These Liberal Elites Say It’s Their ‘Destiny’ to Save the US…Yes, Really!

As if we didn’t have enough woke liberal elites sounding off about racial inequality and police brutality, here comes another couple who plan to ma ...Read More

Founder of America’s Exclusive ‘Wine Partnership’

“For the First Time Ever, We’re Opening Our Cellar to Every American… Enjoy These 3 Amazing Malbecs!” A Personal Malbec from Argentina’s Top Winema ...Read More

Dems Want Schools to Be Closed Until After the Election, Trump’s Not Having It

Now that we are well into July, parents are starting to wonder if they are going to be able to send their little ones back [...]

Take That! Trump Promises Help with New Aid Package

President Trump has had to deal with Joe Biden talking about how he hasn’t done enough to help the people. Forget about the tax stimulus that was o ...Read More

Disturbing: BLM Leader Sets Sights from Abolishing Police to Eliminating the US Military

Since the late May and obviously wrongful death of Minneapolis, Minnesota resident George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement has risen to the v ...Read More

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Who Took Out Iran’s Nuclear Manufacturing Facilities?

Those who have been paying close attention have been watching the news that is coming out of Iran very closely. There was an incident at [...]

Pelosi and Her Band of Anti-American Terrorists in the House Secretly Halt Border Funds

The liberal-socialists of the House are at work again trying to secretly deny funding for further securing the southern border. Many Democrats have ...Read More

Statue of Black Abolitionist Torn Down and Dragged to the River–What do They Want?

The intolerant and extremely violent Black Lives Matter terrorist group promotes the value of African American lives over all else. Their mission i ...Read More

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