Special Counsel Robert Mueller rattled some cages last week which will have aftershocks for months, if not longer.

The Democrats have a fever for impeachment. Their cries seem to be heard around the world but are they really moving as fast as they want to? For starters, any proceeding would be months away from beginning, according to Democrat’s schedules.

Then again, it may not even happen. Who knows?

Democrat House members are wanting to speed things up, but the party leaders and the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are not so much in a hurry. They want a slow investigation by different committees.

The House’s calendar books have lawmakers away from their desk for long periods of time, and it will last the remainder of the year.

This could put any hearing into 2020, which is also the election year. Democrats leaders also are taking into consideration, the Senate will acquit President Trump since the Republicans have control.

Representative Jamie Raskin, who is a Democrat from Maryland, stated, “It would be very tough to start impeachment in an election year.” Raskin also sits on the Judiciary Committee.

It seems as though the Democrat leaders are waking up to their own mess, realizing now we are already halfway through the year and not much can get done.

The inquiry would take months, and the Democrats would be taking valuable time from their campaigning for the upcoming election.

This would leave the window of opportunity open for President Trump and the GOP to use the time wasted to their advantage, which is something the Democrat leaders do not want.

Most Americans do not want the President impeached.

Too many feel the time is wasted on the Mueller investigations already. National polls prove this.

The Democratic leaders are beginning to realize impeachment proceedings could backfire giving not only the President victory in the upcoming election, but about 40 Democrats could lose their seats in the House. President Trump is popular in the states where these 40 Representatives reside.

In a nutshell, Mueller broke down the 448 pages of his report and stated the same thing he already said when he handed over the report a few months ago.

The only difference is, he added the only repercussion for the President would be impeachment, and the president cannot be indicted while in office due to there are no laws stating it can be done.

Many are starting to catch on to the trend, but the Democrats who are still crying for impeachment are hanging themselves and their party.

Most Democrats wanted to jump on the bandwagon and cry impeachment with their colleagues while some went over to their leader’s side and backed off a bit.

Representative Diana DeGette, a Democrat from Colorado stated, “Mueller’s comments were a plea for Congress to act to take the facts as he laid them out and do with them what he was not allowed to do himself which is to hold the president accountable for his actions.”

This is the reason Congress wanted Mueller to speak. They knew it would stir the pot and get the Democrats riled up.

Senator Cory Booker from New Jersey stated before Mueller spoke publicly, he was for a slower moving approach and sided with Pelosi. After Mueller spoke, he stated, “Beginning impeachment proceedings is the only path forward.”

As time draws closer to the summer months, Pelosi, Nadler, and other Democratic leaders are holding their ground for an “all options are on the table” approach. Pelosi states the House Calendar will not affect anything when it comes to the impeachment investigations.

Pelosi recently attended an event at the Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco where she spoke on the issue, “Nothing is off the table, but we do want to make such a compelling case, such an ironclad case for impeachment, that the Republican-led Senate will be convinced that it is the only path. The case has to be very compelling to the American people.”

At the George Washington University in Washington, an expert on Congress, Sarah Binder stated, “The decision on whether to launch an impeachment inquiry is inevitably a political decision, and the calendar surely plays a role. My sense is that an impeachment inquiry or hearings per se would take months, not weeks. That would push House Democrats right into 2020 when Democrats, especially their leaders, would rather be talking about policy issues in the run-up to congressional elections, not about President Trump.”

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