There has been much talk in Congress of pursuing the impeachment of President Trump.

Many would sum the reason up with the idea he cannot be sold out to the Democrats plan, and he cannot be controlled.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi knows this, and there is hardly nothing they can do about it without letting the public know of their corrupt socialist agenda.

Since President Trump has announced his candidacy in the Republican Primary for the 2016 election and won the seat for the GOP, the Democrats have plotted against him and have not let up.

With the cry for impeachment, GOP senators warned Congress if the articles of impeachment make it past the House, then they will “quickly squash them in the Senate.”

Senator Mitch McConnell, who is the Senate Majority Leader is the one who would have the authority to set up the trial and is required to take action if the articles of impeachment were to pass the House.

The Senate would have to come up with a two-thirds majority of the votes or 67 votes in order for the impeachment to be final. Since the Senate is ruled by the GOP, it would be a short-lived trial.

The Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham said, “I think it would be disposed of very quickly. If it’s based on the Mueller report or anything like that, it would be quickly disposed of.”

Senator John Cornyn, a Republican from Texas, agreed with Graham, “Nothing would come of impeachment articles passed by the House.”

He also feels the Democrats will not pursue impeachment and stated, “It would be defeated. That’s why all they want to do is talk about it. They know what the outcome would be.”

The GOP Senators say it would be allowed the “bare minimum” floor time, and with the 53-47 Republican-held Senate if it came down to a tie, Vice President Mike Pence’s vote would be the tiebreaker.

Senator Thom Tillis, a Republican from North Carolina and a member of the Judiciary Committee stated, “Why on earth would we give a platform to something that I judge as a purely political exercise? We have to perform our constitutional duty, but if people think that we’re going to try and create a theater that could give you the perception that this is a matter that rises to the level of Watergate, that’s nonsense. I support McConnell bringing the impeachment process to a quick close, and that any kind of extended trial would be rewarding what I view as bad behavior on the part of the House.” Tillis also added this comment concerning his state, ” Many independents and moderates in North Carolina are tired of impeachment talk.”

Less than 40 percent of American citizens support impeaching the president according to the national polls.

The rest of the nation wants nothing to do with it and are tired of hearing about impeachment. It is time to move forward.

In order for Democrats to have any chance of getting a victory in this matter, no less than four Republicans would have to change their minds. This is something which will never happen. The best they can come up with is three when the President is at his most outrageous moments.

Everything would be played out the same as during the impeachment trial of President Clinton.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will follow in the footsteps of former Senator Trent Lott, a Republican from Mississippi who was the Majority Leader at the time.

When the Clinton Impeachment trial came up to the Senate, Lott made it quick and simple even though it was unpopular to do at the time.

They wanted to bring Monica Lewinsky in to take a statement, Lott rejected it. Some wanted to bring in Bill Clinton’s secretary, and he rejected that request as well.

Lott knew he would never have the votes for impeachment, so they kept everything at a minimum as best as they could.

So how does the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton compare to President Trump?

It does not compare because the chances are great that it would not happen. Pelosi knows it would be a reenactment of the Clinton trial and would quickly die out if it reached the Senate.

That is why she is only adding fuel to the fire but not showing any sign of pursuing impeachment.

History would repeat itself by passing in the House and dying in the Senate.

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