Call it deja vu, a re-run or in this case a possible trilogy because the rumors surrounding a Hillary Rodham Clinton run at the Presidency are gaining steam.

Stop us if you have heard this before but wait, this time it’s different.

Okay, it may not be different in the traditional sense but this isn’t the first, this isn’t the second, this would be the third run at the oval office for Ms. Clinton.

Although this may be difficult to believe, not so much because of previous failed attempts.

Not because of having already lost in a toe-to-toe fight versus President Trump.

No, this seems… more personal.

We won’t call it a “meltdown” but what we witnessed when Hillary lost in her run against the Commander and Chief was, difficult?

Pro or Con, Hillary supporter or opponent, the obvious physical, mental and perhaps even spiritual anguish we witnessed during that defeat wasn’t something anyone wants to see.

Let alone again.

A very recent story discussing another potential run at the Presidency made their opinion quite clear: “Obviously, Hillary wants to run for President again and take on Donald Trump in a 2020 election rematch.”

They could be more right than they know.

As that story pointed out, Hillary is very reticent to “… endorse any of the almost two dozen declared Democratic presidential candidates… .”

In addition to that, the story reminded us of how often she has been keeping herself in or near the public eye.

Add to this already volatile mix of ingredients, what sounds like deep harbored emotions, and what do you get?

We don’t know either but it can’t be good, right?

The story alluded to some of those hidden feelings as well.

Clinton was cited using the term, “Russian meddling.”

She was also quoted talking to people about how a candidate can “…have the election stolen from you.” These could be feelings that run deep, very deep.

Deep enough to run for a third time? It certainly looks, feels and is beginning to sound that way. That would mean a trilogy of sorts, and that may not be very good news for Hillary.

Here is the thing about trilogies, they often end badly as in, they end.

There isn’t a true Republican anywhere on the planet, or any Republican for that matter, who would want to see Hillary Rodham Clinton sitting in the oval office.

That doesn’t mean that anyone wishes her any harm either though.

Maybe this wouldn’t be such a harrowing possibility if the Democrats had a couple or quite honestly any viable candidates.

This story may not feel so serious if the world didn’t get to witness the utter heartbreak, the toll the last election took on her.

The country is moving in the right direction.

The economy is getting stronger by the day, we are protecting our borders and shaking hands across the aisle to get things done.

Yes, we are well on our way to making “America great again.”

What that means for the Democrats (barring anything earth-shattering and unforeseen), is no chance to capture the Presidency.

What we are saying is that it really doesn’t matter who the Dems try to throw out there, they aren’t going to win. Not in 2020 anyway.

So, perhaps for the sake of everyone, they should someone to represent their party, not named Clinton.

The Buffalo Bills made four runs at the title.

They are often more frequently remembered as the team that couldn’t get it done than the great team they were.

In the final Marvel episode, “End Game,” well, we don’t want to spoil it for you – but it’s tragic. A Hillary Trilogy in 2020?

The precedent isn’t good and the outlook is awfully dim.

Sometimes we just have to know when to say “when.”

Sometimes we just have to admit that we’ve been bettered, even beaten by a better man.

And sometimes, just sometimes, we have to be smart enough to know that it’s a movie that you just don’t want to see, no matter how it ends.

80 thoughts on “Are You Serious? A Hillary Trilogy

  1. If she gains the nomination and loses again, which she will because the women of America won’t vote for her they have seen too much of her character and her disdain for the US citizens, not only will she lose the election again but she will totally lose her mind, what little she has left

  2. She doesn’t deserve to even think about running for president ! She’s one of the most crooked politicians ever, and every one knows that if they follow the news. One way to fix this matter is for the Attorney General to put her ,Obama and the whole bunch who tried to still the election NO MATTER WHAT ! ! !

  3. Hypocrite Hillary, feels like the Presidential win was stolen from her? Hahahahahahahahahahaha Bernie said the same thing, oh wait, Hillary really did steal it from Bernie!

  4. I have voted for many Democrats in the past but how the Dems
    have acted after Trumps victory is beyond a disgrace and as
    a result I will never vote for another democrat at any level.The
    democrats need to concentrate on their pet projects aka
    legalizing dope in all states and murdering the unborn and the
    partially born,while Donald stays about making America great
    again for the rest of us.You go Donald,grass roots Americans
    love you man.

  5. The country would be far better served if Hillary wold just fade into the shadows.There may well be some persons who would still be supportive of her but that number would not be great enough to provide her a victory. And the Dems I believe re not so foolish to put a proven loser on the ticket for the presidency. But then one can never predict just how mindless the Dem party can be at times–or rather most if not all of the time.

  6. I would vote for Hilary Clinton again if and when she gets poised to run quite soon. Revenge is sweet when you can simultaneously KO the Russians and the liar

  7. She is a very dangerous person and appears to be mentally unstable. What we have see so far with the Democrat party and their supporters are the attempts to disrupt, assault, and intimidate Republican supporters in any way they can. In some cases becoming violent. I grew up in a Democrat middleclass family but now have concluded I do not want to belong to that party and will NEVER vote as a Democrat again.

  8. Hilary Clinton’s logic, as a future President, far exceeds the meek toddler performance by the incumbent showman who became famous following his TV showmanship over the past decade.
    Mr. Trump enjoys being on the center stage exhibiting his masculine prowess who would have preferred being a Dictator. History will never forget Donald John Trump as the one who avoided the draft under his wealthy father’s wing by using bone spurs in his feet as reason for his draft deferment. Now he is Commander-in-Chief. In the Trump family’s history it will be going from riches to rags.

  9. No way. Hillary is a big crook and receiving money from big pharma. She is also involved with the Vatican in some shady deal. I am so glad Tramp won or this country would be broke and she would be so rich and all of the citizens would de broke. She is a shameless woman.

  10. Hilliarous and der Slickmeister Clintons are are two of the most evil people that the political world has ever known. Right there with Hitler, Stalin, Mouselini, Hussein, Communism, Marxism, Fascism, ISIS, Abortions,and Satan. There is no worse case senario than CLINTONISM. They are all evil very people that employ LEGAL TERRORISM in all of its forms and collect millions of US$ for their efforts and don’t care about what it takes to attain MONEY. Money(and Drugs) for them is the power it takes to enable them to rule the earth. Please LOCK THEM UP.

  11. I guessed ages ago she might run again. Tied in with way rats are changing voting system – ie abolishing effects of Electoral College – which 16 states have agreed to so far, it is very possible she thinks she could win a majority national vote again & this time she WOULD become POTUS BECAUSE of changed system. There is going to be massive fraud from rats in the election. It is significant Pelosi mentioned that Trump ‘may not accept a loss in 2020’ & may not step down as POTUS. This could be alluding to changed voting system which Bypasses constitution which guaranteed equal representation of states, so that small /rural states are not swamped by highly populated states with massive populations. eg NY/CA .Trump would Rightly contest if voting system constitutional , but it might be TOO LATE to litigate after opponent elected! What would happen? There would be chaos! This could well be RAT plan because without this change of Electoral COLLEGE system , they have no hope of winning 2020!

  12. She has two dumpster fire fundraisers her “Evening With The Clintons”. She fantasized about $1000 a seat and full venues. The first one ended with tickets at $7.00 tickets and empty venues. The second one ended quicker than the first with tickets selling for $2.00 and still the seat were empty. She still does not get it – people don’t want to see her? From the news earlier today about an FBI chart of her crimes – she’s going to get a term alright – a long term.

  13. She also lost to Obama and then her followers – and she, apparently, made a series of videos about how much Obama’s thugs cheated in the caucuses.
    “We Will Not Be Silenced”.
    But, since she’s the cheatin’ type, who cares?
    We still have Juanita to bring us back to reality.

  14. She’s nuts and a liar. In fact all the Democrats are. Donald Trump is doing more good then all the Democrats put together. When Democrats are in foreclosures go up.

  15. She needs to be behind bars for her part in the Treason Coup D’tat she through her Foundation helped finance it, along with The D. N. C., and F. B. I., and C. I. A. , with Obama’s Permission.

  16. I wouldn’t doubt she wants to run again. This lady is beyond reprehensible as she didn’t hesitate to take down candidate Bernie Sanders by deception and is still continuing to bring President Trump down. I really believe she is delusional ( a sign of Parkinson’s disease) when she continues to spread the lie that the election was stolen from her. I don’t doubt she is waiting for the democratic candidates to take each other down so she can come in as the savior of the Democratic Party. It will be interesting to see if she will finally be unmasked with the investigations into the origin of the FISA report. If not here on this earth she will one day pay for her deception and devious ways.

  17. I will support Ms. Clinton if she runs. There isn’t anyone more qualified to take on this president. The world knows that Russia supported getting the current president elected.

  18. He is a great President and deserves to lead the country he loves and has served sacrificially for four more years!

  19. The already fractured Democrat field of too many candidates and too little sane gravitas will become terminally dysfunctional if Hillary Rodham Clinton’s insatiable ego drives her toward another Presidential run.

  20. What a godforsaken piece of trash Hellary (Hillary) is. She just does not get it. She is like a career criminal. She just cannot help herself. I see her as a total loser. She is also sick (for real) with some kind of affliction that makes her cough uncontrollably quite often and has tics and has to be helped to a chair or a car. She isn’t physically able to be president nor mentally able. I would never ever ever vote for that cockroach.


  22. then there is this, states doing away with the Electoral Collage, thousands of illegals voting, unimaginable voter fraud she thinks might give her the edge, God help us.

  23. Convict her first on her use of emails that are for government use and not for her private use. Then destroying most of the evidence. She’s got a lot of things going for her to be proud of. Yeah Right. Whats worse, a slimy community organizer, or a crooked senator, secratery of state?

  24. This will never happen. This bitch could never govern from prison, which is where she is headed along with the clown she is married to.

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