It is no secret that there are those that are hinting that the President needs to stop removing troops from Syria because there are still many terrorist groups in the country.

Terrorist groups have been threatening the United States for a long time and there is someone finally in the White House doing something about.

But there is a growing movement to fight the President’s desire to bring American troops home from Syria.

A group called The Syria Study Group has found in a report that was presented to Congress that goes against the President’s desire to remove all the troops from the country.

The group is claiming that the President has not been honest when he states that the Islamic State has been defeated.

They believe that there are still groups that need to be dealt with before a victory can be declared.

The President made the move to remove 2,000 United States troops from Syria this past year. He then later changed that number and focus and decided to leave some troops in Syria.

The Syria Study Group has stated that this move by the President, “undermines confidence in the American commitment to Syria.”

They claim that it can be regarded as if the United States is lacking compassion against those affected by the terrorist state.

The group also reports that the sanctions put on the country of Iran are not doing the job in getting Iran to remove its presence from Syria.

The group is also concerned that with Iran so close to Israel that they could get involved and end up in conflict with each other.

This kind of conflict could escalate into an all out war in the region.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen, a Democrat from the state of New Hampshire, is the one that created The Syria Study Group.

The group currently operating out of the Institute of Peace.

The group was created in a joint effort with John McCain.

The report itself was put together by many experts that were brought together and nominated to work on the report.

There is no doubt that there is a division on what to do about Syria between President Trump and Congress.

President Trump wants nothing to do with Syria as he believes that things are wrapping up in the country.

Congress on the other hand stands in opposition to what the Trump administration is saying about Syria and the Islamic state.

Since Congress changed hands this past year they have stood against the President on many occasions.

The report from the group seems to indicate that the al-Qaida network is still around in Syria.

They are in an area where U.S. planes and troops do not go because of the Russian presence there.

Some people believe that there are multiple terror groups that are actively hiding in the Syrian region. And they believe if the United States pulls out of Syria, then the terrorist groups will revive and start causing issues once again.

The United States of America continues to stand against terror and all the organizations that are involved in terrorist activities.

Since 2001 there has been a zero tolerance against people of terror and what it is that they are trying to achieve by murdering innocent people and enslaving populations of people in their controlled areas.

President Trump and his administration is continuing the fight against terror.

With the President’s plan to pull out of Syria it only stands to reason that he will engage terror the next time it shows up.

The President has been actively strengthening the military by increasing its funding and size.

The navy is to receive new ships and other branches of the military are said to have a bigger budget in the coming years.

The success of the military is large impart because of the service of the brave men and women that serve in its branches.

The President has finally heard their voice for more funding and better equipment, so they can fight for the freedoms of the American people and for others around the world.

5 thoughts on “Congress, The President, and Syria

  1. I read that Russia and Iran are setting up in Syria which the two countries have not been together ever. They will be together along with Turkey and Ethiopia to go against Israel at the End Times. Could this be the reason they are there?

  2. The American People need to be made clear about what the interest is for our country in Syria. The current government with Russian backing is not going away and we could get stuck in the middle. The only real reason for maintaining a presence is to protect our Kurdish allies. Otherwise this could be another endless conflict.

  3. Out troops must be removed from Syria. The Bible states that Israel will destroy Damascus but our troops must be removed first. Israel is waiting for that to happen. The end of this wicked world is near and this is all part of prophesy. Trump knows that. The 2030 agenda aka Green New Deal will NOT happen. The Vatican will fall and so will we. But not at the hands of the democrats. Our time is short. God has a time line and we are right on time.

  4. The people elected Trump President. We should not be undermining him as compromises only lead us down a dangerous path. I have confidence in our President and I believe that he listens to his advisors as well as to what we should be doing. Compromises do not work. The far left doesn’t understand the dangerous situation our country is in. The leaders in these foreign countries only understand strength. Do not be weak.

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