Is the Media Trying to Sink Florida?

The media has not been kind to Florida. From the stupidest stories of mankind being linked to “Florida man” to falsified info that Florida is incap ...Read More

Washington State Inflates COVID-19 Numbers

Washington State has undoubtedly been one of the hardest hit by Coronavirus and the pandemic that has so wholly engulfed not only our nation but th ...Read More

Biden Begs Amy ‘My Hair Doesn’t Move’ Klobuchar to Get Vetted

In a recent development in the ongoing search for Biden’s running mate, it appears one calendar model contestant has taken a decisive step toward t ...Read More

Gov Northam: It’s Mandatory You Wear Face Masks Indoors!

The Democrats are sucking the freedoms and hope from people all across the country. They desire to lock people in their homes so the people cannot ...Read More

Rand Paul Says He’s Now Immuned to Coronavirus, Refuses Mask

Republican Senator and hero of America, Rand Paul, has decided to live the way his body is telling him too. He has decided that he no longer has to ...Read More

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Enough: Let Them Pray! Trump Demands Churches Open or Else!

The President of the United States is supposed to be the voice of the American people. The reason the Dems hate Donald Trump is that he voices what ...Read More

Abrams Staffer Boasts of Minority Turnout and Then Complains of Voter Suppression

As you likely know, Democratic presidential candidate and the assumed nominee for the party Joe Biden is looking for someone to name has his runnin ...Read More

One by One Rude Biden Continues to Alienate Voter Bases!

It began with his alienation of women, it has continued to be an assault on sensible people, and most recently as one story reported, it seems Joe ...Read More

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