President Trump is calling for the prosecution of John Kerry with regards to his meetings and phone calls with the Iranians.

According to Trump, Kerry, former Secretary of State, meets with the Iranians often and is violating the Logan Act.

The Logan Act
The Logan Act was first established in 1799.

It declares it as felony behavior for an individual not authorized by the US government to negotiate with a foreign government currently in disputes with the United States.

No one has actually ever been convicted of violating the Logan act.

The last indictments for violating the act took place in the 1800s.

According to Pres. Trump, John Kerry does not have the authority to negotiate with Iran.

As such, if Kerry is currently trying to negotiate with Iran, he would be in violation of the Logan act. However, Kerry denies all of the allegations.

Matt Summers, who is a spokesperson for Kerry, has said that the story is wrong.

Kerry was responsible for negotiating a nuclear agreement that the world supported and that the world will continue to support.

Additionally, sources close to Kerry have said that Kerry has not spoken to Iranian officials since Trump announced that the United States was pulling out of the Iranian deal in 2018.

If all of this information is true, Kerry is not in violation of the Logan act.

However, if Kerry is talking to Iran and urging them not to communicate with Pres. Trump, he would be in violation.

Why is Trump looking to prosecute?
It appears that there are some problems with Iran and the deal that was in place.

Iran wants sanctions removed within 60 days or they are going to enrich uranium once again, which they had halted with the presence of the diplomatic agreement.

In 2018, Pres. Trump withdrew the US from the diplomatic agreement that was in place with Iran.

It had convinced Tehran to freeze the nuclear weapons program.

The deal was an exchange, where they were given sanctions relief.

The White House acknowledged that Iran was in compliance with the agreement.

However, the deal was disparaged because they hadn’t been able to curb the regional influence that Iran had, including the non-nuclear weapons programs.

With the restoration of US sanctions, Iranians’ suffering has been exacerbated and a number of European allies of the United States have been alienated.

This may also be the beginning of the end in terms of the United States dollar reigning as the global reserve currency.

Clearly, something has to be done.

Trump has announced that he wants to create a diplomatic agreement with Iran.

This would give Tehran the sanctions relief in exchange for freezing their nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles program.

Trump wants to create a fair deal.

The United States doesn’t want them to have nuclear weapons and they need help getting their country back into shape. It could be a fair deal for everyone if Iran was willing to sit down to talk.

Trump has said that he believes Kerry is standing in the way of the agreement because “only Democrats” are able to make a poor deal like Kerry is trying to make.

So, it could very well be the Democrats standing in the way of Trump being able to make a good deal, which has happened in the past.

If it were the other way around, and Kerry was a Republican and we had a Democratic president in place, such as Clinton, they would be prosecuting him under the Logan Act.

As for whether anything will come of this, will depend greatly on whether Iranian officials sit down with Trump in order to discuss the possibility of a diplomatic solution.

If they’re willing to sign the deal and freeze their weapons programs, it may be enough to show Trump that Kerry hasn’t had any communication with them.

However, if Trump cannot get the Iranians to sit down, it may show that Kerry has had more involvement than he is willing to admit to.

It is possible that Kerry has been telling the Iranians not to call simply because it would make Trump look good if he, as a Republican, were to negotiate a deal that would help to put the world at ease.

If Kerry is guilty, he’d be the first person to even be prosecuted for violating the Logan Act.

Until then, there are less than 60 days to see if a diplomatic solution can be established.

Otherwise, it’s very possible that Iran will go back to enriching uranium.

Should this happen, there’s no telling what the world could look like .

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