There is a level of truthfulness that the American people expect to see from their leaders and from each other.

It has come to no surprise that since the Mueller report has come out that officials of previous administrations have had more to do with Russia meddling in American politics that is fully known.

Nellie Ohr is said to have lied to Congress about “Russian collusion” and there is now proof that she did lie. What is really disturbing about the entire mess is that it appears to have been devised to take down President Trump and his administration.

The Judicial Watch, which functions as a watch group, has found more information that was not known to many people but now is being released.

There are 339 pages of communication documents that reveal a back avenue of democratic opposition into the Department of Justice during the Obama Administration. Nellie Ohr, who is the wife of Bruce Ohr, has lied to Congress in a series of emails that her and Bruce sent back and forth.

Nellie Ohr and many others involved in the secret moves against President Trump have criminal referrals issued against them by Congress, which may lead to prison time.

Nellie Ohr has stated to Congress that she had worked for Fusion GPS, which is the firm hired by Hillary Clinton to find information they could use against Donald Trump during the election race.

They were looking or anything that could like President Trump to his dealings with Russia.

Nellie Ohr had sent to her husband and others within the Department of Justice, intelligence trying to link Trump with corrupted Russian figures.

One email that she sent to Bruce Ohr stated, “Hi Honey, if you ever get a moment you might find the penultimate article interesting – especially the summary in the final paragraph.”

The paragraph in question made reference that Trump was a puppet of Putin.

One highlight that Nellie Ohr wanted Bruce to read stated, “If Putin wanted to concoct the ideal candidate to service his purposes, his laboratory creation would look like Donald Trump.”

During Ohr’s testimony to Congress she stated, “Rinat Akhmetov is someone who also was associated with Manafort.

Now, he’s Ukrainian, and right now, I can’t remember whether people explicitly, you know, pointed to particular organized crime activity that he’s suspected of.”

This is just a glimpse of what Nellie Ohr was doing behind the scenes.

When Nellie Ohr’s emails were examined and investigated there is belief that the timing of the emails is critical to knowing how the fake story about President Trump is involved in collusion.

The GOP is trying to determine how such attention was given to this story’s of Ohr within the Department of Justice.

She was asked by the House lawyers if she had talked about her research before 2016.

In particular if she had talked with anyone besides her husband. She did not answer the question that she was given.

Not to mention that her husband Bruce stated that she did give a thumb drive full of information that needed to be turned over the FBI for investigation as the election was taking place.

She was asked at a congressional hearing the same question and it was then she answered, “No.”

However, the emails tell a different story.

They show that she did forward information to others during that time frame.

These documents would lead to Manafort resigning from President Trump’s campaign.

Nellie Ohr seems to have been involved in illegal activity, or at least questionable practices of information gathering and reporting during the 2016 election under the approval of her husband.

Their intention was to discredit Trump by any means necessary, even if that meant false accusations and testimony.

Nellie Ohr appears to have lied to Congress and been involved in activity that is questionable in the professional realm.

Further investigations will need to be done in order to drive the criminal charges into a conviction and sentencing stage.

The American people are tired of seeing their elected leaders lie and cheat to achieve their own agendas.

President Trump has once again been proven, by the very ones that are trying to discredit him, as a person that is reliable and tells the truth.

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