The United States of America has one of the best prison systems in the world.

It takes care of its prisoners and many of them have opportunities for parole are rehabilitation.

The issue of prison reform is something that is long spoken on but rarely acted up.

This past week the President gave his approval on a bill that is intended to overhaul and reform the federal prison system.

The bill also allows for some prisoners to get help to return to normal life once they are.

However, the Senate may have a different plan in place to derail this overhaul bill.

The bipartisan bill in the early stages of development was made up by the Republican Doug Collins, from the state of Georgia, and a Democrat from New York named Hakeem Jeffries.

This first draft of the bill passed with really no opposition in the House this past May.

There were only a few minor changes that needed to be made but those were handled fairly quickly and without much effort.

The second version of the bill has some things in it that may spark some debate later on.

The bill calls for reform measures when it comes to sentencing.

The new version does have some support from Senators that would like to see the sentencing procedures changed for the better.

In order to for the bill to pass the way it is written means that the Senate will have to debate and reform the bill and vote on it by year-end.

Many of the supporters of the bill are looking and hoping that President Trump will give it his full support.

President Trump has had as his campaign theme and focus that law and the rule of law should be paramount in the life of a nation.

The President has stated in agreement with the bill, “Today I’m thrilled to announce my support for this bipartisan bill that will make our communities safer and give former inmates a second chance at life after they have served their time. I urge lawmakers in both (the) House and Senate to work hard and to act quickly and send a final bill to my desk, and I look very much forward to signing it.”

The bill provides guidance to the Federal Bureau of Prisons to take a look at their inmates and determine which ones would be able to earn credit to completing their term under house arrest or in some other venue.

The bill will also allow some inmates to find work while incarcerated and allows for those that are terminally ill to be released early to take care of final matters.

Also, the old third time offenders for drug issues would no longer mandate life sentences.

It would make the life sentence a 25-year term.

Mitch McConnell is asking for supporters of the bill to wait until the elections on November 6 are completed.

He has assured supporters that he will make it a top priority when the Senate comes back after the election if indeed there were enough votes to pass it.

FAMM is a group that supports prison reform and within the criminal justice arena.

Kevin Ring is currently the president of the group, and he has stated that the bill, “will keep more families together, strengthen communities, and keep crime low.”

The Senator from Iowa, Charles Grassley, would like to see the bill changed to reduce harsh sentences for inmates reduced some in severity for non-violent crimes.

He stated the First Step Act was, “an important step in our shared effort to promote safe communities and improve justice … by ensuring that punishments fit the crimes, we can better balance the scales of justice.

There has been some critics of the bill that claim that some punishments would not be as severe as they need to be in order to deter would be offenders and punish current offenders.

And yet the White House remains in support of the bill as they claim that with both parties supporting and contributing that they are paving the way for people to talk about prisoner reform in the years to come.

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