Call it deja vu, a re-run or in this case a possible trilogy because the rumors surrounding a Hillary Rodham Clinton run at the Presidency are gaining steam.

Stop us if you have heard this before but wait, this time it’s different.

Okay, it may not be different in the traditional sense but this isn’t the first, this isn’t the second, this would be the third run at the oval office for Ms. Clinton.

Although this may be difficult to believe, not so much because of previous failed attempts.

Not because of having already lost in a toe-to-toe fight versus President Trump.

No, this seems… more personal.

We won’t call it a “meltdown” but what we witnessed when Hillary lost in her run against the Commander and Chief was, difficult?

Pro or Con, Hillary supporter or opponent, the obvious physical, mental and perhaps even spiritual anguish we witnessed during that defeat wasn’t something anyone wants to see.

Let alone again.

A very recent story discussing another potential run at the Presidency made their opinion quite clear: “Obviously, Hillary wants to run for President again and take on Donald Trump in a 2020 election rematch.”

They could be more right than they know.

As that story pointed out, Hillary is very reticent to “… endorse any of the almost two dozen declared Democratic presidential candidates… .”

In addition to that, the story reminded us of how often she has been keeping herself in or near the public eye.

Add to this already volatile mix of ingredients, what sounds like deep harbored emotions, and what do you get?

We don’t know either but it can’t be good, right?

The story alluded to some of those hidden feelings as well.

Clinton was cited using the term, “Russian meddling.”

She was also quoted talking to people about how a candidate can “…have the election stolen from you.” These could be feelings that run deep, very deep.

Deep enough to run for a third time? It certainly looks, feels and is beginning to sound that way. That would mean a trilogy of sorts, and that may not be very good news for Hillary.

Here is the thing about trilogies, they often end badly as in, they end.

There isn’t a true Republican anywhere on the planet, or any Republican for that matter, who would want to see Hillary Rodham Clinton sitting in the oval office.

That doesn’t mean that anyone wishes her any harm either though.

Maybe this wouldn’t be such a harrowing possibility if the Democrats had a couple or quite honestly any viable candidates.

This story may not feel so serious if the world didn’t get to witness the utter heartbreak, the toll the last election took on her.

The country is moving in the right direction.

The economy is getting stronger by the day, we are protecting our borders and shaking hands across the aisle to get things done.

Yes, we are well on our way to making “America great again.”

What that means for the Democrats (barring anything earth-shattering and unforeseen), is no chance to capture the Presidency.

What we are saying is that it really doesn’t matter who the Dems try to throw out there, they aren’t going to win. Not in 2020 anyway.

So, perhaps for the sake of everyone, they should someone to represent their party, not named Clinton.

The Buffalo Bills made four runs at the title.

They are often more frequently remembered as the team that couldn’t get it done than the great team they were.

In the final Marvel episode, “End Game,” well, we don’t want to spoil it for you – but it’s tragic. A Hillary Trilogy in 2020?

The precedent isn’t good and the outlook is awfully dim.

Sometimes we just have to know when to say “when.”

Sometimes we just have to admit that we’ve been bettered, even beaten by a better man.

And sometimes, just sometimes, we have to be smart enough to know that it’s a movie that you just don’t want to see, no matter how it ends.

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