The United States Military is the finest armed forces the world has ever seen.

They are the best trained and equipped fighting force ever established.

The men and women that serve their country are the bravest people.

They put their lives on the line so the freedoms that are enjoyed by the nations citizens are kept safe from threats around the world.

President Trump has taken upon himself to honor those that have given so much for the benefit of the country.

The President has handed out more earned awards than former President Obama did in the first two years of office.

Of course, critics are quick to point out that they were handed to him to perform.

And yet his support of the military would prove the contrary.

In the East Room of the White House the President gave a speech at an award ceremony.

The event was to honor those that had given a lot for their service to their country.

The ceremony was to honor the one’s that earned the Medal of Honor.

This is the United States highest award for display of courage during times of combat. Since the President has taken office he has handed out seven Medals of Honor awards.

Former President Obama handed out only about half as many.

President Trump has stated that, “I like brave people. We meet them right here.”

During the ceremony the President was able to honor Sgt. Maj. John Canley, retired. During the Battle of Hue City, Sgt. Maj. Canley put his life on the line several times to rescue wounded Marines.

His act of bravery not only saved lives but put on display for everyone the courage of America’s armed forces.

Earlier in the year President Trump honored Staff Sgt. Ron Shurer for his act of bravery as he used his own body as a shield as he treated wounded soldiers and stayed with them while waiting evacuation.

Trump has also given the award to SPC. Five James McCloughan who saved 10 soldiers in Vietnam.

President Trump has given honor where honor is due.

He has gone out of his way to bring recognition and encouragement to those that deserve it.

They are truly an inspiration to all that serve this great country. The United States of America is a country that looks to help others in need.

They are willing to put their lives on the line to help people they do not even know.

There are some people that claim that the President has used the award ceremonies to push his political ideals.

President Trump may have mentioned key strategic moves that are coming but these events are about those that are being honored.

It is even during these award ceremonies that the press has little to day by way criticism or comments because they know that without the service of these heroes’ they would not have the freedoms to report as they do.

The Medal of Honor is an award that is not given to a lot of people.

Often it is an award that is given to people that sacrificed their lives in combat. The award is given to a family member in their honor.

The people that were just honored spent 10 to 50 years before ever being considered for the award.

The process starts a long way in the past as the person is reviewed and them approved to receive the award.

The final moment is when the President of the United States signs off on the award and presents the Medal of Honor to well-deserved hero.

A person can see that when the award is presented it is done in a caring and honoring fashion.

President Donald Trump does not just hand the award to the person receiving the award.

He is honored that they have served and watchers can tell that he is deeply moved for their bravery and courage.

There is not greater honor to be the one to honor the hero’s of this country.

The United States of America can only benefit and gain strength under the leadership and direction of President Donald Trump.

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