No History Until it can be Rewritten for Chicago Schools

American history is in trouble in the state of Illinois as liberal leaders are on the move to rewrite history to reflect their sad little beliefs o ...Read More

History’s Bound to Repeat Itself Because of Ignorant Dems Messing with School Curriculum

This just in: several decades from now, there will be a civil war, concentration camps, and more. Why? Students didn’t learn from history. The hist ...Read More

Seattle Dems Call for the Destruction of America, Transform Country to Socialist Hell Hole

Seattle City council member Kshama Sawant provided a victory address recently that will send chills down the spine of any American who fears the rise [...]

Is Trump Nailing Himself to the Cross Over Mail-In Voting?

It’s important to work with conviction. President Trump has conviction, even if it’s going to be the last nail that goes into his cross. Mail-in vo ...Read More

Biden Lies About Arrests to Appear Cooler to the Libs

Biden, in his mind, is one secret handshake away from getting inducted into the cool club. He tries to throw around the lingo of “dawg,” “man,” and ...Read More

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Thank You America! Goya Gets Boost Amid Controversy

When are the Democrats going to learn? The moment they decide to boycott a brand because of what a CEO says, it comes back to [...]

Seattle Police Chief Changes Her Tune When Mob Comes to Her Home

Isn’t it interesting just how quickly progressive, mob-allowing community leaders can turn into law and order loving citizens once it’s their necks ...Read More

Another City Declares Itself a “Sanctuary for the Unborn”

If you’ve been anywhere but hiding under a rock these last few years, you likely know all about the robust national conversation going on about imm ...Read More

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