The saga happening at the U.S. southern border is continuing at an alarming clip.

While it’s occurring, some liberals keep insisting that climate change, or some other progressive pet project, is the biggest threat to the country.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, has already released an astounding 160,000 illegal aliens claiming to be family units into America this year according to officials.

Disturbingly, TheBlaze reported that approximately 87.5 percent of them don’t even appear for their court hearings.

On May 8, 2019, the acting chief of ICE’s deportation branch, Nathalie R. Asher, stated, “The overwhelming majority of individuals, particularly the family members who are coming across, in fact, are not attending their, even their first hearings.”

Asher, the Department of Homeland Security’s, DHS’s, Manuel Padilla Jr., Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost, and others spoke during the Senate Judiciary Border Security and Immigration Subcommittee hearing titled, “At the Breaking Point: The Humanitarian and Security Crisis at our Southern Border.”

At the hearing, top immigration officials pleaded with Congress to give them more funding and legal authority to tackle the humanitarian and security calamity at the southern border.

According to TheBlaze, “They asked Congress to modify a 2015 court ruling, known as the Flores agreement which prevents agencies from lengthy detentions of minors and family units.

They argued that the decision has sent a message to smugglers and migrants that as long as migrants are traveling with a child they can be released quickly into the country.”

In April of this year, Border Patrol agents took in 98,977 illegal aliens.

During this one month alone, Border Patrol officials identified 3,443 fake family unit claims. Asher maintained, “The fraud, the exploitation, is rampant, and it’s not stopping.”

Padilla commented that only around 12 percent of illegal immigrants attempting to get asylum qualify at the end of the government’s process to do so.

The DHS official added that initial screenings are exceedingly lenient.

TheBlaze noted that “more than 12 million illegal immigrants are residing in the country, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s December 2018, ‘Population Estimates,’ report based on 2015 data.”

The number of illegal aliens storming the border has soared to the highest level in more than a decade.

Illegals cross the border for varying reasons. Sadly, human trafficking is one of them. Addressing Congress, Padilla said, “One of the main drivers for the populations we’re seeing right now is that organized crime is very, very knowledgeable of our laws.”

Human traffickers are aware that U.S. regulations won’t permit the government to detain a child for a period longer than 20 days.

During the Congressional hearing, Provost remarked, “From interviews that we have done with the families that we have been apprehending, they are hearing that message loud and clear.

They are hearing it from the smugglers, they are hearing it through media, down in the northern triangle, as well.”

The Border Patrol Chief went on to say, “And they don’t understand the risk and the dangers that the trip is going to bring.”

Heartbreakingly, TheBlaze reported that “Immigration officers find numerous dead illegal immigrants during their patrols.”

Provost revealed that both young men and women report they were sexually assaulted during their travels to the southern border.

She added that minors face the greatest risk of sexual attacks.

So, how did lawmakers on Capital Hill respond to the hearing?

Republicans in Congress vowed to address the issues at the border. Subcommittee Chairman Senator John Cornyn, Republican – Texas, stated, “This is an emergency situation.

This problem will only continue to grow without our intervention.”

Unsurprisingly, Democrats wasted no time blaming the crises on President Donald J. Trump. Senator Dick Durbin, Democrat – Illinois, said in part, “Let’s not forget that earlier this year, the president forced the longest government shutdown in history in an effort to get Congress to pay for a [border] wall that Mexico was supposed to build. The Trump shutdown paralyzed immigration courts … and added to the backlog of cases.”

Regardless of who, if anyone, is really at fault, Provost cautioned Congress that if lawmakers don’t do something soon, “we will lose control of the border.” The day before the hearing, a federal court ruled that U.S. immigration officials can force asylum seekers to remain in Mexico until their claims are processed.

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