The imbroglio concerning the USS John McCain started when a Wall Street Journal story reported that the “White House” had ordered the Navy to “hide” the USS John McCain, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer currently at the American naval base at Yokosuka, Japan. The ship has been undergoing extensive repairs after a catastrophic collision with a merchant ship took the lives of ten of her sailors.

The presumption had been that the order had been given by President Trump, whose antipathy toward the late senator and Vietnam war hero is well known. The story suggested that the ship could not be moved because she was under repairs, so the name USS John McCain was concealed by a tarp and then a barge to keep it from Trump’s sight as he addressed sailors and Marines on board the assault ship USS Wasp.

The same report suggested that the McCain’s crew was allowed shore leave so that the president would not be affronted by the sight of the name of their ship on their head covers.

As evidence, the Wall Street Journal noted that it was in the possession of an email referencing the order from the White House.

However, the story began to fall apart when the Navy denied that it had made efforts to conceal the USS John McCain. The tarp and barge in question were part of the repair operation that is ongoing and had nothing to do with a White House order.

Thus, the destroyer, that was named incidentally after McCain’s father and grandfather, both Navy admirals, was in full view of President Trump when he addressed the sailors and Marines on board the Wasp.

The holes in the story did not stop a Twitter war from breaking out that featured Trump enemies decrying the president’s “pettiness” and Trump supporters retorting “Fake News!” Meghan McCain, the senator’s daughter, had a meltdown.

“Trump is a child who will always be deeply threatened by the greatness of my Dad’s incredible life. There is a lot of criticism of how much I speak about my dad, but nine months since he passed, Trump won’t let him RIP. So I have to stand up for him. It makes my grief unbearable.”

Bill Kristol, a fervent never-Trumper, was also incensed. He tweeted, “A disgrace. Shanahan should be hauled up pronto to explain this by the House and Senate Armed Services Committees.” Shanahan is the current acting Secretary of Defense and has denied any knowledge of the plan to conceal the McCain.

In the meantime, President Trump denied any knowledge of the order. “I was not informed about anything having to do with the Navy Ship USS John S. McCain during my recent visit to Japan. Nevertheless, @FLOTUS and I loved being with our great Military Men and Women – what a spectacular job they do!”

The president’s denial did not impress the never-Trumper’s on Twitter. Bill Kristol snarked:

“Trump: ‘I would never do anything like that. But someone did that, and they were well-meaning.’ To Trump, ‘well-meaning’ means ‘They meant to help me.’ To the narcissist, there’s no objective standard of right or wrong, or good or bad. The only standard is, good or bad for me.”

President Trump has not been very friendly to the late Senator McCain or his family ever since, during the 2016 campaign, he said of the man, “I like heroes who weren’t captured.”

The statement was a shocking example of the president at his worst. McCain had been shot down over North Vietnam and endured five and a half years of torture.

However, McCain exacted a measure of revenge when he voted against a repeal and replace Obamacare measure in the Senate, thus killing the bill. His excuse at the time was that he didn’t think the bill had gone far enough.

The real reason was that as he was dying of brain cancer, McCain took a parting shot at Trump. The president and the senator were two alpha males who detested one another.

Hence, the idea that the president is petty and vindictive enough to desire that he not see a navy ship with McCain’s name on it was at least plausible.

The idea certainly informed whichever staffer who sent the email to the Navy ordering the thing done.

The Navy properly ignored the order and Trump, blissfully unaware of what happened, delivered his speech on board the Wasp to great acclaim.

Now he has another slight from “fake news” to feel resentful about.

119 thoughts on “Who Asked to ‘Hide’ the USS John McCain?

  1. already have no respect for the judicial system—–and have also for a long time had no respect for our media —–many folks who —in the past I have trusted and respected ——-I have watched the news –to hear —the truth about —whatever the topic—–and made my own decision as to what I thought —to be good for ALL—-!!!!!——Today I trust NO ONE—–Except OAN—to some degree—I watch and listen for INFORMATION—-Not OPINIONS—shoved down my throat—Sorry bunch—bad for our country—–young folks —are for things—–and people—–they will live to regret—-I am old –and glad of it—!!!!

  2. Is there anything in news today that one can rely on as being factual?? Such as waste of one’s time reading the news..and disgraceful.

  3. Trump as we know him was certainly in favor of not seeing the McCain name on a warship!
    I find the story plausible that he would find a way to commit the act leaving no trace back to him for the order!
    Trump is a petty egotistical bully and is a disgrace to the presidential office!

  4. People may not know this fact about the late John McCain.
    He was sentenced to die for treason, but President Nixon pardoned him.
    McCain was accused of giving information to the North Vietnamese about troop locations and movements, which allegedly cost American lives.
    That is probably the reason why President Trump had a dislike for McCain.
    John Kerry was another one that trashed our military. when he came back from Vietnam, he testified that the American soldiers were baby killers. He accused them of killing innocent civilians and burning the villages. He was and still is a traitor.

  5. The enemies of Trump who kept digging gallows for his demise will fall into their own gallows.

  6. “Fake news”, noooooo !, it was an honest mistake !!??; just want to add that We the People knows how a political Coup d’ etat looks, at least people that have a minimum knowledge of world history, and we are really tire and politicians we aware that “….whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolished it…” The Declaration of Independence. God bless the USA 🇺🇸

  7. So much crap coming from the Deamonrats about President Trump. Whoever it was that started this garbage needs to be fired and give an apology to the McCain family. i am no fan of Sen. McCain but to spread rumors like this is BEYOND the pale. And megan,I know he is your father, but at times you make a sad situation even worse! All need to be mindfull of what they say.

  8. John McCain and other senators and House of Representatives there put their own agenda before the American people Should be expelled from Congress ! Do your damn jobs !!!!!!

  9. Although I am a Trump supporter I did not agree with Trumps remarks about McCain during the campaign. On the same note I am in awe how the Trump haters and never Trumper’s make up stories against Trump or fail to tell good stories like how Trump approved Flying McCain’s body on Airforce One. You don’t have to like the person to like what they have accomplished. So far I have been totally impressed at what he has accomplished in such a short time while cleaning up the mess Obama and Biden left behind and hurdling all of the obstruction the DemoRATS have put in front of him.




  11. So what if Trump knew about the tarp over the USS McCain! He’s still a narcissistic, pathological liar and criminal who needs to be thrown on jail after he’s impeached.

  12. I voted for Donald Trump, and he has come through with all that he had promised, accept for the things he needs the Congress to work with him on like healthcare, immigration and issues that face Americans each and every day, no they would rather be idiots in the eyes of Americans and continue to fight for impeachment of the only president in history that has acted like an American for Americans.

  13. I just love the Libtarded Left. Quick to create lies and even quicker in stirring their fabricated scenarios into self acclaimed self activated mental frenzy over Unreal Events In a Circumstantial Enviorment then forced to fester into some Realtime chain of events that Somehow Magically became the foundation of REAL EVENTS thought up in a bent unhealthy Liberal Mind and then Cast out to the myriads of Libtarded Weak minded self deluded very UNEDUCATED little programmed “SHEEP” that are trained to IMMEADIATELY BECOME OFFENDED over a FAKE UNREAL created set of made up facts of a fictional chain of events to cause an outrage amongst your group of other BRAINLESS LIBIOTS just so you have a reason to be upset. WHY? I would wager that NOT ONE of YOU OFFENDED little lemmings took any amount of time to look into the validity of the Libtarded DOUCHEBAG that fabricated this entire scenario that you Dumbfucks are all so offended by. That goes to show that Government control over the minds of the last 2 generations is working as planned. Technology has done a wonderful job of destroying the family unit the educational system and Free thinking people. These people that are OFFENDED over anything that is NOT fake or lies. The are offended for the sake being offended yet 90% Can not give a reasonable excuse or educated reason for their being offended . How SAD they don’t have a clue and they never will. The saddest thing is they don’t even have the damn education to Question anything. To say “Hey, Wait a minute. Where did you get the information about the issue that you want me to be offended by”? No… We are just going to be offended pissed off and rage against society and destroy shit because some other Libtarded shithead made something and told you on social media to be offended and you listened and followed. That the truly SAD part. Too Stooooopid to know that your Stupid. We truly are Screwed as a nation.

  14. Meghan McCain is a child complaining about her traitor father being hidden but the ship isn’t even named for her father! It’s named for her grandfather and great-grandfather!!

  15. The Democrats need to grow up! They need to stop wasting money trying to find fault with the President. Let the man do his job! Most people are sick and tired of the Democrats constantly making up lies about the President. We Republicans didn’t like Obama, but we accepted he was the President. Even though he did nothing for the American people!

  16. So many people now know the fake news is working over time to trash Our Great
    President. But they never had the balls too trash Obumer.

  17. McCain was not a hero, he was a ‘songbird’ in Nam and killed aprox. 134 sailors on a carrier trying to be a smart a**. His actions in Government were no better. His only asset was two fine Admirals.

  18. The Bible (Word of God) says “Prove all things and hold fast to that which is good”. Let’s stick to the REAL truth and stop all this pettiness. Trump is NOT petty but a real Patriot who loves and stands for this great country. TRUMP 2020.

  19. This seems like another made-up story, similar to the Smolett made-up beating. That story was thought to be plausible because of the prejudice and bigotry of leftists. Similarly their prejudice and bigotry toward Trump allows any ignorant writer to say whatever comes to mind and the other ignorant people believe it.

  20. Who sent the f”in email. You claim to have, expose it or shut your mouth forever.
    You sick people have no pride or conscience.

  21. What about mccains first comment about trumps crazy supporters from McCain, that started the fight. McCain in a rino republican, false . Threw his first wife out for the Rich Blondepp

  22. The Senator John McCain would probably RIP if his daughter Megan would just shut up, she is the one who cannot let it go.

  23. To what extent will these small minded people go to start some B.S. As usual the press looks for comments from people who are missing the “FACTS”.

  24. For catcher Childish games has bouncing McCain’s & his spoiled Family , take a personal rage into a undermined & sabotaged Trump’s presidency , revenge betrayed owns & compromised for most corrupted party’s is despicable ! Meghan Jumping ships sailing with the ghost people’s & continues criticizing the reals patriotism right or wrong over & over ,
    Heroes or Captured nothing’s to do with JP visits conceal the ships , Bill Kristol big lying mouths always a traitors ! they name
    the ship J McCain really have to renames to USS Bill Kritol a ghost ships in the ocean after
    all ! otherwise really sunking the US Navy’s spirit & dignity .

  25. Democrats are sickening. It is all about them and their way or they hold what is best for America and American people hostage. Talk about liars and cheats and phony fake people . They took GOD out of schools , court, our government and look what a mess democrats have made for our country. Lie, fake news, fake people. Is all democrats are, and Real Americans are way past sick of their childish games and we are ready for them to work with POTUS , BECAUSE THEIR PERSONAL FEELINGS ABOUT HIM, IS NOT WHAT YOU WERE ELECTED TO BASE WHATS BEST FOR OUR COUNTRY ON. FRANKLY I CANT STAND ANY OF YOU DEMOCRATS. OR RINOS BUT HAVE TO LIVE WITH IT UNTIL YOUR STATES AND SUPPORTS FIND THEIR GOD GIVEN COMMON SENSE AND REPLACES ALL OF YOU! Until then Maxine Nancy and chuckle DO YOU JOB AND SECURE OUR BORDERS, TAKE CARE OF OUR VETS AND SENIORS GET THE ILLEGALS OUT OF HERE ALL OF THEM DACA TOO. PUT AMERICA AND AMERICANS FIRST… YOU BUNCH OF TREASONOUS IDIOTS

  26. As usual fake news. Bill Kristol is just a screaming asshole and troublemaker and Meghan McCain should shut up until the real story is told. Enough is enough!!

  27. Yes,, so easy to point your finger at our President. But President Trump has big shoulders and will take the heat from the Ly’in News Media And Never Trumpers. And really who gives a flying crap!,,,I sure in the hell don’t. Mr.Trump never knew anything about the bullshit about the battle ships repairs. But we all know one thing that the Fake News And Radical Leftists Democrats love To Make Shit Up. Anything to degrade our Preside the ,,,,And Shame on Megan McCain!

  28. J M cut the whole countries throat,with his vote because of a
    personal beef with Trump,politics is a dirty business.

  29. I am sick of the so called pettiness if the people who hate trump. They are hurting the country not trump. He could care less what they say. Just like the democrats they are killing the country with the immigration mess. The country is suffering from lack of money and ways to keep this country safe. The people better wake up and realize what harm the democrats are doing to this country.

  30. The never Trumpers should know by now that Fake News will put out anything to make trouble for him. They just enjoy helping make Trumps life miserable, so they join in the tearing down of everything’he wants to do. They have joined the group of multimillionaires who see their playhouse torn apart.

  31. The Problem isn’t that the Democrats are Unethical, Corrupt, Criminal Lying Dirtbags.
    Everyone KNOWS that.
    The Problem is, that their Supporters Don’t Care.

    Goes for “NEVER-TRUMPERS” also!

  32. You would think that the fake news world would get tired of playing these games but we all know this will continue. Ask yourself, why would President Trump even think about where a ship was anchored during his speech…such a stupid story.

  33. I don’t believe President Trump gave that order but he should know what messages
    are being sent from the White House. This was a belittling thing to do and made our
    president look vindictive. This person shouldn’t be in charge of releasing any messages and should own up to what they did. I think it’s time Pres. Trump fired
    a lot of people, the leakers in the White House, members of the FBI and employees
    working that are not elected by the people. Our government is running too loose and
    that is what left the void for all the trouble to start.

  34. I don’t believe President Trump would ever be petty enough to have a Naval ship’s name covered just because he did not care for John McCain. Seems like fake news is still going strong!

  35. It would not make one whit of difference if he had been accused of kicking a dog, when one was not there. The haters would picki it up and eventually Nancy pelosi would want to impeach Trump for kicking the imaginary dog. Time we had something other than spoiled children in Congress and the Senate. Hillary lost, FACT. Let it go. What these clowns have done is usurp the power of the President and that is treason no matter what color you put to it. Sorry but this patriot will never accept what the Democrats have done because they could have been earning their salaries by doing their jobs instead of playing politics. We send them down there to represent us and what do they do? Play politics and when they do anything they vote as they are paid to do by their pals the lobbyists who ravishly compensate them. NO? Then how do they accumulate millions at less than $200,000 per annum? Time for a change.

  36. Were there not numerous statements by men imprisoned with McCain stating that John McCain was a traitor? Was it not reported a year before his death that he made audio and video tapes for the Vietnamese accusing the US of targeting schools and hospitals in their bombing raids? Did not the report also say that he praised his enemies for taking such good medical care of him and the good food he received? Did not the other prisoners say that only those that co-operated with the enemy were given such care and the rest were tortured and some died? Even today there appears to be a despise from those prisoners still living that knew of him who have no kind words to say about him, with the exception of a roommate that received the same treatment as McCain. I once thought highly of him but, after all of the witnesses that spoke of his siding with our enemies against America and against the military fighting to keep the raping, murdering, socialist Bs. from murdering the people in South Vietnam, I find only loathing for him. The Navy Ship named for his father and grandfather should be renamed seeing it was their efforts that prevented John McCain the lesser from facing trial and imprisonment for being a traitor.

  37. Our great President Trump just doesn’t get a break. With the Democrats, RINOs, and Fake News always going after everything he does or stands for, he is being so unfairly targeted. If a Democrat had 1/10 of this bull**** thrown at them, they would have someone in jail. Disgusting the way President Trump is treated – this is America and we voted for him, he is our President, show him respect!

  38. We all know that T-Rump is petty and vindictive – lies and flip-flops all the time. There is no need to try to justify T-Rumps behavior which is repulsive in the extreme. Only the uneducated brainwashed people can still believe in T-Rump.

  39. I knew it was bull💩 The minute I heard it. President Trump has never treated anyone unless they attacked him first . But John McCain is dead and not even a thought in the president’s head, again unless Meagan McCain attacks him

  40. If the tarp was there to cover work on the ship why would any one need an email to cover the name of the ship that was already covered. Someone was making up a fake news story a gain to entrap President Trump. And by the way, I don’t care if McCain had cancer or not, what he did to stop the passing of a health care bill that was needed by the public in order to get rid of the bad Obama care thing just to show his finger to President Trump was bad, bad, bad, an action of a jealous child. He just gave us a lasting image of showing his Democrat nature because he really was a Democrat as he planned on running as a Democrat and his Father told him if he wanted to win in his state he better run as a Republican and the Republican party has over the years paid for McCain’s decision by his voting record and did you notice it was all Democrats at his funeral because that’s where he was in his heart. No you don’t vote against something the public wanted and needed just to get even with President Trump for winning an election.

  41. I don’t think Pres Trump gives a hoot about the dead man. As for the hero propaganda about the man, it is funny how the praise singers totally forget how many sailors lost their lives by his stupid move that killed 120 some sailors while taxying his plane on the deck. He was always a thoughtless wise guy. In addition, he was full of vengeance all his public life. I wouldn’t want to be him when we all stand for judgment before God.

  42. I am really so tired of the so called pettiness of Trump with no mention of the pettiness of McCain. Usually hero’s do t have to “toot their own horns”- McCain did it and his grieving daughter has kept up the pettiness for her father

  43. Trump has consistently honored our military and veterans. Story did not sound like something he’d do or say. Glad some real facts came out that verifies that fact.

  44. Tempest in a teapot, both McCain & Kristol are whining supporters of the swamp & should get married & live with each other. That way they could be media stars like Mika & the forever disgusting Morning Joe. BUILD THE WALL, DEPORT THEM ALL, MAGA, OR ELSE!!!

  45. The vileness of Congress toward President Trump for anything they can
    invent or try to dig up to attack him is destroying OUR country. THEY should
    ALL be IMPEACHED THEMSELVES, and the RINOS should be hung for
    their disloyalty to THEIR’S and MY PRESIDENT and SOON to be MY PARTY.

    I am a very DISENCHANTED DEM and will be voting as a REAL REPUBLICAN
    in the next election! All my voting years till now have been Democratic –
    NO MORE!

  46. Kristol go fuck yourself! You are a self righteous prick! How dare you disrespect the POTUS! Who the fuck do you think you are?

  47. Looks like the Democrats just cannot afford to let any opportunity go by without them turning it into a their political advantage. I still do not understand how any one could vote for such heartless SOBs. They lie at every turn. Slander with a drop of a hat but protect their own for the same transgressions. They are a miserable bunch of trash!

  48. Please show this to all of the broadcast companies and ask them to explain why they did not find this out before they exploded it across America.

  49. This is why I have ceased all viewing or reading any commercial TV or e-mails. The media needs a reset, or should at least be regulated by financial fines when found to be reporting fake or unsupported news. It is all about getting your face in the news even if you have to lie to get there.

  50. I don’t care about any of this. Trump is trying to do good things for America. All you cry babies need to just get your diapers changed, suck on your bottles and take a nap. Tried of hearing you whine!

  51. I feel sorry for those who died and the families left behind. McCain’s name is even a jinx. His Navy record reads like a who’s who of bumbling idiots and he left a trail of dead people on both ships he served on as for his capture he was shot down by friendly fire from a US fighter that had a missile miss fire and then he disregarded procedures when exiting the aircraft and that is how he sustained his injuries not by being tortured. As a prisoner he made a number of videos for the enemy and that gained him the nickname of “songbird” by his fellow prisoners. If it weren’t for his Father an Grandfather who were Admirals and real hero’s he would have been court martialed when he returned but Nixon pardoned him even before the Navy could charge him. Did I mention too that he finished in the bottom of his flight school and destroyed several planes. So you see with a little research one can learn the truth about anything or anyone.

  52. There are several instances and/or incidents that occurred in Senator John McCain’s life, beginning when he was a Midshipman at the U.S. Naval Academy, and which forged a trail of mishaps that resulted from his (McCain’s) poor judgement, during his Naval career, including his penchant for not following proper protocol in the operation of the aircraft he piloted, and the subsequent loss of the aircraft(s), with injury and/or deaths of Naval personnel and deck crews on the USS Forrestal. McCain was labled “a maverick” in the U.S. Senate, by his own party, showing his perpetual disdain for the chain of command and for the authority of those officials placed over him. His grievous actions are common knowledge among Navy personnel, and he somehow managed to escape being tossed out of the Navy on his ear, because of his father’s influence. He was no hero.

  53. Let us remember it was President Trump that sent Air Force one to pick up entire McCain family and John McCain casket to bring to Washington DC.Then brought them back to Arizona . It took a bigger man to do that . The press needs to get their facts together .

  54. I think that the staff that sent the email to the Navy is one of the deep state people imbedded in the government to cause our president problems.

  55. Anyone surprised this was just more “fake news”? They won’t write about the real news so they make up these petty comments.

  56. The media is so rabid against our President that they still are so unprofessional that it doesnt even occur to them to FACT CHECK!

  57. Just when I thought the fake news and the Dems couldn’t go any lower I’m so discussed I’ll never vote Dem again there the lowest form of slugs

  58. this man is no hero. please tell the truth to all Americans. How did he get the name songbird. Ask any solider , they know the answer.TRAITOR. THIS IS FROM AN ARMY WIFE WHO HUSBAND FOUGHT IN VEITNAM.

  59. The whole root of this is from the Never-Trumper’s and the mentally ill MSM-DemOrats, our country doesn’t need any of them they should be put on a rail and shipped south then we could build a boarder to keep the from coming back, God Bless America!

  60. Just slightly biased- are we? The WSJ is not just another “ fake news outlet.
    He is a bad loser, resentful, disreputable, angry excuse for a man. The military has his number, and the electorate will soon do the same.
    What a pathetic excuse for a human being our president turned out to be.
    What a disgrace we are to the free world with “him” as our face.
    Shame on America!

  61. Meghan mccain needs to get her damn facts straight instead of runniNg her FOUL MOUTH LIKE ALL THE OTHER IDIOTS ON THAT TV SHOW. DEPORBLE!!

  62. “FAKE NEWS IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE” they show it on a daily basis. Notice how every time POTUS goes overseas ON STATE BUSINESS the FAKE NEWS throws a load of self generated crap from their arsenal to divide the people, or accuse POTUS of something unproven/unsubstantiated/bullshit, or give one of their flunkies/pet idiots a platform to accuse or deride someone in the administration, etc.. As hypocrites they always do it “behind his back” so to speak, thats why POTUS trolls them on twitter, which they promptly attack him for replying instead of paying more attention to state business. Unlike them though POTUS IS fully capable of doing BOTH at the same time as he has proven over and over.

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