Peace seems to be a desire for most nations.

No one people ever wants to be at war with another nation because of the devastating effects that it can have on everything.

The Middle East is the one area in the world where peace is highly sought after.

The Palestinians and the Israelis have gone after peace for many decades.

However, there seems to be one side that violates any agreement over and over again.

The Israeli people want to live a quiet life in their own land, but are attacked constantly by the nations that surround them.

There are some activists from Palestine that are looking forward for Jared Kushner to release his version of the latest peace attempt for the region.

The reason that the Palestinian people want to see it is because they are hoping that it will finally establish them as a nation.

Some believe that the region is ready for a one state approach that would give equal rights for all peoples.

But the reality of the situation is that there is a lot of history that must be overcome before such a picture can be built.

Opponents claim that because the Jewish people are building in the West Bank that there already exists the one state environment.

The problem they believe is that they do not have the same kind of rights that the Jewish people have.

They also are quick to point out that President Trump’s policies are starting to bring this to light.

Yousef Munayyer, who is the executive director of the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights, has stated, “Trump is now not only burying the two-state solution, which was not viable anyway, but he’s gladly dancing on its grave. It’s important for us to respond very clearly that we need equal rights in one state.”

It is thought that the elimination of the two states might cause more harm for the Palestinians in the short term.

The Palestinians want to portray themselves as the victims as they hope to bring out the fact that they do not have voting rights and freedom to move around the land as they please.

However, it is these very groups of people that are causing terrorist attacks and rocket attacks to take place in the region.

Hamado Jaber, who is from the One State Foundation, has stated, “I don’t think it’s the intention of Mr. Trump to help Palestinians, but indirectly I think it is [helping]. There is no two-state solution. It’s pushing us as Palestinians to think about an alternative.”

One problem that is faced is that some within the area do not want to share the land with the nation of Israel. Their goal is to have Israel removed and the area turned over to Palestinians control altogether.

Israel does have sovereign control and will not allow any other political body or people take that away from them.

The feelings are mutual on the other side as the history of both people run deep.

The nation of Israel blame peace talk failure on part of the Palestinians leaders.

They have refused offers of peace and gestures of good will from Israel. This has only added fuel to the fire between both groups of people.

An Israeli official has stated, “We have confidence in the Trump administration to try to present a plan that will enable Israel to maintain its security interests and on the other hand help improve the life of Palestinians and put an end to this conflict.”

The Palestinians believe that the Trump administration really does not tell the truth when it comes time to provide details to the plan. Some are skeptical of the plan while others are eager to see the results.

Support for Israel has never been strong under the Trump Administration.

President Trump has made it clear that a one state or two state option really does not matter as long as the two groups can get along.

They must be willing to be civil neighbors and be willing to peacefully coexist.

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