vote — and those who have historically been drawn out of our democracy are able to make their voices heard so that this country can live up to its full promise and potential.”

He has plans to make the people heard in America, but the question remains is it the right one.

America is a free nation because of the sacrifices that so many people make for it.

The voting field should be even and open, but to those that have surrendered their rights to the country should not expect to get them back.

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