A quick look at a photo of Congress will show that it’s dominated by men.

However, Congress is supposed to represent all Americans. With the last Census poll to show that 50.8 percent of the population is women, there clearly needs to be more women in Congress.

Carol Miller, the only new GOP female elected to the House, is looking to get more Republican women to where they need to be.

Republican vs Democrat Women
There’s a huge representation problem in Congress. The number of House Democratic women were at an all-time high. However, the rank of GOP women was cut in half.

Approximately half the number of women dropped from the last session of Congress, going from 23 to just 13 House Republican women.

This shows that there’s a major problem when it comes to representing rights.

There are 197 Republicans and 235 Democrats in total. With only 13 Republican women of the 197, that’s not even a full 10 percent.

46 Democratic women, however, provide a little over 20 percent. It’s clearly skewed, which is a problem that needs to be dealt with.

Carol Miller has a few ideas to ensure that the tables are properly balanced.

Miller is Making Moves
Carol Miller may be a freshman in Congress, but she’s already playing a vital role.

She’s rising through the ranks and has become a part of the GOP whip team. She’s also working to help the Republicans win back the majority that was lost in January.

Miller is the daughter of Samuel Devine, a former congressman from Ohio.

She’s been a glass breaker without ever expecting to be. She was the first Republican woman to serve in the West Virginia House of Delegates as majority whip prior to taking on Congress.

Many Republican women who want to seek out a spot in Congress for 202 are already talking to Miller for advice on how they should proceed.

She wants to make sure that they have the voice needed so that they can secure a position.

It’s clearly not a matter of men versus women because the Democrats have shown that women are capable of securing a place in Congress.

This means that it comes down to platform and the challenges that arise from fundraising.

Miller has talked to women about what it’s like to put life in the spotlight, including exposing their whole life and family.

Miller has also said that she’s supporting the efforts of the National Republican Congressional Committee to 2020 when it comes to recruiting more Republican women.

Elise Stefanik, who recently relaunched a political action committee focusing on helping Republican women win primaries says that Miller understands firsthand.

Miller is a staunch defender of Trump.

She believes that his support helped her to win in West Virginia.

Often, people feel pressured to disagree with Trump because they believe it will help them in the polls.

Miller believes that defending him has worked to her benefit, and her win into Congress proves it.

Trump visited West Virginia for rallies on multiple occasions, openly backed Miller, and even invited her into Air Force One for a conversation during one of the visits.

Miller is Showing How It’s Done
Miller is getting the job done, which is another reason why there’s more likely to be more votes for female Republicans in the future.

Steve Scalise, a House GOP leader, has said that he doesn’t add many freshmen to the whip team.

However, he believed that she was perfect because she’s a doer. She has a purpose and she’s constantly pushing for her state.

With more political leaders turning to Miller for advice, it could be a very different playing field in 2020 when Republican women taken to their soap boxes in order to get voted into the House and the Senate.

The tables need to turn at some point. Miller is showing that she’s not your ordinary politician.

She’s getting the job done and she’s focusing on her committee work. She’s already won her way into the House but now she has to prove that she belongs there.

With her help and commitment to seeing more GOP women into Congress, 2020 may see some record-breaking numbers in order to provide a better balance.

It will allow a greater number of Americans to be truly represented so that it isn’t a male-dominated meeting hall.

Perhaps agreeing with Trump and supporting him is truly one of the best ways to get into the office, especially from the GOP side.

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